Discount Dental Program

Have you heard of our Discount Dental Program? We’re excited to present our patients with our discount plan which can alleviate some of the financial burdens of dental procedures and bring satisfaction to them. We’re dedicated to bringing our patients alternatives to receiving the dental care they deserve and seek for a healthier and beautiful smile. The Discount Dental Program allows our patients of The Center of Dental Professionals and A Kid’s Place Dentistry to receive affordable dental care for themselves or their families.

It is designed for you to save money and it’s a perfect plan our patients without insurance to enroll in to get the dental treatments they require. It offers you with an affordable alternative for you and your family to visit your dentist without worrying about high expense.

The Discount Dental Plan?

It’s developed to provide better service to our patients and to have them receive the best dental care they deserve! It’s a membership program where you pay a yearly fee and receive discounted rates on preventative and restorative treatment options at both dental offices at The Center of Dental Professionals and A Kid’s Place Dentistry. Note, this is an in-house discount program only offered in our offices and NOT insurance.

Our Discount Dental Program is more flexible than an insurance because you get to control your money and how and where you want to spend it depending on the treatment best suited to your needs. This an excellent plan for our patients who don’t have dental insurance, plus you get to save on dental procedures without the expensive cost of insurance.

What is Offers?

By enrolling in our Discount Dental Program, you will receive the following services:

  • Prophylaxis Cleaning 2x a year
  • Fluoride Varnish 2x a year  
  • Full Mouth Bite Wing X-ray 2x a year
  • Panoramic X-ray every other year
  • Unlimited amount of limited exams*
  • Reduced pricing on treatment options

*ask our dental assistants about what’s included in our limited exams.

What’s the cost?

The annual and monthly cost for adult and child membership vary. A one-time processing fee will apply for every additional membership at the time of purchase.     

    Adult Annual – $165.00

    Adult Monthly – $14.58

    Child Annual – $95.00

    Child Monthly – $8.75

If you don’t have dental insurance and require dental treatment but feel it’s unaffordable, then consider signing up for our Discount Dental Program! It’s a great plan to get the dental treatments and healthcare we deserve to preserve our oral health. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns, questions, or want to enroll. We are here to help you.

Popping Trends in Dentistry Next Year!

What can we expect to see trending in the field of dentistry? Trends are inevitable when a business and customer relationship concept is involved since it’s becoming more focused on the customer. In this case, the focus is on the patients, their experiences and what they want and expect. So, how does all that affect the field of dentistry? The field of dentistry is influenced by the growth in economic and technology trends since they make up part of the experience patients have as well dental staff.

A recent technology breakthrough in the field of dentistry came when a robot dentist succeeded in an autonomous implant surgery in China. Medical staff was present during the procedure but in no way played a role in the operation. Does this mean we don’t need dentist anymore? No. In the case of China, technology has been designed to accommodate the needs of patients’ dental care and the shortage of dentists who are qualified. This successful procedure by technology broadens the field of what technology can do for dentists besides assisting them in reaching small areas of the mouth and 3D printing of an implant. It could even address the shortage of dental care in such countries like China where the demand for qualified dentists doesn’t meet the needs of people’s dental health care. In addition to the robotic type of technologies, the dentistry field needs to keep up the digitization that sweeping over medical fields including their own.

Technology is a trend we can’t avoid even more so when it comes to the dental trend of digitization of health records. This form of trend keeps your practice competitive as there will be a continuation of digital workflow impacting the industry. Some of the conventional technologies that can be found in some dental practices are CAD/CAM dentistry, 3D Cone Beam Imaging, and electronic statements and insurance claims. Another trend impacting the field is the economic side of it.

You heard right, the field of dentistry is changing and affect dental practices from the economic aspect. What does that even mean? It means that dental offices need to be aware of the financial direction of the trend for their field markets and where it operates in to make effective plans for their practices to succeed. This covers how dental offices emerge and appeal to patients. A significant change that has occurred in recent years and will continue to grow is the opening of group practices over solo practices. The growing costs and influence of PPO insurance and third parties are some of the reasons for this trend picking up. Then there are the new ways dental practices are emerging as a niche.

The need for niche dentistry is becoming more of a dental marketing platform as more dental offices open. It’s a way of competing against other dental practices and keeping yourself apart. Having a dental office that offers a specialty is the best way to make a distinction from the rest since it allows you to show potential patients you’re the best option. Some of the specialties can include pediatric dentistry or senior dentistry both of which cater to two different demographics. The trends of appealing to patients is another that is changing especially now with more value being placed on the customer experience or the price.

Competing against price and in the field of dentistry is challenging which is why dental offices are now offering what is known as custom service, a major deciding factor for patients and prospective patients. In the dental field customization and value are key points over the price or in addition to the cost of the treatment option since patients are more likely to invest in value. Part of the value is having payment alternatives for underinsured or uninsured patients. Having easy and affordable payment options keep patients happy and coming back to dental practices for their dental care. Offering rewards to patients for their loyalty gives dental offices a boost in providing custom services so, making sure that patients are aware of their option helps create trust between them.

There is constant change and innovating ideas that can have an impact in the dental industry and how dental practices are coping and adapting to trends within their field. Becoming aware of trends in the area of dentistry help dental offices plan efficiently and accordingly for success, or to further improve their practices. What trends are you seeing in your dentist’s practice?    

Does Charcoal Toothpaste Really Work?

Lately charcoal has become a trend among beauty and skin products that have now been popular in dental products specifically toothpaste.Charcoal toothpaste has picked up its pace as more word is getting out about the wonders it does for our teeth. But does it work?

Before answering that here is a little background information on what charcoal toothpaste has that is working for others. Well for starters, it has activated charcoal! Activated charcoal has been used for medical treatments such as acute poisoning and overdose since it rids the body of the toxin through adsorption. Adsorption is a reaction where substances are absorbed on the outer surface of the activated charcoal. So, how is it working when we place it on our teeth? It functions in the same way by binding the surface stains we have on our teeth to the charcoal. Once we have given the charcoal enough time to stick to our teeth and surface stains, it can be removed. In one swoop, we can start getting rid of our teeth’s surface stains.

Just our surface stains, not the deep stains we might have or the natural yellowing of our teeth. So regarding if charcoal toothpaste works, it only works at a surface level. If you’ve been using it and have seen little difference in the whitening of your teeth it is most likely you need deep whitening.

Now, charcoal toothpaste like most products come with some risks to consider. The more informed we are about a product, the better. However, it can be difficult when there isn’t much research on a product. With that said, did you know the American Dental Association (ADA) has not given charcoal toothpaste its seal of approval? This means charcoal toothpaste has no evidence of it being safe or effective for our teeth. The ADA worries about the potential damage it might have to the teeth and gums. Most of these concerns come from our enamel, the outer layer of the tooth, which once damage it can’t heal. Once we lose our enamel, it is gone, and the use of abrasive materials can cause us to wear it out.

Besides the ADA concerns has if we choose to use charcoal toothpaste as a method of whitening our teeth do so sparingly. It shouldn’t be a replacement for cleaning your teeth or dental check-ups and if your teeth start to become sensitive then stop using the charcoal toothpaste. Remember it doesn’t hurt to be precautious when it comes to using products.     

Here is What Live Science had to Say About Flossing, This is What We Think!

Live Science published an article, “Should You Still Floss? Here’s What the Experts Say,” by Kacey Deamer, presenting the response from dental professionals on a recent report that suggested flossing has no health benefit. The report finds the recommendation of flossing lacks substantial evidence that flossing helps our dental health.

Despite the little evidence that is found from this report, some dental professionals suggest that the absence of strong evidence does not mean flossing is not helping our dental care. It is a low-risk and low-cost procedure removing food, plaque or bacteria found in between the teeth. These dental professionals still recommend flossing as a cleaning process of our teeth. So, what do we have to say?

We agree!

Flossing is an important process of keeping our teeth clean and healthy. Even though studies are opposing the use of flossing, it doesn’t equate to ineffectiveness. Practicing good oral hygiene includes keeping our teeth clean from the food and bacteria buildup. Our toothbrush only cleans the front, back, and bottom of our teeth and haven’t been efficient in cleaning between where our teeth are the most vulnerable.

How many times have you gotten food stuck in between? Do you take the time to remove it or leave it? Leaving the food to build up creates health hazards to our teeth and gums. We want to avoid getting tooth decay, cavities, having swollen gums, or gum disease. Flossing helps us remove leftover food and the bacteria that is building up even if we do it once a day. The idea is to interrupt and remove the build up.  

Flossing is a simple cleaning procedure requiring little effort. When you go to the dentist, flossing is one of the many methods we use to cleanse your teeth and is recommended you do to practice good oral health care at home. Remember our teeth don’t grow back.

When was the last time you had your teeth cleaned? If it’s been awhile since your last cleaning, schedule an appointment with us to have our dentist cleanse your teeth for a better smile and good oral health.      


Maybe We Need To Be Careful With Charcoal Toothpaste?

In response to FOX News article, “Dentist warns against charcoal teeth whitening trend,” there are growing concerns from the American Dental Association (ADA) and dental professionals of what charcoal toothpaste can do to our teeth. It is interesting to read how a YouTuber known as Mama Natural, who posted a video her brushing her teeth with charcoal for whiter teeth, became a sensation.

It brings to question whether some DIY remedies are beneficial or not. And, even though charcoal is used for the removal of poison and drug overdose doesn’t necessarily mean there is a connection to how charcoal works and interacts with our teeth. The American Dental Association approve dental products by displaying the ADA stamp. Any product that has the ADA logo means there have been studies evaluating the effects it has on our teeth.  

The ADA and dental professionals concern stem from the unknown fact of the charcoal abrasiveness. Without sufficient evidence on effects, it can have on our teeth, is enough to cause concern over whether it is indeed beneficial or dangerous especially if it means wearing out our teeth altogether. It also raises some concern about the long-term effects videos might have like the one Mama Natural did. Even though charcoal is used to rid the body of toxins using it for our teeth might be a risky move. Of course, this is all dependent on how we feel about weighing out the risks and our options.  

Want to learn about what the ADA has to say about Natural Teeth Whitening read about here.

If you’re interested in knowing your options for whitening your teeth, you should schedule an appointment today. It’s important to know that certain types of stains respond differently to whitening material. Talk with your dentist today and see which method is best suited for you.