Myths About Our Teeth: True or False

Myths about teeth

When it comes to our health, there will be some misconceptions we often believe that hold no truth. At least that’s the case when it has to deal with our oral health. Why does it matter?  Some of the misconceptions we take to be true can cause more harm to our teeth than we think.

Whether we practice or believe these misconceptions of our oral health, here are seven common myths we hear about teeth. Find out why we shouldn’t be quick to take them to heart.

Myth: The Harder You Brush, The Cleaner Your Teeth

   You would think that because you are scrubbing your teeth harder, the cleaner they will become such as when you scrub the title or counter. On the contrary, instead of making your teeth any cleaner, you are only harming your teeth.

   Brushing your teeth too hard or using a firm toothbrush can wear your tooth down by eroding the enamel that protects the inside of the tooth and even the gums. When you are too abrasive with cleaning your teeth, you make your teeth more vulnerable to sensitivity and having dental problems. Dentists recommend you not press too hard against your teeth and to use a soft brush which is less harsh on your teeth and gums.

Myth: You Should Brush After Every Meal

The reasoning behind brushing your teeth after every meal is straightforward in wanting to remove leftover food or protect our teeth from tooth decay. However, before you get your toothbrush ready, you want to wait awhile.

When we eat, our teeth are undergoing harsh movements as they break our food down and chew it. During this time, our teeth become vulnerable temporarily. So when you brush after a meal, you may wear off some of your tooth enamel. Besides, the process your mouth goes through as it begins to digest the food has a purpose of breaking down it down and washing any food particles, remember our saliva is a line of defense to our teeth. Not to mention, the dentist recommends you brush your teeth twice a day. There is no need to be continually brushing.

Myth: Stop Flossing Your Teeth If They Bleed

   Spotting blood is a flag of alertness, in this case, when we see blood in our teeth due to flossing, we find ourselves stopping and not trying it again. We get it; no one wants to make themselves bleed.

   However, because your gums bleed doesn’t mean you should stop flossing. Our gums can bleed due to inflammation. Inflammation is caused when there is bacteria build-up causing the swelling and the reason for the bleeding. If you don’t floss daily but ever so often or twice a month, there’s the problem. Flossing on a daily basis will help reduce the plaque and bacteria build-up along with the bleeding. Another reason our gums can bleed is we are too rough when flossing. We want to be gentle and if you need tips on flossing ask your dentist or dental assistant for some suggestions.

Myth: Sugar Is The Cause Of Cavities

Even though sugar does cause cavities, we can put all the blame on the sugar. Aside from the candy, there are other forms of getting tooth decay. Carbohydrates are another source of food to the bacteria found in our mouth.

Carbohydrates are as harmful as sugar since it lingers in our mouth and is broken down to simple sugars. When it is broken to sugar, the bacteria then starts to produce acid resulting into wear and decay. Doesn’t necessarily mean sugar is the only cause of cavities. Other foods we eat on the regular can cause tooth decay such as chips, crackers, or white bread to name a few. Just make sure you rinse your mouth with water or floss after eating.

Myth: A Toothache Means You Have A Cavity

   Toothaches to us can mean we have a cavity, but it isn’t the case all the time. We can have pains for various reasons some more serious than others. But cavities aren’t the only dental problem to cause toothaches.

   They can result from grinding your teeth, sinuses, impacted teeth, misalignment, or gum disease. Before you diagnose yourself, visit the dentist to find out what is the primary cause of your toothache. Most of the time, dental problems are no visible to our eyes which is why we recommend getting a dental check-up to verify it isn’t a severe problem.

Myth: Don’t Need To Fix Baby Teeth Since They Fall Out

   We know baby teeth are only temporary fillers until our adult teeth come out which is why we come to think they don’t need to be fixed or check. However, our baby teeth no matter how long they’re with us, they still play a role in our oral health.

   If we neglect a need for dental treatment on a child’s tooth, it can later affect their adult teeth which are permanent. This can happen through purulent inflammation. When it comes to caring for the baby teeth of your child, we want to ensure we brush them and teach them to practice good oral hygiene.

Myth: White Is A Natural Teeth Color

Teeth are not white naturally. Not everyone’s teeth are the same. Many factors determine the color of our teeth such as the thickness and enamel shade, not to mention there can be health problems which affect the coloring of our teeth.

You can have healthy teeth and have them be an off-white or a bit yellow. In general, our teeth fall in a yellow spectrum and is dependent on our enamel. You can have a thick and lighter shade of enamel which reflects the lighter shade of teeth color, but it doesn’t mean it is the natural color of our teeth. Remember our teeth color changes over time with age, the foods, and drinks we have, and health problems we might have. If you want to have your teeth whitened, we recommend getting a consultation to see if your teeth are healthy and strong to endure the treatment, you don’t want to damage your teeth.

Our oral health is a critical part of our everyday life which is why we should care for our teeth. Not everything we hear is true, and we should be watchful of what we do when it concerns our teeth. If you haven’t gotten around to visiting your dentist this year, don’t wait to fill out our appointment form to schedule your visit.

Six Places Salt Lake City Has To Offer For October Fun

Places for October Fun

October is here, what exciting events are you planning to go to this month? With the fall season among us and with Halloween at the end of the month, there will be plenty of places hosting various events to attend to and enjoy with family and friends. See what type of entertainment is right for you.

Salt Lake City is a big city with much to do but where to go? Do you ever get stuck where roads meet trying to decide where to go for amusement? I know I do, and it can be frustrating trying to narrow it down to two places which is why we came up with a list. We’ve compiled a list of sites to you can go based on the type of experience you want to have and with who will be going with you.

Utah’s Hogle Zoo

           During October, Utah’s Hogle Zoo holds Halloween theme events you can attend to join the fun with your kids, family or friends. In addition to having fun at these events learn about the beautiful creatures the zoo houses. If you’re looking for a calming and fun time, the Hogle Zoo has fun activities and featured events from you to choose from and enjoy.

Pumpkin Days

           Need to go pumpkin buying? Why don’t you make it into a chilling family or friend outing where you can go pumpkin picking in the fields. Get lost for a while in the hay maze or go for a wagon ride, appreciate the scenery and the crisp air of the cooling season. Enjoy the mellow fall season and picking a pumpkin to carve out or cook that day.

Hee Haw Farms

           Want a little fright to go with your other Halloween fun activities; Hee Haw Farms is the perfect place. There is fun for everyone whether it’s picking your pumpkin to carve, petting the farm animals, getting lost in the corn maze or enjoying The Haunted Tale Hayride. Don’t worry the level of scary is mild unless you scare easily in which case you might want to think about entering the haunted attractions.

Night of the Running Dead Zombie

           For our workout enthusiast, maybe a 5k run with a twist is more up your alley. Let your thoughts of whether you would be able to outrun a zombie come true as you race the undead to the finishing line. Test your endurance or have fun playing with your imagination. In addition to getting the workout, you get zombies added to the mix of enjoyment.

Frightmares Lagoon

           The family-friendly Halloween destination for amusement rides and a fright. See the other side of the lagoon. They have haunted attractions, entertainment, games, and we can’t forget the foods we like to grub on during the amusement experience. There is plenty of attractions to see and go through if you want scary to get you going.

The Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus

           Maybe you want a good scare that’ll get your adrenaline going. As you know from horror stories, circuses are meant to be a fun time, but it’s the place where it all goes wrong. Go through the haunts of The Strangling Brothers as a test run before going to a haunted attraction that’s extreme.

Don’t miss out this month on going out for a good fright or mellow outing with family and friends. Check out some of the places from the list above and see how you like it. Salt Lake has a lot to offer, what are some of your favorite places to go during this time, tell us in the comments below?

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Why Should You Come In For A Consultation

Why a Consultation

Ever wondered why you get directed to come in for a consultation when trying to get a dental problem fixed or figure the cost of treatment? There are various reasons why you should come into a dental office for a consultation. For one, a consultation is a perfect time for a dentist to asses the situation and to full-on understand of what needs attention. It’s for the dentist to understand the depth of the problem and for you to get all the information you need before agreeing to do treatment.

Discover why you should make an appointment to get a consultation and why it’s sometimes worth paying the extra small fee for that consultation.

Explore Dental Options

Visiting the dentist does not have to be a scary experience. The first reasons we should see the dentist is for a consultation. Before getting a treatment done, you want to ensure you know what the dental problem is. Most dental issues have possible solutions which you should choose based on your budget and comfort level. During a consultation, your dentist will go over your possible dental options available to you to help determine which treatment plan is best for your needs. It’s the time to see what treatment options you will have access to and if you agree with them, remember your consultation is to understand your possible treatment options.

Understanding Treatment

In addition to knowing your treatment options, understanding the procedure of the treatment is essential. Not all procedures are as simple as cleaning the tooth and adding a filling, some are more complex and may require more than one visit. As a patient, if you have questions or concern, address them when you’re at your consultation. Get a detailed explanation of what to expect and any instructions you should follow before the procedure. Sometimes, your dentist could present you with visuals so you can see how treatment will be performed or let you see product samples. It can also ease some of the anxiety you might be feeling by expressing your concerns to your dentists.

Are You Eligible?

When it comes to dental care, it is personalized to you and your needs. Not all people are the same, and neither is their dental problem. During a consultation, your dentist will verify whether you are eligible to receive treatment that’s recommended or that you’ve chosen. You will be asked about your medical history and current medication to ensure what is the best protocol for you. Other conditions outside of your oral health can affect your eligibility for specific procedures. The more your dentist knows about your medical history, medication and the state of your teeth, the quicker it will be for him to be able to figure out the best protocol for you.    

Knowing Your Payment Options

One the questions we get ask before seeing a patient is how much will it cost to get treatment. Off the bat, we know some dental treatment is expensive and sometimes it is a reason we avoid getting treatment. We should not be quick to dismiss dental treatment due to costs that’s why we should consult with a dentist first. A consultation serves as an opportunity to discuss your financial options to treatment such as how much will your insurance cover or what other options you have for payment.

Discuss Your Oral Hygiene

When you go to the dentist for a consultation, it gives the dentist the opportunity to exam your teeth, gums, and overall oral health. Besides finding dental problems, they can also tell if you have been practicing good oral hygiene or if there is a need for key elements to improve your dental care routine. A dentist can offer you advice on how to floss correctly without causing you to bleed, what toothpaste or mouthwash to use, or which toothbrush to use. A dentist can provide you with information on how to care for your teeth to ensure they stay healthy.

Dental consultations can tell you more than what the problem is; it can be a constructive and informative conversation you can have with your dentist. It’s for you to discover whether you are eligible for treatment, gain knowledge of the procedure, and your financial options. Don’t skip on visiting the dentist for a consultation to discover something more about your dental situation. Consultations allow you to get various opinions if you are searching for them or cheaper cost of treatment. If you’re in need of a consultation, fill out this form to schedule a consultation.

5 Best Ways to Relieve Stress

Ways to Relieve Stress

Stress is everywhere, and we experience them in small or heavy doses. Not all stress is good, in other cases, it can be a built up of something toxic and harmful to our physicality and mentality. Some days we are so packed with responsibilities and tasks that it can be overwhelming and need to take your next couple days steady to calm down or take the day off to recharge.

We aren’t built the same way to cope with stress. We find what works for us, our body and mind. A step of seeing what works is noticing our stress response. How do we react in moments of stress? Is it more physical or emotional? Do we get angry and lash out, frustrated, cry, get anxious, cravings, or headaches? It doesn’t have to be one or the other because you might have a combination of the two.

Knowing how our body reacts to stress is essential to discovering ways to alleviate some of the stress and to cope with it. When you notice your body getting stress, it is time to release it to avoid building tension and having severe effects on our body. What are some of the ways you can release stress? Check out our list below.


Mediation is a common and popular choice to reduce stress but to promote emotional health. If you experience an emotional response from stress, mediation helps train your mind and redirect moods and thoughts. It’s an excellent way of clearing the mind from pressures we face daily and to have a calming effect on our body by focusing on our breathing. You don’t have to specially train to meditate, find a quiet place to sit at and focus on your breathing for three minutes when starting out. Mediation allows you to increase your surrounding awareness and of yourself. There are many perks to taking a couple of minutes to mediate such as sleeping better, control your anxiety, improve your concentration, and reconnecting with yourself and others.


Yoga is for everyone, not just women! Yoga is a discipline which encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual practices such as breath control and mediation. If you’re an emotional and physical responder to stress, then yoga might be for you. In addition to being a way of gaining flexibility and strength, yoga can serve many purposeful benefits for our body. Yoga allows us to perfect our posture, promote bone health, release tension in your limbs and muscles, helps you focus and relax your system, and ease the pain. Sometimes when we do continuous work without a break or some movement, we can stress out muscles out which result into ache or pain. Stretching out our limbs can ease the pain and stress we feel. If you’re looking for a way to clear your mind but add some physicality, yoga can provide you.


When we say exercise, we mean it as a broad umbrella term to all forms of activity whether it’s aerobics, running, cycling, or swimming, to name a few. Stress can make us lash out with anger, frustration, or in negative ways and instead of lashing out toward others we can use that energy to exercise. Some workouts or exercise classes are perfect to let some steam out and enjoy yourself, to have fun and something for yourself that makes you feel good. For example, if you’re searching for a way to let out the anger try boxing or kickboxing classes, get into shape while releasing some of the stress with every hit.


Make room for a 30-minute massage to undo the knots found in your shoulders and back. Yes, you will feel some pain if you have knots but trust me they are so worth it because at the end of your 30-minute massage you’ll feel calmer and relaxed. Perfect to go home and lounge on your couch or bed and enjoy a restful sleep. Massages help reduce muscular pain, tension, and improve your circulation. As we mentioned before, stress affects our body in many ways including headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and back pain. What we feel during a stressful day can start to build if we don’t cope with it or take the time to release it. There are various types of massages you can try and enjoy. Have a spa day, get pampered for the evening or day.

Take Personal Day

After having a busy week of non-stop work, it can be tiring to get back into the rhythm of non-stop when you been to feel worn out. Taking the day off means taking the day to indulge yourself in your pleasures whether it’s going to the movies, going to the beach, to an amusement park, or doing one of your hobbies. It’s about doing something for yourself that alleviates the stress by disconnecting from work or anything related to your stress. When we find ourselves doing the things we enjoy after a heavy day or week is the best way to relax and recharge from the energy we pour out in our responsibilities and tasks.

We all react to stress in different ways, and the sooner we find out how our response, the better we’re at in relieving some of it. The better we are at coping with our stress, the higher the chances of getting rid of some of our symptoms such as muscle aches, headaches, stress eating, and teeth clenching. Our overall health gets affected every day no matter the dose of stress we have which is why it’s critical to discover some ways of easing the tension we experience. What are some of the activities you like to do to alleviate your stress?    

Beverages We Drink To Boost Our Energy But Are Unhealthy

Beverages Boost Our Energy

When you find yourself tired, sleepy, or busy, we usually have the tendency of drinking beverages that will help alleviate some of the symptoms we are experiencing in the day. They are a quick way of “boosting our energy” to help us feel awake and to make us productive in some way or another. Even though the beverages we drink give us the wake-up call we need, they aren’t the healthiest to have and to treat our bodies to.

Some of the beverages we choose to fuel our bodies aren’t the best to serve our body for various reason since they can affect our overall health in some way or aspect. Below we’ve listed beverages we turn to give us the boost we need in the day.

Flavored Coffee

An obvious choice in the morning, however, I’m not referring to regular coffee but flavored coffee. Regular coffee on its own can be less damaging than flavored coffee because you aren’t adding all the sugary substances which add to the flavor of your coffee. The intake of too much sugar can start to affect our bodies such as our mood, sugar levels, and heart. When we have flavored coffee, we are adding more sugar than we should be taking in for the day. The sugar drives are energy up and quickly brings it down also known as a sugar crash which can be followed with jitteriness. If you are looking to boost your energy, it should come without the side effects of feeling shaky and a bit anxious. It can also cause stress on your heart as your blood pressure can be elevated with an excessive amount of sugar in your bloodstream. If you get headaches after drinking flavored coffee consider the possibility it might be time for a change of “coffee”.  

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are popular among younger people. There are many brands we mostly hear about such as Rockstar, Monster, and Redbull to name a few. They are quick to kick up your energy that lasts at least half the day but at what cost? As you know, energy drinks have an excessive amount of sugar along with caffeine which causes your energy to level rise and then fall gradually to where you crash. However, energy drinks can disrupt your sleep, make you gain weight, and raise your blood pressure.

Soft Drinks

Soda, we can’t forget about soft drinks. If coffee and energy drinks don’t fancy your taste maybe soda is what gives you the flavor and boost you need. Soda is good to have with a meal and to keep you awake when you feel the drowse creeping up on you. You’ve probably heard soda is bad for you which is true but for the way it can affect your health. Soda has a lot of sugar and just because it’s diet does not mean that it is better for you. So, what can soda cause? It dehydrates you, can decline kidney function, increases diabetes risk, diminishes your minerals, and can increase heart disease risk. The amount of sugar in a soda exceeds the amount you need in a day not to mention the level of acidity that can cause discomfort to the stomach and erode the enamel of the tooth.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are another drink we look for to get the energy. Even though they do provide us with energy, they don’t give us the power we need to do daily tasks. Sports drinks can be beneficial to you if you are doing exercise that’s intense or exercising and doing a sports activity for more than 2 hours, however, if you need it to boost energy to get you through the day, then it is harmful to our body. By drinking a sports drink, you are intaking carbohydrates where the energy is coming from. The potassium and sodium you gain from the sports drink are quickly released in your sweat, and the sugar from the drink is left in your body to break down and can often become unnecessary body weight.   

We know there are some days we wake up to only to feel exhausted and drained from energy, we get it. Sometimes we need to get a little boost of energy from our go-to drinks but, it’s not the best choice for our health. Apart from giving us the rush we need for the day or brief moment, the effects it has on our bodies can be more prolonged and damaging. The drinks we mention all affect our body in some way or another, but they do have a common factor, they can lead to tooth decay. Sugar is food for the bacteria found in our mouth particularly our teeth.

Next time you are feeling drained of energy or tired, try different alternatives to gain some energy such as eggs, fruits, trail mix, coconut water or a power nap. These are some the ways you can earn some of your energy to carry on with the day that involves no to less sugar. Give it a try and let us know which one works for you.

Our In-House Discount Dental Program

Discount Dental Program

Take control of your oral health with our exclusive discount dental program.

You can only find this discount dental plan in our dental offices located Downtown and South of Salt Lake City. We’re dedicated to bringing our patients affordable prices to receive the dental care they deserve and seek for a healthy smile. With our plan, you’ll be able to afford the dental treatment you need and deserve. Don’t let the cost of treatment determine whether you get the dental care you need or not.

We’ve designed our program with our patients in mind and to save you money. It offers you an affordable alternative for you and your family to visit your dentist without worrying about high expenses. Here is what you can expect from our Discount Dental Program.

Discount Dental Program

Drinks that Don’t Erode Your Teeth’s Enamel

Erode Enamel

When it comes to being refreshed this summer, there is nothing as good as a sweet cold soda or lemonade to go with our food. Let’s face it, some foods aren’t meant to have with a glass of water as your main drink, but you also don’t want to drink a beverage that can erode your teeth’s enamel.

Our enamel is essential to keeping our teeth healthy and strong so the less acidic beverages we drink, the better for our teeth. Now, water isn’t the only drink to have; there is plenty we can have that satisfies our sweet tooth and compliments our food. Here are some of the few drinks you can try without causing damage to your teeth.

  1. Mineral water – contains many minerals as the name suggest but the two minerals it has that tap water doesn’t is, calcium and magnesium. Calcium is critical to the bone development, and magnesium is essential for our ability to absorb the calcium we need. Sometimes it is referred to as sparkling or still water, but it tastes nothing like water. Give it a try with your next meal.
  2. Real Fruit Juices – want something with a bit more flavor? How about natural fruit juice without the sugar. Some fruits are naturally sweet without the added sugars which are bad for you, besides juices made of real fruit keeps the nutrients our body needs for energy and to keep our body healthy. Although, try to stay away from the acidic fruits such as oranges, etc.
  3. Clear Tea – for the coffee drinkers, the change in warm drinks would ease the damage to your teeth and stomach. Clear teas are less acidic such as green tea. Not only is it less abrasive on our teeth, but it is also rich in antioxidants and nutrients. Now, just like juices, I mean you can have clear teas without the sweeteners you add such as honey, sugar or lemon slice. Adding those additional ingredients in your drink makes it harmful to your teeth.
  4. Milk – yes, I said milk. Milk is good for the calcium it provides for us as we grow. It is not only good for our teeth but our body. If you have lactose intolerant, try other sources of milk which are healthy and provide the calcium we need such as coconut milk. Chances are we won’t be drinking milk unless in the morning or late at night, so why not mix it up and have it.

Try something new with your meals this time around and see how you like the change of flavor and benefits to your body and smile. Protecting our smile is vital to our digestion process and to keeping our beautiful smile. We need our teeth to speak and break down our food which is why we need to take measures to ensure we protect them from erosion or further damage. Dentists are an excellent source to ask about what you can do today to ensure you keep a healthy smile and mouth.

If you haven’t already seen your dentist for your annual check-up, it is time you do. Prevention treatment is the first line of defense so schedule an appointment with us today by filling out this form here.

Importance of Dental Healthcare: Our Exclusive Program

Today is National Healthcare Decisions Day. A day meant to educate and encourage people and healthcare providers the need to partake in advance care planning. Yes, advance care planning that lets families and doctors know about decisions you’ve made when you’re too sick or unable to make the decisions yourself.

These are important decisions to make as we age yet we don’t always think about it. Besides medical healthcare, what about dental health care? Dental health care is also a crucial aspect of our oral and overall health.

The Importance Dental Healthcare

Why is it important? Oral health is essential to our everyday life. We need healthy teeth and a mouth to speak and eat since it’s part of our digestive system. Our dental health says a lot about our diet, self-care, and is in all a reflection of our body’s health.

Our diet can be a contributing factor as to why we might seek dental health. Our diet can contain many foods and drinks that damage our teeth. Foods that remain in our mouths and cling to our teeth and provide food supply to cavity-causing bacteria. Not only through our diet can we get cavities but they can progress into further dental problems such as tooth decay or tooth loss. Then, there is the possibility of discoloration of your teeth from all the dark drinks containing high levels of acidity, the ones which weaken your enamel. One of the ways we can rid our mouth of bacteria and acid production is by having good oral hygiene.

Do you practice good oral hygiene? Having good oral habits is an aspect of what we mean by self-care. When you remove the food debris from your mouth and teeth, the lower the chances, you’ll have to get dental problems. However, if you practice poor oral hygiene, you increase the risks of developing dental issues such as plaque, cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Poor oral hygiene leaves your teeth vulnerable to what you eat and for the bacteria found in your mouth to progressively damage your teeth over time.

Your dental health is not only saying something about what you choose to eat or your oral habits, but it also gives an insight of your body’s health. Some health problems can show signs based on your oral health. Health problems such as diabetes and leukemia. Sometimes dentists can detect other health that you might want to check with your primary health provider.

At The Center of Dental Professionals, we offer a Discount Dental Program primarily designed for our patients.

Our office has a discount program designed to make dental treatment affordable for you and your family and provide you with the best dental care you deserve! It is NOT insurance, but a membership program offered to our patients at an annual fee. A membership that is flexible than insurance and keeps you in control of how you spend your money. This is an excellent program for our patients who don’t have insurance and are looking to save.  

How does it make it affordable? You receive discount rates on preventative and restorative treatment at any of our two locations in Salt Lake City. Each discount rate varies by category ranging from 10% to 60%. It saves you and your family money on dental health care you can be receiving yearly.  

So this month not, only think about planning advanced medical care. Think about your oral health as well. If you interested in more information on our Discount Dental Program, call our office today at 801-505-7125.   


Keeping a Healthy Smile During Spring Activities and Sports

Spring is here, and so are the many recreational activities and sports that come with the warm weather of the season. Activities such as baseball, softball, volleyball, lacrosse, outdoor track and field, hiking, and mountain biking. Outdoor activities that are fun to play in and enjoy but can also be the cause of some potential injures.

Part of ensuring we keep a healthy mouth is by taking preventative precautions to protect our smile and teeth.

Our teeth are an essential aspect of our daily life as we use them to speak and chew our food. Keeping our teeth and mouth protected from dental conditions and injuries is crucial to do when playing a sport or participating in a recreational activity. How can we do that?


Mouthguards are a wonderful tool to have in your sports bag. They aren’t just for kids but adults as well. They provide your mouth with an outer guard and inner cushion to keep your soft tissue and teeth from harsh impacts and from having severe mouth-related injuries. It makes the impact of a ball or falls less forceful and damaging as it would be without it.


We need to hydrate when we’re playing or participating in sports. By hydration we don’t mean drinking sports drinks or sugary drinks; we’re referring to water. Water is an essential part of our dental health and overall health.

Water is needed to keep our body functioning by distributing the nutrients we need to get rid of waste and to keep our muscles moving. So what can water do for our teeth? It keeps them clean. It washes away any food debris or residue that can cause damage to our teeth such as bacteria. Not only does it clean mouth it can dilute the acids produced by the acids in our mouth.

Another advantage of water is, it helps with dry mouth. Our saliva is a significant component of our mouth because it’s the first line of defense we have against cavities and tooth decay. Saliva provides your mouth with the nutrition our teeth need and maintain our mouth clean. Having a low flow of saliva puts us at risk of tooth decay and cavities since it removes the protection from our teeth.   

Our teeth and mouth are essential parts of our overall health. While we partake in outdoor activities and sports, remembering to remain well hydrated is important and to put mouthguards to prevent any mouth-related injuries.

The warm weather is among us, and we should enjoy it, but safety is important, especially our smile. This spring, take the measures you need to have a healthy mouth. If you’re in need of a dental check-up, schedule an appointment with us today!  


Health Precautions During National Days in April

Easter Sunday has just past which means you probably had some Easter chocolate eggs or marshmallow birds. It doesn’t even have to be candy sweets; it could be sweet desserts that contain a lot of sugar.

Beginning this month with an Easter egg hunt is a great way to kick off the rest of the national days to come this April. National days celebrating foods that are sweet to the tooth but damaging to our smile. What national days are we talking about?

If you didn’t know already, today is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. Now, there isn’t anything wrong with having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, however, some products contain more sugar than others. Then, there is National Caramel Day and National Caramel Popcorn Day and many more national days, days of sweetened foods to come and celebrate by eating those delicious foods.

I mean who doesn’t like eating something sugary once in awhile? I know I do, but there are some precautions to take while celebrating national food days especially when it’s foods that can damage our teeth and smile. I’m talking about two types of foods here.

Sticky/Chewy Foods

We are referring to the foods which cling and stick to our teeth and anywhere within our mouth. The foods that overstay their welcome and as a result, help bacteria produce more acid than usual. They are easy to get in between your teeth and can stay there longer.

Acidic Foods/Drinks

As we mentioned before, when food causes bacteria to produce more acid it damages our teeth. Drinking or eating foods or beverages containing citrus or acidic properties are more damaging than you think and can see immediately. Why? Because our tooth enamel is being eroded by the acid. Eroding teeth results in cavities or tooth decay and, in some cases, serious problems like sensitive teeth and discoloration.

These are two of many types of foods we need to keep an eye on especially when Easter has just past and upcoming national days are on the way celebrating foods not so kind to our teeth. When you eat these types of food, it is best to ensure you are rinsing and cleaning your mouth right away to ensure you’re removing any food debris.

Cleaning our teeth immediately afterwards is important to prevent further damage to them from substances that erode our teeth. Flossing your teeth to remove sticky/chewy substances is one way to assure there isn’t more acid production. In addition to keeping up with personal hygiene and self-care, visiting your dentist for a regular clean up and check up is a crucial part of preventative care.

If you’re due for dental check-up soon, make an appointment with our dental office to get your exams with X-rays and cleaning for $97.