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Children Can Get Root Canal Treatment

Has your child complained of a toothache or sensitivity to temperatures? If they have, there is a slight chance they might need to get a root canal. We don’t usually think of a child getting a root canal, but it is possible if there’s damage to the tooth’s nerve.  

A root canal is a treatment procedure to save the tooth by replacing the infected pulp. The dentist will remove the nerve and pulp from the tooth then clean and shape the canals for the filling. Once the area has been cleaned and shaped, a biocompatible material is placed within the tooth, and then a crown will be set or have other restoration placed to protect and restore the functionality of the tooth. In most cases for a child, the entire pulp or a partial section of the pulp can be taken out to prevent infection.  

We don’t usually expect to a root canal to be a dental treatment for a child but, it’s critical to take your child to the dentist if your child complains of toothaches, sensitivity, or notice a deep cavity. But it’s their primary teeth; they will soon fall out. Yes, baby teeth come and go, but they are as equally as important as the adult teeth that are to come.

Even though they’re primary teeth, they are still critical to our child’s ability to digest, speak and reserve the place of their permanent teeth. If your child’s baby teeth aren’t ready to fall out then getting a root canal is recommended to prevent further infection to the tooth and the spread to the permanent tooth.

Before a root canal can be done, visiting a pediatric dentist to asses the tooth further can better determine if your child needs a root canal done or another treatment. When your child’s first teeth erupt, they are due to for a dental visit to ensure their teeth are healthy. Visit a pediatric dentist with your child today by calling us at 801-505-7125.    


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