15 Halloween Reads This Month

Halloween Reads

Halloween is almost here! Just two and half weeks away and the night fun begins. In addition to the scares horror films brings us, we can’t forget the most traditional form of getting a good fright, books! With new generations of horror writing and authors, there are plenty of books suited for each age, interest and style.

Maybe you prefer the haunts of words and your imagination as opposed to films. If that’s the case, then we have a list to choose your next book from this Halloween. Which ones have you read?

Spooky Children Books

Let us start with the very mild scares we can experience from children books. They aren’t as terrifying as you think but maybe your child might beg to differ. See if you can remember reading some of theses picks.

Goosebumps Series by R. L Stine

90S Books GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Looking for some monster and paranormal adventure, this series is for you. Get all kinds of monsters you can imagine into one series, dummy, werewolf, scarecrow, you name it.

The Witches by Roald Dahl

There must of been one of Dahl’s book we read, the most common one we’ve seen on screen many times is Charlie and the Chocolate factory. However, unlike going inside a chocolate factory, we are taken into the dark fantasy where witches hunt children.

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman Cat GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

We know there’s a film based on the book, but if you enjoyed watching the movie we have a haunch you’ll enjoy this twisted reading. Find out which version of the story you like best.  

The House with a Clock in Its Walls by John Bellarias

Recent movie release we know, but the story has been around longer than the movie. If you want to read a Halloween theme story with an air of mystery for your kid, don’t miss out on this book.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz

Maybe something short and sweet is more your taste when it comes to reading. If that’s so, get a copy of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark this Halloween.

Modern Horror Stories

Wanting to get into a book that will leave you in their words can be done with the modern horror writers of today. They give new meaning to the scare of today as they make new ways for what we now define as horror genre, which book have you read?

The Shining by Stephen King

The Shining Heres Johnny GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

When it comes to modern horrors, we think Stephen King and there’s a reason for it. We chose The Shining since it is his most popular read but he has plenty of other horror stories you can indulge in this month or all year.

I am Legend and Other Stories by Richard Matheson

If you like to read science fiction, read Matheson’s book to add a horror twist to your science. Enter the world of a zombie-vampire where disease causes the apocalypse. This an oldie from the 1950’s, but still remains modern with its plot and where horror stories seem to gravitate towards a post-apocalypse setting.

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks

If you’re into the the apocalyptic horror genre, here’s a book for you. You have everything from survival to zombies.

Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

Anne Rice, the writer of vampire stories. Do you want a gothic horror genre, Rice is the author to give it to you in this vampire novel where we Louis de Pointe du Lac recalls his life.

Wicked by Gregory Maguire

Wicked Witch GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Although not considered a horror story, we sometimes get curious about the villains in the stories. In this case, we are looking at the Wicked Witch of the West from the Land of Oz. See what her story is.

Classic Horror Stories

We can’t think of stories without thinking of our previous successors who took us into their worlds where its horror wasn’t found in physical aspect of a human but the inner workings. Which classic writer writes to your fancy?

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

We wouldn’t have our classic universal monster without Shelley. Meet Victor the creator who fascinated by science and life came to create one of his own.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving

A gothic story that has been adapted over and over. But who wouldn’t want to learn about the headless horseman.

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Bela Lugosi Dracula GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Some say Stoker was the first version of the vampire, however, his character is what we consider to be the father of vampires. Stoker’s book looks at Dracula’s attempt to spread his curse while in search for new blood. See how Stoker’s Dracula became another classic universal monster.  

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

You can’t go wrong with reading a Poe story, they are both haunting and quite a scare to read about. The most memorable pieces we are familiar are with The Raven and The Fall of the House of Usher.

The Mysteries of Udolpho: A Romance by Ann Radcliffe

Although not a horror story, Radcliffe is a known for her gothic novels where the elements of mystery and castles linger. A novel which contains the characteristics of the romantic period.

Tell us in the comments which books you read during October to get in the mood for Halloween? Check out our Facebook page for more updates and fun posts like the one below. 

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FAQ for Brace Treatment

FAQ braces

Do you need braces but haven’t decided on whether you should proceed with treatment? Getting an extensive and costly dental treatment can be one we question one too many times which is why we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help ease some of your worries or concerns.

What’s an orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a specialized dentist who has received additional training and experience in orthodontics. They focus on conditions dealing with the mouth, jaw, teeth, and gums. Orthodontist diagnoses and treats overbites, misaligned teeth and jaws, and overcrowded mouth.   

At The Center of Dental Professionals, we have two specialized dentists whose area of expertise lie in orthodontists and oral surgery. If you’re interested in learning more about our providers, click here.  

How does orthodontic treatment help correct our bite?

Orthodontic treatment helps correct any bad bites. During treatment, your teeth undergo a constant, gentle pressure to move your teeth into a proper position.

Why is it important to correct our bite?

Although you may not see your bad bite as causing any problems, they can arise if left untreated. Depending on the condition of your teeth, you can experience some of the following complications:

  • Tooth decay
  • Plaque build-up
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth loss
  • Speech problems
  • Chewing problems
  • Jaw problems  
  • Even cleaning your teeth properly

It’s recommended you get treatment early to avoid any further complications.

What’s the best age to get brace treatment?

There is no set age to get brace treatment. Orthodontic treatment can begin at any age whether you’re an adolescent or adult. Orthodontists can examine your teeth as early as age 7 to identify if you have dental problems. For a child, it doesn’t mean treatment will begin as soon they’re diagnosed, on the contrary, it is dependent on the growth and on how quickly their adult teeth erupt. In most cases, if you take your child early, an orthodontist can start discussing the best treatment option.

Are there alternatives to traditional braces?

With new technology advances in the dental field, patients and dental clinics now offer more options to brace treatment than traditional braces. At The Center of Dental Professionals, we offer 3 alternatives:

  • Damon System
  • Fastbraces
  • Invisalign

However, we still offer traditional braces, and we currently have a killer ONE LOW FEE offer offer you don’t want to miss. For $3999, you can get traditional bracketing system with a low monthly payment of $97.

How long do will I need braces for?

Depending on an individual’s case, treatment can vary based on the severity of the problem and what brace treatment you opt for. But on average, patients can have braces between 1 to 3 years.  

How much do braces cost?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you an exact number until you come in to have us examine your teeth. The price of brace treatment varies and depends on these three factors: severity of your case, the duration of treatment, and the type of braces you opt for. We recommend making a consultation appointment with one of our two offices in Salt Lake City to have your teeth examined and to discuss with our treatment and financial coordinator options for treatment, the cost details, and your financial options.  

Do braces hurt?

We understand the concern that can arise from the idea that braces hurt, however, they do not hurt often. If anything, you may experience discomfort as your mouth gets adjusted to your braces. If you experience soreness after a dental appointment, don’t worry it’s natural to feel it since tightening the wires on a bracketing system adds slight pressure to align your teeth.

How do I care for my teeth when I have braces?

Now that you have braces, you want to take extra care of your teeth. Here are some tips for caring for your teeth during treatment.

  • Brush your teeth gently after every meal.
  • Use an interdental brush to clean underneath and around your braces and wire.  
  • Floss your teeth especially in the areas your toothbrush can’t reach.
  • Avoid sticky and chew foods as well as hard foods to avoid getting foods stuck in your braces.
  • Schedule your routine check-ups with your orthodontist to ensure your teeth remain healthy, and that treatment is going.  

Will getting braces interfere with my lifestyle?

The type of braces you choose will determine how much interference they will be in your lifestyle. For example, if you have one of the three bracketing systems expect to make a change in your lifestyle specifically in what you eat. If you are in a contact sport or activity, it is recommended wearing a mouthguard to prevent any injury to the mouth and teeth.

Invisalign is the only brace treatment which does not interfere with your lifestyle since they are removable aligners and can be taken out when eating or drinking.  

Are retainers necessary after treatment?

Yes! After you have finished orthodontic treatment, you will need to wear your retainers for a year. Retainers play a critical part of your orthodontic treatment since it’s what helps hold your teeth in their new position. It takes about a year or more for your teeth to stabilize after treatment which is why you need retainers. Depending on your case, your orthodontists will prescribe a retention plan that’s best suited for you.


* For details on our ONE LOW ORTHO FEE for braces, click here.


Myths About Our Teeth: True or False

Myths about teeth

When it comes to our health, there will be some misconceptions we often believe that hold no truth. At least that’s the case when it has to deal with our oral health. Why does it matter?  Some of the misconceptions we take to be true can cause more harm to our teeth than we think.

Whether we practice or believe these misconceptions of our oral health, here are seven common myths we hear about teeth. Find out why we shouldn’t be quick to take them to heart.

Myth: The Harder You Brush, The Cleaner Your Teeth

   You would think that because you are scrubbing your teeth harder, the cleaner they will become such as when you scrub the title or counter. On the contrary, instead of making your teeth any cleaner, you are only harming your teeth.

   Brushing your teeth too hard or using a firm toothbrush can wear your tooth down by eroding the enamel that protects the inside of the tooth and even the gums. When you are too abrasive with cleaning your teeth, you make your teeth more vulnerable to sensitivity and having dental problems. Dentists recommend you not press too hard against your teeth and to use a soft brush which is less harsh on your teeth and gums.

Myth: You Should Brush After Every Meal

The reasoning behind brushing your teeth after every meal is straightforward in wanting to remove leftover food or protect our teeth from tooth decay. However, before you get your toothbrush ready, you want to wait awhile.

When we eat, our teeth are undergoing harsh movements as they break our food down and chew it. During this time, our teeth become vulnerable temporarily. So when you brush after a meal, you may wear off some of your tooth enamel. Besides, the process your mouth goes through as it begins to digest the food has a purpose of breaking down it down and washing any food particles, remember our saliva is a line of defense to our teeth. Not to mention, the dentist recommends you brush your teeth twice a day. There is no need to be continually brushing.

Myth: Stop Flossing Your Teeth If They Bleed

   Spotting blood is a flag of alertness, in this case, when we see blood in our teeth due to flossing, we find ourselves stopping and not trying it again. We get it; no one wants to make themselves bleed.

   However, because your gums bleed doesn’t mean you should stop flossing. Our gums can bleed due to inflammation. Inflammation is caused when there is bacteria build-up causing the swelling and the reason for the bleeding. If you don’t floss daily but ever so often or twice a month, there’s the problem. Flossing on a daily basis will help reduce the plaque and bacteria build-up along with the bleeding. Another reason our gums can bleed is we are too rough when flossing. We want to be gentle and if you need tips on flossing ask your dentist or dental assistant for some suggestions.

Myth: Sugar Is The Cause Of Cavities

Even though sugar does cause cavities, we can put all the blame on the sugar. Aside from the candy, there are other forms of getting tooth decay. Carbohydrates are another source of food to the bacteria found in our mouth.

Carbohydrates are as harmful as sugar since it lingers in our mouth and is broken down to simple sugars. When it is broken to sugar, the bacteria then starts to produce acid resulting into wear and decay. Doesn’t necessarily mean sugar is the only cause of cavities. Other foods we eat on the regular can cause tooth decay such as chips, crackers, or white bread to name a few. Just make sure you rinse your mouth with water or floss after eating.

Myth: A Toothache Means You Have A Cavity

   Toothaches to us can mean we have a cavity, but it isn’t the case all the time. We can have pains for various reasons some more serious than others. But cavities aren’t the only dental problem to cause toothaches.

   They can result from grinding your teeth, sinuses, impacted teeth, misalignment, or gum disease. Before you diagnose yourself, visit the dentist to find out what is the primary cause of your toothache. Most of the time, dental problems are no visible to our eyes which is why we recommend getting a dental check-up to verify it isn’t a severe problem.

Myth: Don’t Need To Fix Baby Teeth Since They Fall Out

   We know baby teeth are only temporary fillers until our adult teeth come out which is why we come to think they don’t need to be fixed or check. However, our baby teeth no matter how long they’re with us, they still play a role in our oral health.

   If we neglect a need for dental treatment on a child’s tooth, it can later affect their adult teeth which are permanent. This can happen through purulent inflammation. When it comes to caring for the baby teeth of your child, we want to ensure we brush them and teach them to practice good oral hygiene.

Myth: White Is A Natural Teeth Color

Teeth are not white naturally. Not everyone’s teeth are the same. Many factors determine the color of our teeth such as the thickness and enamel shade, not to mention there can be health problems which affect the coloring of our teeth.

You can have healthy teeth and have them be an off-white or a bit yellow. In general, our teeth fall in a yellow spectrum and is dependent on our enamel. You can have a thick and lighter shade of enamel which reflects the lighter shade of teeth color, but it doesn’t mean it is the natural color of our teeth. Remember our teeth color changes over time with age, the foods, and drinks we have, and health problems we might have. If you want to have your teeth whitened, we recommend getting a consultation to see if your teeth are healthy and strong to endure the treatment, you don’t want to damage your teeth.

Our oral health is a critical part of our everyday life which is why we should care for our teeth. Not everything we hear is true, and we should be watchful of what we do when it concerns our teeth. If you haven’t gotten around to visiting your dentist this year, don’t wait to fill out our appointment form to schedule your visit.

Six Places Salt Lake City Has To Offer For October Fun

Places for October Fun

October is here, what exciting events are you planning to go to this month? With the fall season among us and with Halloween at the end of the month, there will be plenty of places hosting various events to attend to and enjoy with family and friends. See what type of entertainment is right for you.

Salt Lake City is a big city with much to do but where to go? Do you ever get stuck where roads meet trying to decide where to go for amusement? I know I do, and it can be frustrating trying to narrow it down to two places which is why we came up with a list. We’ve compiled a list of sites to you can go based on the type of experience you want to have and with who will be going with you.

Utah’s Hogle Zoo

           During October, Utah’s Hogle Zoo holds Halloween theme events you can attend to join the fun with your kids, family or friends. In addition to having fun at these events learn about the beautiful creatures the zoo houses. If you’re looking for a calming and fun time, the Hogle Zoo has fun activities and featured events from you to choose from and enjoy.

Pumpkin Days

           Need to go pumpkin buying? Why don’t you make it into a chilling family or friend outing where you can go pumpkin picking in the fields. Get lost for a while in the hay maze or go for a wagon ride, appreciate the scenery and the crisp air of the cooling season. Enjoy the mellow fall season and picking a pumpkin to carve out or cook that day.

Hee Haw Farms

           Want a little fright to go with your other Halloween fun activities; Hee Haw Farms is the perfect place. There is fun for everyone whether it’s picking your pumpkin to carve, petting the farm animals, getting lost in the corn maze or enjoying The Haunted Tale Hayride. Don’t worry the level of scary is mild unless you scare easily in which case you might want to think about entering the haunted attractions.

Night of the Running Dead Zombie

           For our workout enthusiast, maybe a 5k run with a twist is more up your alley. Let your thoughts of whether you would be able to outrun a zombie come true as you race the undead to the finishing line. Test your endurance or have fun playing with your imagination. In addition to getting the workout, you get zombies added to the mix of enjoyment.

Frightmares Lagoon

           The family-friendly Halloween destination for amusement rides and a fright. See the other side of the lagoon. They have haunted attractions, entertainment, games, and we can’t forget the foods we like to grub on during the amusement experience. There is plenty of attractions to see and go through if you want scary to get you going.

The Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus

           Maybe you want a good scare that’ll get your adrenaline going. As you know from horror stories, circuses are meant to be a fun time, but it’s the place where it all goes wrong. Go through the haunts of The Strangling Brothers as a test run before going to a haunted attraction that’s extreme.

Don’t miss out this month on going out for a good fright or mellow outing with family and friends. Check out some of the places from the list above and see how you like it. Salt Lake has a lot to offer, what are some of your favorite places to go during this time, tell us in the comments below?

Check The Center of Dental Professionals Facebook page, for blog updates, fun posts, and our office fun post.

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Provider Spotlight: Dr. Paul Huffaker

We’re excited to be highlighting one of our family providers, Dr. Paul Huffaker who strives to make his patients visit less anxious and scary.

Dr. Huffaker first started his career as a dental assistant where he experienced first-hand the value of helping patients in need of urgent care. Through his dental assisting experience, he went on to further pursue his dental career by becoming a dentist which he received from Roseman University.

Since then, he has come to appreciate many aspects of dentistry, but one of his favorite aspects is his patients, making him a great family dentist. He is a firm believer in conservative dentistry and working with his patients to customize their treatments. In addition to working with his patients, he strives to make his patient’s experience less scary by helping them ease their nerves.

He tries to give his patients a great experience they can remember and take with them for the next time they visit; they can recall it wasn’t scary. For his patients who are required anesthesia, Dr. Huffaker tries to make the shot as painless as possible for them. The less pain you experience, the better the experience.

A common problem he sees is decay between two teeth. One of the best treatments for decay that’s started is early intervention with a minimal invasive tooth filling. It can help prevent further problems and costly treatment in the future. Decay between the teeth can be usually prevented with regular flossing which dentist continuously encourage every time a patient comes in for their annual check-ups.

When Dr. Huffaker is not working in our office, you can find him in the outdoors camping or kayaking, or hanging out with his family. One of his greatest achievements he is proud of is his four amazing young kids.

Foster Your Education And Career With Our Work-Learn-Earn Program

Work-learn-earn program

Let’s get real with Rafael, as he embarks on his journey towards becoming a dental assistant. Who’s Rafael?! Rafael Gardea is our student who has enrolled in our WORK-LEARN-EARN PROGRAM with our dental offices, The Center of Dental Professionals. He will be getting the hands-on experience of working alongside our dental assistants and providers while studying online with The Core Foundation and getting paid for his services and studies.

For the next 12 weeks, join Rafael as he takes us through his experiences of studying dental concepts and methods and applying it to his training onsite at our dental clinics. Each week we will be going live to discover his challenges, successes, and what he’s getting from this experience. Not to mention, we will be quizzing him! Wanting to be a dentist, Rafael decided to start early in his dental career as he paves his way through dental assisting.

So, what do you need to know about the Work-Learn-Earn program?  

It’s a program where The Center of Dental Professionals partners up with The Core Foundation to provide a student with the opportunity to train and study at the same time while committing to continue to work for a year after training. Within this program, our dental clinic is committed to paying for the student’s tuition and training to become a dental assistant.

It grants the student the chance to study without having to pay for tuition in exchange for a year worth of work. The student will be able to get the hands-on training they need to apply the material they learn from their online course, plus gain additional work experience where they’ll continue to improve their craft and knowledge of an ever-changing industry. They will be able to have access to the instruct but, also, have various mentors who will teach them the ropes of working with providers and patients. This program is a perfect experience for someone who is interested in getting the best of both hands-on learning and independent study. It’s the chance to take control of how you want to learn, at what pace, and where you’re allowed to be curious.

What can a program like this offer a dental clinic?  

Well, a Work-Learn-Earn Program is no different than a company work-learn program where they pay for their employee to attend school to learn new skills they can apply to their position. It’s been done before in other companies; we are just bringing this concept into the dental clinic environment and running with it. Unlike the typical work-learn program you might have heard of, our Work-Learn-Earn Program is designed to train students with no experience to become a dental assistant. During this program, we foster their learning, curiosity, and encouraging them to learn as they work as we provide them with resources and tools to succeed in their studies and career.

In a program like this, dental clinics offer more than just resources; they gain employees who are committed to their education and caring for patients. There won’t be any students coming in searching for hours to complete; they’ll be a member of your dental team who is serious about their work and your clinic. They will become a valued member of your team who will help you flourish and provide their service to providers and patients allowing you to save time in looking for a replacement and having to train them. Not only will you exchange learning opportunity and work with a student, but you will also gain a team member who will most likely be willing to return when looking for a part-time position or remain with your clinic.

Don’t miss out on the chance of becoming part of Work-Learn-Earn Program. You too can start your dental career now. Just check out Rafael as he goes through his 12-week training sessions. Follow us on Facebook @TheCoreFoundation for more Real Life with Rafael videos. Check out what he’s done so far, this past week.

5 Fall Diffuser Blends to Try This Season

Fall Diffuser Blend

Fall is here! Well, just a day away but it is here. Stores, restaurants and ourselves start to get ready for the season way before the summer is over, I know I do. We begin to see the decorations, the fall specials including the pumpkin spice latte Starbucks gives to the scents of what fall is to smell. As you know, most of the scents we smell come from candies we buy from the store which sometimes they don’t always have the smell you want.

With essential oils, not only do you get to the choice of choosing one oil but making a fall blend to diffuse. Just think, you can mix your combinations of fall this season. Here are some of the fall blends to try.

Do you like the scent of spice in the air? If you then these blends are for you. Let’s get spicing.

Cinnamon Spiced

There is nothing that says fall is here like cinnamon. Sweeten the spice with vanilla to give it the bittersweetness to come from the change of seasons.

2 drops of Orange Essential Oil

1 drop of Cinnamon Essential Oil

1 drop of Clove Essential Oil

5 drops of Vanilla Essential Oil

Spiced Citrus

Add a citrus smell to your cinnamon flavored air scent.

3 drops of Wild Orange Essential Oil

2 drops of Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

1 drop of Clove Essential Oil  

* If you don’t have Wild Orange, you can substitute it for 4 drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

Spiced Chai

Maybe you want your house to have an aroma that’s soothing and comforting as a warm hot spiced chai tea.

3 drops of Cardamom Essential Oil

2 drops of Cinnamon Essential Oil

2 drops of Clove Essential Oil

1 drop of Ginger Essential Oil

* You can substitute the Cinnamon Essential Oil with Cassia Essential Oil if you don’t have cinnamon.

Speaking of beverages, we can’t miss the delicious smells of the autumn foods we start to see and eat.

Pumpkin Pie

We don’t have to make pumpkin all the time to have the smell surround the house, add these oils together and you’ll be smelling the pumpkin pie whenever you want.

2 drops of Ginger Essential Oil

2 drops of Cassia Essential Oil

2 drops of Cardamom Essential Oil

1 drop of Clove Essential Oil

1 drop of Vanilla Essential Oil

Apple Pie

Are apples more your taste? Apples are not only great for your stomach but have a sweet smell to them. Just add these three oils, and you have apple pie.

2 drops of Clove Essential Oil

2 drops of Cinnamon Essential Oil

2 drops  of Ginger Essential Oil

Welcome the fall with these diffuser blends you can start enjoying now. Five combinations to delight in the smell of autumn foods and beverages. Tell us in the comments below what are you favorite fall blends.

Why Should You Come In For A Consultation

Why a Consultation

Ever wondered why you get directed to come in for a consultation when trying to get a dental problem fixed or figure the cost of treatment? There are various reasons why you should come into a dental office for a consultation. For one, a consultation is a perfect time for a dentist to asses the situation and to full-on understand of what needs attention. It’s for the dentist to understand the depth of the problem and for you to get all the information you need before agreeing to do treatment.

Discover why you should make an appointment to get a consultation and why it’s sometimes worth paying the extra small fee for that consultation.

Explore Dental Options

Visiting the dentist does not have to be a scary experience. The first reasons we should see the dentist is for a consultation. Before getting a treatment done, you want to ensure you know what the dental problem is. Most dental issues have possible solutions which you should choose based on your budget and comfort level. During a consultation, your dentist will go over your possible dental options available to you to help determine which treatment plan is best for your needs. It’s the time to see what treatment options you will have access to and if you agree with them, remember your consultation is to understand your possible treatment options.

Understanding Treatment

In addition to knowing your treatment options, understanding the procedure of the treatment is essential. Not all procedures are as simple as cleaning the tooth and adding a filling, some are more complex and may require more than one visit. As a patient, if you have questions or concern, address them when you’re at your consultation. Get a detailed explanation of what to expect and any instructions you should follow before the procedure. Sometimes, your dentist could present you with visuals so you can see how treatment will be performed or let you see product samples. It can also ease some of the anxiety you might be feeling by expressing your concerns to your dentists.

Are You Eligible?

When it comes to dental care, it is personalized to you and your needs. Not all people are the same, and neither is their dental problem. During a consultation, your dentist will verify whether you are eligible to receive treatment that’s recommended or that you’ve chosen. You will be asked about your medical history and current medication to ensure what is the best protocol for you. Other conditions outside of your oral health can affect your eligibility for specific procedures. The more your dentist knows about your medical history, medication and the state of your teeth, the quicker it will be for him to be able to figure out the best protocol for you.    

Knowing Your Payment Options

One the questions we get ask before seeing a patient is how much will it cost to get treatment. Off the bat, we know some dental treatment is expensive and sometimes it is a reason we avoid getting treatment. We should not be quick to dismiss dental treatment due to costs that’s why we should consult with a dentist first. A consultation serves as an opportunity to discuss your financial options to treatment such as how much will your insurance cover or what other options you have for payment.

Discuss Your Oral Hygiene

When you go to the dentist for a consultation, it gives the dentist the opportunity to exam your teeth, gums, and overall oral health. Besides finding dental problems, they can also tell if you have been practicing good oral hygiene or if there is a need for key elements to improve your dental care routine. A dentist can offer you advice on how to floss correctly without causing you to bleed, what toothpaste or mouthwash to use, or which toothbrush to use. A dentist can provide you with information on how to care for your teeth to ensure they stay healthy.

Dental consultations can tell you more than what the problem is; it can be a constructive and informative conversation you can have with your dentist. It’s for you to discover whether you are eligible for treatment, gain knowledge of the procedure, and your financial options. Don’t skip on visiting the dentist for a consultation to discover something more about your dental situation. Consultations allow you to get various opinions if you are searching for them or cheaper cost of treatment. If you’re in need of a consultation, fill out this form to schedule a consultation.

What To Expect From Your Annual Dental Visit And Why

Annual Dental Visits

Have you visited the dentist for your annual check-up? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? As the end of the year approaches, dental offices become busy and are open for a few days with the holidays. The longer we wait to see our dentist, the more likely we are miss out on our annual check-up and the health benefits it provides our teeth with.

We don’t want to miss out on getting our annual dental check-up covered by our dental insurance. If you have dental insurance, your benefits usually cover yearly check-ups. It saves you both money and keeps your smile beautiful and healthy. So what can you expect from a dental visit?

Expectancy from Your Dental Visit

We should visit a dentist for the same reason we visit our doctor, to makes sure our health is in top shape, in this case, our oral health. Visiting a dentist will help us ensure our teeth and gums are healthy through examinations. We recommend seeing your dentist every six months or as your dentist sees fit.  

There are two parts to your dental visit: examination and cleaning.


  • Dental professionals take x-rays to ensure there are no cavities in between teeth, root problems, or abnormalities below your gum line.
  • They’ll check you don’t have plaque or tartar.
  • Your gums will be checked such as the depth of the spaces between your teeth and gums.
  • Dental professionals will look for swelling, redness or other signs of a severe problem, and this includes checking your jaw, bite, and neck area.


  • Your teeth will be cleaned thoroughly by first scraping plaque and tartar.
  • They floss your teeth to remove food particles or build-ups.
  • Dental professionals will polish your teeth giving it a smooth and shiny finish which will help eliminate any residue or stains.  

Taking care of your smile and teeth begins at home; however, we still need to have a dental professional look over our dental health to ensure there aren’t any severe dental issues arising. Not to mention if we are not practicing good oral hygiene, we might start to develop built-up we cannot remove at home.

Don’t miss out this year to visit your dentist for your annual check-up! Use your dental benefits to cover the cost of keeping your smile and healthy in tip-top shape. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with our dentist, click on the form here.

If you don’t have dental insurance but would like to see a dentist, check out our Discount Dental Program where you can receive discounted rates on treatment. For more information click here.


Learn About Maximizing Your Dental Benefits

maximize dental benefits

September is here! Only three more months until the end of the year and for your dental benefits to reset. Don’t let your dental benefits go to waste, use them while you still have them for this year. Dental insurance is not like medical insurance, they pay for partial coverage, and if you’re not using your annual maximum, you run the risk of losing it for next year. If you have dental insurance, use the benefits you’re paying for to get the dental treatment you need now to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. Learn about seven ways to maximize your dental benefits.

Review Your Policy

Ask your insurance carrier or employer for more information on your dental plan. With more information at hand, you’ll be to understand and determine what your plan covers and what it doesn’t. It helps you to be informed of the procedures your insurance will pay and which you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket. The more information you have on your plan and the better you understand how it works then, you can be financially prepared for the specific dental treatments you need to be covered.

Consider Visiting a Preferred Dentist

As you well know, not all dentist are participating providers with insurances, so we recommend finding a dentist you can trust with your dental care and that’ll take your insurance. One of the ways you can find a dentist is by choosing a preferred provider. What does that mean? It means a dentist who’s contracted and accepts your insurance company fees within your insurance. A preferred dentist can help you save money and time since you won’t find yourself paying more out-of-pocket.   

Ensure Information is Updated and Recorded

Insurance company systems aren’t updated immediately which can lead to coverage gaps due to the untimely processing and system updates. You want to ensure you keep all records of treatment and payments for you and your family to avoid the unnecessary prolonged dental treatment. Being active on your part can help ensure there are fewer delays and problems in proceeding with your treatment.

Use Your Benefits Early

Consider using your benefits early in the year since some insurance companies have limitations on when you’re allowed to visit the dentist such as dental cleanings and exams. Plan to use your dental insurance to make the most of your dental insurance and to save money. Don’t lose out on your benefits, visit your dentist for treatment early on before the end of the year holidays. Towards the end of the year, the dental office gets busy that you run the chance of missing out on completing treatment which results into paying more money next year.

Annual Dental Check-ups

Most dental insurance has coverage for annual dental visits, visits you and your family should be taking advantage of every year. Part of maintaining a healthy smile is visiting the dentist yearly to get a check-up. Sure, you may practice good oral hygiene, but a dentist knows your mouth and teeth better than you. They can spot if you have any dental conditions which need some attending or if there’s a severe problem going on. If your insurance covers dental check-ups, then don’t miss out on dental coverage for you and your family.

Split Treatment

If you’re in need of significant treatment and it’s the end of the year, break your treatment between this year and the new year. Splitting your treatment time will help reduce the amount of money you spend and enable you to maximize your benefits this year and next year. Discuss your treatment options with your dentist and treatment coordinator to find the best financial alternatives you have, use the services your dental office offers.

Don’t Wait Until Last Minute

As we mentioned before, dental benefits expire and reset. Use them throughout the year to get the most out of them and to ensure your annual maximum isn’t cut back. Each insurance policy has their restrictions on how many times you can visit the dentist and what treatments are covered; therefore, we cannot stress enough why you use your benefits as early as possible.

Familiarize yourself with your dental insurance to make the most of your dental experience and treatment. When you’re informed about the coverage and the expenses you will need to pay, it can help them move along the process for treatment and finding other financial alternatives to continue treatment you need. If you want to schedule an appointment at our offices, please fill out this form.