Ease Your Tension With Chamomile Oil

Chamomile Essential Oil

Are you stressed out or just looking to relax and calm down? Try out chamomile oil! You probably heard of chamomile tea, one of my personal favorites, is good to calm nerves, relax you, and help you sleep. Well, chamomile oil has the same properties and more to help ease the tension except you don’t have to drink it but use it through aromatherapy.  

Fill the room with chamomile as you look for a relaxing place to rest and feel refreshed. So, what are the benefits to chamomile oil?

  • Relieves stress/anxiety – it’s one of the most common properties it is known for. This oil has compounds which allow you to ease the tension and anxiety you might be feeling. If you smell the essential oil for a few minutes, it will help you feel more relaxed and at ease without feeling tense.
  • Lets you sleep – well the simple fact that it helps you relax is enough to support sound sleep. Often we can’t go to sleep because we are worried or are alert. Once your body seems relaxed, it becomes easier to sleep.
  • Digestion support – any digestion problem you may have whether it’s indigestion, diarrhea or nausea, chamomile can help relieve it. It allows for a smooth process of digestion while relieving the discomforts you might be experiencing such as tummy troubles.
  • Promotes Skin Health – chamomile oil has anti-inflammatory properties which are excellent for treating inflammatory skin caused by acne to soothe it.

Try doTerra’s chamomile essential oil to ease the tension built up you have. Relax and enjoy the day or sleep you want to have. What are some of your favorite essential oils to use this summer?

Discover the Places in or near South Salt Lake City

Places in South Salt Lake

Salt Lake City is a big city and plenty left to discover even if it isn’t in the city. Try going in all directions of Salt Lake; you’ll find something new. Last time, we mention places in the city or near the city center, but this time is all about the south side of Salt Lake.

The south side has plenty to offer for both you and your family. Utah is known for their national parks and being a state of the outdoors, which is why I’ve chosen five places you can explore and have a great time near or in South Salt Lake City. Yes, some of these places are outdoorsy.

The Tracy Aviary

Enjoy bird watching while getting the chance to experience interacting with them by feeding them. The Tracy Aviary offers exhibits and shows/encounters for you to see the birds up close. They even have events planned for you to participate in such as singing with the birds or bird sketching and journaling. It’s an excellent place for those who love nature and birds and for good family time.

Liberty Park

Parks are an excellent place for exercise and for the family fun that comes from going to a picnic or barbecue at the park. Liberty Park is one of the oldest parks that has a pond, a lake, walkways, and sports areas to play tennis and basketball. There is plenty to do here and is in the same area as The Tracy Park, where you can see the birds.

Fairmont Park

Yes, another park but, the reason I picked this park in specific is that it has a skate park. The world is pretty much your skate park, but it’s nice to know there is a designated area for the skaters to hang, skate and compete with each other. Great place if you have children who are skaters or looking to start skating. I know I would have like to have had one near me when growing up.

The Wairhouse Trampoline Park

We don’t get to jump around all the time as adults, but there is a place which allows you to be free and have fun even if you do have children. Your kids can have fun but so can you. There’s more to jumping, play basketball with the advantage of a higher leap or having more room to travel with the ball. You can also join your kids in crawling through the playground or somersaulting and flipping through the park. Perfect for stretching.

Bonwood Bowl

Who loves bowling? Get a group of friends and have a fun, hang-out. Some friendly competition is good to have around plus you create opportunities to bond with friends and family. Bowling is perfect for family fun night or just a friends night out. It relieves the stress and makes room for relaxation.

South Salt Lake City may be a bit far from the city center, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t anything fun to do. It offers enough places to enjoy spending time with your family and friends. What are some areas near or in South Salt Lake City you like to visit? Tell us in the comments below.

Our Exclusive Limited Time Wedding Promo

Teeth Whitening Wedding

This is your last chance to get the bright smile you want before your wedding!

Preparing for your wedding is stressful but, in the end, it is worth the frustrations and cries to be able to walk down the aisle to say “I do”. As you prepare for your wedding, we’re here to help you look and feel confident with your smile with our wedding offer.

Up until JUNE 30, 2018, all brides who show verification of their wedding announcement or document showing they’re getting married, will get our teeth-whitening offer of just $149.

What’s included in our offer?

  • In-Office professional whitening
  • Take at home custom white trays
  • Excellent care from our highly trained dental professionals
  • A smile shades whiter

Your safety is our priority, so before we begin treatment, our dentist will evaluate the health of your teeth. Whitening your teeth is a lengthy procedure, and we want to ensure your teeth are healthy for your safety. If you’re interested in whitening your teeth, book an appointment with us today by filling out this form here.   

Drinks that Don’t Erode Your Teeth’s Enamel

Erode Enamel

When it comes to being refreshed this summer, there is nothing as good as a sweet cold soda or lemonade to go with our food. Let’s face it, some foods aren’t meant to have with a glass of water as your main drink, but you also don’t want to drink a beverage that can erode your teeth’s enamel.

Our enamel is essential to keeping our teeth healthy and strong so the less acidic beverages we drink, the better for our teeth. Now, water isn’t the only drink to have; there is plenty we can have that satisfies our sweet tooth and compliments our food. Here are some of the few drinks you can try without causing damage to your teeth.

  1. Mineral water – contains many minerals as the name suggest but the two minerals it has that tap water doesn’t is, calcium and magnesium. Calcium is critical to the bone development, and magnesium is essential for our ability to absorb the calcium we need. Sometimes it is referred to as sparkling or still water, but it tastes nothing like water. Give it a try with your next meal.
  2. Real Fruit Juices – want something with a bit more flavor? How about natural fruit juice without the sugar. Some fruits are naturally sweet without the added sugars which are bad for you, besides juices made of real fruit keeps the nutrients our body needs for energy and to keep our body healthy. Although, try to stay away from the acidic fruits such as oranges, etc.
  3. Clear Tea – for the coffee drinkers, the change in warm drinks would ease the damage to your teeth and stomach. Clear teas are less acidic such as green tea. Not only is it less abrasive on our teeth, but it is also rich in antioxidants and nutrients. Now, just like juices, I mean you can have clear teas without the sweeteners you add such as honey, sugar or lemon slice. Adding those additional ingredients in your drink makes it harmful to your teeth.
  4. Milk – yes, I said milk. Milk is good for the calcium it provides for us as we grow. It is not only good for our teeth but our body. If you have lactose intolerant, try other sources of milk which are healthy and provide the calcium we need such as coconut milk. Chances are we won’t be drinking milk unless in the morning or late at night, so why not mix it up and have it.

Try something new with your meals this time around and see how you like the change of flavor and benefits to your body and smile. Protecting our smile is vital to our digestion process and to keeping our beautiful smile. We need our teeth to speak and break down our food which is why we need to take measures to ensure we protect them from erosion or further damage. Dentists are an excellent source to ask about what you can do today to ensure you keep a healthy smile and mouth.

If you haven’t already seen your dentist for your annual check-up, it is time you do. Prevention treatment is the first line of defense so schedule an appointment with us today by filling out this form here.

Get Our One-Low Fee for Wisdom Teeth Without Breaking the Bank

one-low fee wisdom teeth

Have you been experiencing toothaches or jaw aches? Don’t be so dismissive; there’s a chance it can be your wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are the late bloomers to come out, and they aren’t so kind when they erupt. They can be destructive to our other teeth and jaw bone. They can cause

  • Painful crowding
  • Bacteria to enter the gums
  • Difficulty cleaning
  • Develop a cyst

Removing your wisdom teeth is critical to prevent further damage and infection in the tooth, gums, and bone. Although the recovery time for this procedure is long, it will be a quick procedure you will undergo.

In most dental clinics, the average cost for the wisdom removal is over $1,000. Yes, it is an expensive treatment but what if we told you can get your wisdom teeth removed for less?

That’s right, less!

We have a one-low fee for wisdom teeth removal, get rid of your molars before they cause more pain, discomfort, and damage to your beautiful smile.

With our one-low fee of $897, we’ll remove ALL 4 MOLARS plus IV sedation. Check out our one-low fee for wisdom teeth by clicking here.  

Places to Explore in Downtown Salt Lake City

Places in Downtown Salt Lake City

Every city has its history and its little wonders to explore which is why cities make the best places to venture out to get a bit of everything. If you’re new to the Downtown area of Salt Lake City or looking for a new adventure, Salt Lake City is a well diverse city that has a lot to offer for everyone whether you’re a historical buff, outdoorsy, or all about art and culture. There is plenty to discover and experience.

We’ve created a list of places you can choose to explore from these 3 categories:  

  • History
  • Outdoors/Nature
  • Entertainment/Arts


  1. Temple Square – Although it is a sacred and religious site, it is the focal point and rich in history when it comes to Downtown Salt Lake City. It is one of the oldest temples which is headquarters for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They welcome all visitors interested in their architectural building and who want to learn about Mormon religion, history, or programs. They have free tours of Temple Square, or you can enjoy walking around the grounds.
  2. Family History Library – It houses the most extensive genealogical records of more than 2 billion deceased people. They offer classes and workshops on how to utilize their facilities such as computer systems and records. They provide an experience to research and gain knowledge of our ancestry through their records, guides, and onsite assistance.  
  3. Pioneer Memorial Museum – I know this is a museum, but everything has a historical context. It is the largest artifact collection of the first white settlers in Utah. This museum contains departments with a collection of written artifacts, historical artifacts, information, and memorabilia which share and preserve the history and culture of Utah and Salt Lake City.


  1. Red Butte Garden – although, not located in downtown, it’s a beautiful botanical garden located on the grounds of the University of Utah. Any botanist or visitor who’s wanting to spend their time exploring the different ecosystems of plants or walk the trails of the garden. In addition to being a botanical garden, it is an arboretum and amphitheater. During the summer, they host concerts for the public to enjoy and have fun dancing too.
  2. International Peace Gardens – this another botanical garden which was conceived in the late 1930s. It’s part of Utah’s history and is a representation of many international gardens in one such as a Japanese garden to German gardens. A beautiful place to transport you into the nature found in other countries.
  3. Utah’s Hogle Zoo – visit the zoo where you can hold the recreation of nature before you. The Hogle zoo has diverse exhibits of various international ecosystems from Africa and Asia. Visits the exhibits they offer year-round in addition to their annual events and special events they house.  
  4. Ensign Peak – want to go for a hike, picnic, or catch a glimpse of the city, then visit Ensign peak. It is a small peak viewing the city from behind the capitol. Enjoy the sunset or early dawn, don’t go when the hot.


  1. Eccles Theater – opened up about two years ago and hosts touring Broadway shows, social events, and concerts. Want to catch a play or comedy shows look for entertainment in this new theater Salt Lake City has to offer.
  2. Utah’s Museum of Contemporary Art – visit the only art museum in Utah for contemporary art, it houses 6 galleries which display local, national and international artwork from artists. Visit and learn about the modern artists of Utah while enjoying the artwork of its predecessors.
  3. Capitol Theater – an oldie but goodie, this theater has been around since 1913. Capitol Theater hosts various performances year round from opera, dance, theater, music, and films. It is home to Ballet West and Utah Opera.
  4. The Depot – if you’re looking for a more intimate, live music experience then this the place for you. It is part of the Union Pacific Station and not appropriate for all ages as this is a place for 21 years old and up. Enjoy the intimate experience with the performers and the audience.

I know there is more to Salt Lake City especially the downtown area but here are just a few the places you can begin your exploration. Discover the city, become a city dweller and experience the new adventures it can offer you. What are some of your favorite places to go for fun, entertainment, adventure, or peace in Salt Lake, tell us in the comments below?

DoTerra Essential Oils to End the Spring Season

DoTerra Spring Essential Oils

June is already here! Springtime is coming to a close end as the summer approaches on us. It won’t be long by the time we are left wondering, what’s happened to the spring. Spring, as we know, is the beginning of the warm season or allergy season. I know it as the latter as I suffer from allergies. But aside from the allergies, spring is the time to gather around with family and friends to enjoy the time and weather, not to mention the blooming season for nature.  

But before the change of season occurs, have the spring scents linger around your house or room to remind you of the sharp, freshness of the flowers. Not only will they leave an aromatic smell that is pleasant but that’s beneficial to our nose and body.

Here are 3 essential oils which are frequently used during the spring.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil, which is extracted from the lavender plant, has been used as an ingredient for perfume and is now used in aromatherapy. Why would it be used for aromatherapy? Well, besides its spring feel smell, lavender oil is known to have its benefits of calming and soothing you. There are plenty of perks you can gain from having this smell around such as:

  • Induces sleep
  • Relieves anxiety and stress
  • Tension soother
  • Helps with your respiratory

It is most commonly known to be used for its calming effects.  If you want to know more, watch the video below or read about here.

Tea Tree Oil

Also known as melaleuca, tea tree oil has been commonly used in Australia. The use of the oil are many from making homemade cleaning products to applying on yourself (although you should be precautious about it if you do apply or do DIY projects). The benefits of tea tree oil can offer are:

  • Soothe skin irritations
  • Fight against fungal and bacterial growth
  • Relieve congestion and respiratory infections (through smelling it)

Learn more about what the tea tree oil can do for you by watching this video below or reading about it here.    

Peppermint Oil

Who doesn’t enjoy the smell of peppermint! It has a fresh cleaning smell like the one you have after cleaning the house or room. Peppermint oil has cleansing properties which allow air around you clear of dust and microbes. Other benefits of peppermint oil are:

  • Prevention of sinus (congestion)
  • Relieves allergies
  • Relieves headaches, muscle, and joint pain

Learn more about what it has to offer by reading about here or watching the video below.

Try out this 3 spring essential oils, or learn more about which other essential oils DoTerra has to offer! When it comes to essential oils, we use DoTerra. Let the spring season come inside your home with these 3 essential oils but will also help with cleaning and freshening your airways to breathe with ease especially if you have allergies. Tell us what are some of your favorite spring essential oils to use and why in the comments below?

What You Need To Know About Halitosis

halitosis, bad breath

Have you noticed the smell from your mouth is lingering longer than usual? Morning pasts, and it’s still present? Chances are you might have a case of halitosis. We knowing bad morning breath is something but to have bad breath throughout the day is something else. So, what do we need to know about halitosis? Below you can find the information you need on what are potential causes and what can be done.    

What’s Halitosis?

Halitosis is when you have chronic bad breath. Bad breath you can’t seem to disguise or get rid of with a mint, mouthwash, or good brushing. It’s a bad odor that is persistent no matter what you do to get rid of it. Halitosis is often an indicator of another problem that can be serious.

Causes of Halitosis

Even though you can wake up with terrible morning breath, it is not the same bad breath we are referring to. Halitosis can indicate you have another problem which is often caused by a dental problem or outside factors. So, what are the causes?

  • Dental Problems —  cavities and gum disease causes bacteria to hide in places that are hard to reach and clean. Bacteria which contributes to halitosis.
  • Dry Mouth — saliva is a critical part of our oral health. We need our saliva to rinse our mouth of food debris and more importantly to break down food particles. When we have dry mouth, our teeth become more vulnerable to food particles and bacteria causing cavities, not to mention our mouth isn’t being continuously rinsed our saliva. Chewing sugarless gum can increase saliva flow.
  • Infections — for those with allergies or who appear of sinus problems, we can sometimes develop an infection in our nasal area and sinus. Infection which makes our body produce mucus as a defense mechanism and bacteria feed off. When bacteria feed on the mucus, it can cause halitosis. The same can happen when we experience throat infection.
  • Diets — the diet we choose to eat also affects our health. Whether it’s a low carb diet, fasting, or overeating onions, garlic, etc. they have an impact on how our breath smell.
  • Foreign Body — this is most common in children but having a foreign body, such as an eraser or bean, in the nasal area can cause bad breath. And not from your mouth necessarily but your nose.
  • Medications — some medications can cause bad breath for either the breakdown of chemicals or dry mouth. Drugs can cause dry mouth which leads to the less saliva flow.
  • Medical Conditions — we can experience halitosis because of other medical conditions within our body such as gastric reflux, liver or kidney disease, or diabetes.
  • Smoking — smoking or tobacco products cause our breath to smell like their products just like how they stick to our clothes.


If you have bad breath, consider your cleaning routine for your mouth before visiting your dentist right away. Rule out the possibility that it isn’t poor oral hygiene. You want to ensure you clean your teeth thoroughly by brushing them twice a day and flossing at least before bedtime.

Once oral hygiene has been ruled out, visit your dentist for further instructions. Your dentist can recommend a toothpaste or mouthwash with an antibacterial agent but, if it has something to do with cavities or gum disease, your dentist will need to do further dental procedures. It could involve cleaning the area thoroughly before applying a filling.

Depending on what the cause is, the dentist can further examine the situation and see what is necessary to do for treatment.

Having halitosis is an embarrassing experience and self-destructing to our confidence, it is not an ideal condition, yet it is treatable. If you continue to experience horrible bad breath despite what you do to correct it make an appointment with one of our providers to consult with them by filling this form here.     

Provider Spotlight: Dr. Donald G. Tapp

Dr. Donald G. Tapp

This month we would like to extend our welcome to one of our highly professional providers who understands the impact and transformation orthodontics has on a patient’s life.

Dr. Donald G. Tapp is an orthodontist whose expertise lies in straightening patient’s bite and smile. He knows there is no greater professional satisfaction than to watch his patients find a greater sense of self-confidence through the transformation of their smile.

The biggest problem he sees among his patients having too much space between the teeth or not having enough room also known as crowding. In addition to teeth misalignment, some patients have jaw problems where their jaws don’t appropriately match. To correct these dental problems braces are needed.

Braces allow our teeth to move into place to make a beautiful smile and, if a patient has jaw problems, the use of elastic bands along with braces can help our jaws match. This is especially true if the child is still growing. Dr. Tapp’s preferred method to align teeth and jaws are conventional braces or commonly known as traditional braces which allow kids to have fun changing the colors.

Dr. Tapp earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Biology from the University of Utah then, went to Creighton University for Dental School where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery. He completed his Master’s Degree and a 2-year residency in Orthodontics from Marquette University. He has a love and passion for orthodontics that he’s made it his hobby and vocation for the past 20 years and continuing.

When he is not in the office, you can find Dr. Tapp reading biographies or nonfiction stories. He loves aviation particularly small aircraft and aviation history. But he most enjoys spending as much time as possible with his five sons.


Are Dentures Right For You?


When you smile, are there missing teeth? Gaps in our smile isn’t always a confidence booster we look for nor is it ideal when it comes to doing our daily activities such as talking or chewing our food. We need our teeth daily, but if we don’t receive the right treatment, it can be challenging to continue with our daily routine. Dentures are a great solution to replacing our missing teeth.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are a removable plate of artificial teeth which replaces missing teeth.

Types of Dentures

There are different types of dentures you can get depending on the case of your missing teeth. Each denture is placed at different times and for different reasons during the process of getting your teeth removed and prepared. For the most part, we have two full dentures and one partial denture that we can choose from, and they are as follow.


They are full removable dentures which are made for all your teeth once they’ve been removed. With this type of denture, before molding and placing the denture,  the dentist will remove the teeth and let the gum tissue heal. Once the tissue has healed, the dentist will cast a mold of the oral cavity to create the denture mold then. During the molding process, the dentures will be made to fit your oral cavity without too many adjustments. It is a long 

x-ray and cpr certification process too because you will need to allow time to heal your tissue then, the dentist to have your dentures ready. It can take weeks or even months until you can have your dentures placed and fitted.  


The name itself is self-explanatory, they are dentures that are immediately placed in after the teeth have been removed. Immediate dentures are used to replace a full set of teeth and have been molded before the teeth extraction. You’ll have them on during the healing process your gum tissue which is advantageous if you want to have your smile right away and eat solid foods. There is no need to wait weeks or months for your dentures.

The only downside to getting immediate dentures are the readjustments they will need as your bone and gum tissue heal. As your bone and tissue heal, they will shrink which is why your dentures will need to be realigned and reshaped to fit into your oral cavity. It’s a very costly denture than conventional dentures with the number of dental visits necessary to ensure they are properly fitted for your mouth.

x-ray and cpr certificationPartial

When you have some teeth missing, you can get a partial denture to replace your missing teeth. They are dentures that have a metal framework and clasps which connect to your remaining teeth. Partial dentures can have other connectors, but they are mostly made to attach to the remaining natural teeth. They replace your couple missing teeth but also keep your remaining teeth from shifting position.

What to Expect with Your Dentures?

Dentures will feel uncomfortable as your muscles get accustomed to having them in your mouth and holding them in place. There will be a couple of minor changes in the beginning, but over time they will pass. Here’s what you can expect with your new dentures.

  • Increase in saliva flow
  • Minor irritation and soreness
  • Feel little room for the tongue
  • Minor denture movements (i.e., when you cough or laugh)
  • Speech difficulties
  • Reintroduction to eating foods

These should all be brief expectations are you get more practice with your dentures and get accustomed to using and having them. If you experience prolonged periods with these brief expectations, you should consult with your dentist.

Proper Denture Care

Just because they’re artificial teeth doesn’t mean they need little care, on the contrary, they need the same adequate care as are natural teeth. You want to ensure you are:

  • Removing and rinsing your dentures – remove the food debris by running them over water.
  • Brush your dentures – use a soft bristled brush and nonabrasive denture cleanser to remove food debris and plaque. You don’t want to use denture cleansers inside your mouth; you always want to remove your dentures when you clean them.
  • Clean your mouth before and after your dentures – with a brush or a moist cloth; you want to ensure you are cleaning your gums, tongue and any remaining teeth you might have.
  • Soak dentures –  some dentures may require you to keep them moist, so they retain their shape. You can place them in water or denture soaking solution but, first, verify with your dentist what is the proper overnight care for your dentures. You always want to rinse them thoroughly when you have soaked them before placing them in your mouth.
  • Visit your dentist – dental check-ups are still mandatory for proper oral health care. Visiting the dentist can help assure your dentures remain a fit for your oral cavity and prevention.

Alternatives to Dentures

If you aren’t to keen on getting dentures, there is another alternative to dentures, and they are dental implants. Dental implants eliminate the need for dentures; however, not everyone is a candidate to get dental implants. Consult with your dentist to see if your eligible to receive dental implants.    

If your missing teeth and want to replace them to gain your smile and confidence back, you want to consult with one of our dentists today to see what dentures are right for you and your dental care. Fill out this form here  to book an appointment.