How Stress Affects Our Oral Health

Stress Affects Our Oral Health

You’ve probably heard stress affects our body in many different ways and sometimes it’s hard to identify how. It’s not always apparent as other times but our overall health is usually the one that suffers and yes, that means your oral health as well.

How Stress Affects Our Oral Health Stress in today’s world is no surprise as we deal with stress on a daily basis, however, coping with the stress can be hard and start to take a toll on your body if it becomes negative where you experience little to no relief or relaxation. We highly recommend finding ways you can take time to ease some of the stress whether it’s for 30 minutes to an hour, you need to make the time to avoid complicating your health especially your oral health.

How can stress affect our oral health? There are a couple of ways it does, and we’ve listed them below.

Teeth Clenching – most often than not we do this when we least expect it and goes unnoticed. Stress can cause us to clench our teeth while in thought or when we’re working on something. It’s hard to realize when you’re clenching until you notice your jaw hurting which causes more tension on your jaw muscles than there needs to be.

Teeth Grinding – grinding your teeth can happen when you sleep when you’re feeling stressed out. Since it is most likely to occur at night, it’s difficult to notice it at the moment. If you’re waiting up with headaches, chances are you went to sleep feeling stressed and grinding your teeth at night. Teeth grinding can damage your teeth and enamel which leads to headaches and soreness in the jaw.

Nail Biting – although it’s not always a stress habit but a nervous habit, it can still cause damage to our teeth. Whether your stress is causing you to worry or feel frustrated and overwhelmed, biting your nails is not the answer. When you bit down on your nails, you can crack, break, chip or wear out your front teeth, not to mention you can show signs of worn gum tissue caused by the nail edges. You can also cause infection, remember our tongue carries a lot more bacteria than you think which can enter your bloodstream if you bite more of the nail.

Stress Eating – we’ve all been here at some point, think back to when you were in school or college. Making a poor diet decision can lead to a lack of the nutrition we need such as vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants. Most of the time, we choose foods that carry more sugar and sodium that linger in our mouth feeding the bacteria which cause tooth decay.

Dry Mouth – now, I know this isn’t exactly something we do, but it is a result of what we feed our bodies and of stress. When we’re stress, there are probably sleepless nights on the horizon and more coffee intake or energy drinks for the boost of energy we need. These drinks along with a few others cause our mouth to dry. Having a dry mouth leaves our teeth vulnerable, we need to have saliva flow to wash away food particles from our teeth and gums. It’s a defense towards the bacteria found in our mouth.

If we don’t find ways to cope with our stress levels, it can soon be taking a toll on our bodies and oral health. Stress can be useful when it keeps us alert and energized but, it can also prevent us from relaxing and easing some of the tension we carry. Before heading to bed, ask yourself if you’re stressed out if you are, try some light exercise, medications, yoga or whatever relaxes you to help you go to bed feeling less stress and calmer. It will improve your sleep and avoid any teeth grinding at night. Share with us what are some of the ways stress affects you in the comments below.  

Provider Spotlight: Dr. Hyrum Cannon


Meet one of our family providers, Dr. Hyrum Cannon who strives to make every patients’ visit a comfortable and less stressful.

Dr. Cannon is a general dentist that works closely with both adults and children as their primary dental provider. He diagnoses, treats, manages the overall oral health of his patients by meeting their dental needs with preventative methods.

One of the most common dental problems Dr. Cannon sees in his patients is dental caries (tooth decay). If the decay is small he can fix it with a filling; however if it has been left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss. He takes great pride in delivering quality treatment which is why he gives an overall, comprehensive treatment so current and future treatment needs can be addressed.

One of the joys Dr. Cannon enjoys is helping his patients feel at ease when it’s time for their visit. He works hard and diligently to make every patient feel comfortable and leave feeling better off than when they came in. One of his favorite things his patients’ can say to his is “I didn’t feel that at all” after he has applied local anesthesia. When it comes to his patients, Dr. Cannon is concerned with helping them achieve a beautiful, healthy smile along with their safety and comfort.

He graduated from Magna Cum Laude from the University of Utah then, shortly afterward began his dental career at the University of Iowa. Dr. Cannon has been to a fair part of the U.S. practicing dentistry such as the Bay Area of California. He eventually moved back to his home state, Utah, where he is now working for The Center of Dental Professionals.

He likes anything sports related and food and when he is out of the office, you can see him working out in his garden and most importantly, spending time with his family.

Uplift Your Mood and Refresh Yourself With Lemon Oil

Lemon oil

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is here! Well by the end of the day it will be and what better day to kick off the weekend then by telling you about an essential oil that can ease you into a relaxing weekend.

Do you find yourself stressed, tired, and ready for a boost? Lemon oil is an excellent essential oil to have around. Essential lemon oil has many benefits to you and your possessions. Check out some of the reasons you might want to have a bottle of lemon oil in your drawer.

Relieves Stress

Who wouldn’t want to smell something to help you calm down and relax? Nowadays, we are busy with more things than we have minutes in the day to complete things which can bring on some of the stress we experience in the day. Lemon oil has been known to have a calming nature making it the perfect aroma to have around your room, office, or in the house. It can help you relieve some of the tension and fatigues you experience from stress.

Nourishes Skin

Lemon oil has detoxifying and antioxidant properties that are a good remedy for restoring your skin and skin problems you might be experiencing. It helps treat acne problems, reduce excess oil, and nourish your skin if it is dry by hydrating it. But before you start placing the oil on your skin, you might want to dilute it and try it on a small section of your skin to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction.

Relieves Nausea

If you ever find yourself feeling a bit queasy, get a small whiff of lemon! It is the best way of getting rid of nausea. It’s effective, natural and can be easily taken everywhere.

Boost Immune System

Need a boost in your immune system? Try lemon oil which is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which is perfect for boosting your immune system, coughs, and sore throats. If you feel a cold coming on, have lemon tea. It’s excellent for your throat and sleeping soundly, the best way to relax and ease into a sound sleep at night.

Natural Disinfectant

Ever noticed cleaners have lemon properties and scents, well there is a reason for it. It’s a natural disinfectant which is perfect for cleaning surfaces and clothes. You can polish and clean your wood furnishes with the oil.

Lemon oil is excellent to have around the house to use whether it’s for your health or as a cleaning product. If you’re interested in buying some lemon oil, you can purchase doTerra’s oil. We’ve been buying their oils for years and enjoy using them to create a calming environment in our dental offices. Tell us in the comments below what you like using lemon oil for or what your favorite essential oil is?


Provider Spotlight: Dr. Reed Lobrot

Dr. Reed Lobrot

We’re excited to be highlighting one of our valued providers who take pride in giving each of his patients a comfortable and enjoyable visit.

Dr. Reed Lobrot is a general and cosmetic dentist, who completed his general dentistry training at Creighton University School of Dentistry in Nebraska in 1999 and has since then been practicing in the state of Utah for over 15 years. Although he practices the full scope of general dentistry, his primary areas of dental focus are cosmetic dentistry and superior anesthesia.

His preferred procedure of cosmetic dentistry is crowns and veneers because he loves to instill confidence in his patients and if a beautiful smile gives them the boost of confidence they need, he is thrilled to make it happen.

He works not only with adults but children and his great with children! Dr. Lobrot is a patient and caring dentist who loves treating kids. He likes to make sure his little patients are feeling happy and secure by asking them about their life and what they’re involved in. Every little patient he cares for is heard as he does everything he can to make their visit a comfortable and soothing experience.

To Dr. Lobrot, it is a great compliment when someone comes into the office and says “Betty had such a great experience here that I decided to check you out!” Not only does he focus on his areas of expertise, but he is also focused on 5-star patient rapport, and he does it through imbuing confidence in our patients, so they don’t fear or have anxiety of dental treatment. By reducing their fear and anxiety, they will want to come in regularly and refer us to their friends and family.

One of the most common problems he sees is caries (cavities) and periodontal disease. Dr. Lobrot has seen many patients who only brush their teeth one time a day and don’t floss. He cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting regular check-ups and proper home care to overcome these problems. Catching cavities early when they are small and having frequent check-ups is key to maintaining your oral health and saving money on treatment.

When he isn’t at our Murray location treating and caring for our patients, you can find him enjoying the outdoor activities, music, and most importantly, spending his time with his wife and children.

Did You Know Of Our Patient Rewards Program?

Patient Rewards Program

Did you know you that with The Center of Dental Professionals, you get to join a membership club where you could earn points for being a great patient! We aren’t pulled your leg. Our patients are important to us, and we like to reward them for entrusting us to give them the dental care they deserve but also to help them feel confident in their smile.

So, what can you do with your rewards card?        

With your reward card, you could use your points to play games and order gift cards! Browse through the rewards menu to pick your price. Maybe it’s a Starbucks gift card or an Apple iTunes gift card; there is something for each of our patients to choose and gift themselves.

How can you earn points?

  • Many, many ways. You can earn points by
  • Being punctual to your appointment
  • Good oral hygiene
  • Having no cavities
  • 6-month appointment schedule
  • Participate in contests
  • Take a survey
  • Refer a friend
  • Following us on social media

We offer plenty of opportunities for you to earn points and in fun ways too! Learn about our contest through our Patients Reward Hub and following us to get updates on the contest we are launching.

Our Patient Reward Program, allows us to acknowledge and reward our patients for being great, diligent patients. Caring for your teeth starts with you, at home where your oral routine takes place. You’re the first line of defense before you come into our dental office. We know caring for your teeth is a commitment but the reward of caring for them is rewarding when you see your smile radiant, beautiful and, most importantly, they’re healthy.

If you aren’t already part of our Patients Reward Program, next time when you’re in our dental offices, ask how you can join or Patients Reward Program or Kids Club Program. Just see what fun contest we have running

Discover the Places in or near South Salt Lake City

Places in South Salt Lake

Salt Lake City is a big city and plenty left to discover even if it isn’t in the city. Try going in all directions of Salt Lake; you’ll find something new. Last time, we mention places in the city or near the city center, but this time is all about the south side of Salt Lake.

The south side has plenty to offer for both you and your family. Utah is known for their national parks and being a state of the outdoors, which is why I’ve chosen five places you can explore and have a great time near or in South Salt Lake City. Yes, some of these places are outdoorsy.

The Tracy Aviary

Enjoy bird watching while getting the chance to experience interacting with them by feeding them. The Tracy Aviary offers exhibits and shows/encounters for you to see the birds up close. They even have events planned for you to participate in such as singing with the birds or bird sketching and journaling. It’s an excellent place for those who love nature and birds and for good family time.

Liberty Park

Parks are an excellent place for exercise and for the family fun that comes from going to a picnic or barbecue at the park. Liberty Park is one of the oldest parks that has a pond, a lake, walkways, and sports areas to play tennis and basketball. There is plenty to do here and is in the same area as The Tracy Park, where you can see the birds.

Fairmont Park

Yes, another park but, the reason I picked this park in specific is that it has a skate park. The world is pretty much your skate park, but it’s nice to know there is a designated area for the skaters to hang, skate and compete with each other. Great place if you have children who are skaters or looking to start skating. I know I would have like to have had one near me when growing up.

The Wairhouse Trampoline Park

We don’t get to jump around all the time as adults, but there is a place which allows you to be free and have fun even if you do have children. Your kids can have fun but so can you. There’s more to jumping, play basketball with the advantage of a higher leap or having more room to travel with the ball. You can also join your kids in crawling through the playground or somersaulting and flipping through the park. Perfect for stretching.

Bonwood Bowl

Who loves bowling? Get a group of friends and have a fun, hang-out. Some friendly competition is good to have around plus you create opportunities to bond with friends and family. Bowling is perfect for family fun night or just a friends night out. It relieves the stress and makes room for relaxation.

South Salt Lake City may be a bit far from the city center, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t anything fun to do. It offers enough places to enjoy spending time with your family and friends. What are some areas near or in South Salt Lake City you like to visit? Tell us in the comments below.

Places to Explore in Downtown Salt Lake City

Places in Downtown Salt Lake City

Every city has its history and its little wonders to explore which is why cities make the best places to venture out to get a bit of everything. If you’re new to the Downtown area of Salt Lake City or looking for a new adventure, Salt Lake City is a well diverse city that has a lot to offer for everyone whether you’re a historical buff, outdoorsy, or all about art and culture. There is plenty to discover and experience.

We’ve created a list of places you can choose to explore from these 3 categories:  

  • History
  • Outdoors/Nature
  • Entertainment/Arts


  1. Temple Square – Although it is a sacred and religious site, it is the focal point and rich in history when it comes to Downtown Salt Lake City. It is one of the oldest temples which is headquarters for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They welcome all visitors interested in their architectural building and who want to learn about Mormon religion, history, or programs. They have free tours of Temple Square, or you can enjoy walking around the grounds.
  2. Family History Library – It houses the most extensive genealogical records of more than 2 billion deceased people. They offer classes and workshops on how to utilize their facilities such as computer systems and records. They provide an experience to research and gain knowledge of our ancestry through their records, guides, and onsite assistance.  
  3. Pioneer Memorial Museum – I know this is a museum, but everything has a historical context. It is the largest artifact collection of the first white settlers in Utah. This museum contains departments with a collection of written artifacts, historical artifacts, information, and memorabilia which share and preserve the history and culture of Utah and Salt Lake City.


  1. Red Butte Garden – although, not located in downtown, it’s a beautiful botanical garden located on the grounds of the University of Utah. Any botanist or visitor who’s wanting to spend their time exploring the different ecosystems of plants or walk the trails of the garden. In addition to being a botanical garden, it is an arboretum and amphitheater. During the summer, they host concerts for the public to enjoy and have fun dancing too.
  2. International Peace Gardens – this another botanical garden which was conceived in the late 1930s. It’s part of Utah’s history and is a representation of many international gardens in one such as a Japanese garden to German gardens. A beautiful place to transport you into the nature found in other countries.
  3. Utah’s Hogle Zoo – visit the zoo where you can hold the recreation of nature before you. The Hogle zoo has diverse exhibits of various international ecosystems from Africa and Asia. Visits the exhibits they offer year-round in addition to their annual events and special events they house.  
  4. Ensign Peak – want to go for a hike, picnic, or catch a glimpse of the city, then visit Ensign peak. It is a small peak viewing the city from behind the capitol. Enjoy the sunset or early dawn, don’t go when the hot.


  1. Eccles Theater – opened up about two years ago and hosts touring Broadway shows, social events, and concerts. Want to catch a play or comedy shows look for entertainment in this new theater Salt Lake City has to offer.
  2. Utah’s Museum of Contemporary Art – visit the only art museum in Utah for contemporary art, it houses 6 galleries which display local, national and international artwork from artists. Visit and learn about the modern artists of Utah while enjoying the artwork of its predecessors.
  3. Capitol Theater – an oldie but goodie, this theater has been around since 1913. Capitol Theater hosts various performances year round from opera, dance, theater, music, and films. It is home to Ballet West and Utah Opera.
  4. The Depot – if you’re looking for a more intimate, live music experience then this the place for you. It is part of the Union Pacific Station and not appropriate for all ages as this is a place for 21 years old and up. Enjoy the intimate experience with the performers and the audience.

I know there is more to Salt Lake City especially the downtown area but here are just a few the places you can begin your exploration. Discover the city, become a city dweller and experience the new adventures it can offer you. What are some of your favorite places to go for fun, entertainment, adventure, or peace in Salt Lake, tell us in the comments below?

Provider Spotlight: Dr. Donald G. Tapp

Dr. Donald G. Tapp

This month we would like to extend our welcome to one of our highly professional providers who understands the impact and transformation orthodontics has on a patient’s life.

Dr. Donald G. Tapp is an orthodontist whose expertise lies in straightening patient’s bite and smile. He knows there is no greater professional satisfaction than to watch his patients find a greater sense of self-confidence through the transformation of their smile.

The biggest problem he sees among his patients having too much space between the teeth or not having enough room also known as crowding. In addition to teeth misalignment, some patients have jaw problems where their jaws don’t appropriately match. To correct these dental problems braces are needed.

Braces allow our teeth to move into place to make a beautiful smile and, if a patient has jaw problems, the use of elastic bands along with braces can help our jaws match. This is especially true if the child is still growing. Dr. Tapp’s preferred method to align teeth and jaws are conventional braces or commonly known as traditional braces which allow kids to have fun changing the colors.

Dr. Tapp earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Biology from the University of Utah then, went to Creighton University for Dental School where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery. He completed his Master’s Degree and a 2-year residency in Orthodontics from Marquette University. He has a love and passion for orthodontics that he’s made it his hobby and vocation for the past 20 years and continuing.

When he is not in the office, you can find Dr. Tapp reading biographies or nonfiction stories. He loves aviation particularly small aircraft and aviation history. But he most enjoys spending as much time as possible with his five sons.


Discover 5 DIY Essential Oils Diffuser Blends for Spring

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Enjoy the aromatic of DIY Spring oil diffuser blends this season. Diffusing oils into the air can help create a relaxing atmosphere throughout your home, room, or business. It’s the quickest way of having the essential oils affect a person’s mindset and mood.

At The Center of Dental Professionals, we love using and diffusing essential oils. They help us create a welcoming and calming environment for our patients to relieving some of the stress and anxiety that comes from visiting the dentist.

During this season the most common ingredients you can find in spring blends are peppermint, lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, grapefruit, and bergamot. Most of these ingredients have calming and uplifting properties to help relieve stress and anxiety while the others have an outdoor and spring sense of smell.

Here are 5 spring oil blends you can do yourself!

  1.  Springtime is allergy season, one of worst times if you have allergies that have you all over the place, I know. There’s a blend of allergy relief you can use to help clear the air and help you breathe with ease. All you need to blend is:

2 drops of lavender essential oil

2 drops of lemon essential oil

2 drops of peppermint essential oil

  1. Are you looking to kick up your feet and relax for spring? This blend has oils used to uplift and refreshen the body, making it an excellent diffuser blend to relax your body and revive it. Just use:

3 drops of grapefruit essential oil

3 drops of orange essential oil

2 drops of lemon essential oil

1 drop of bergamot essential oil

  1. If you can’t go to Hawaii, bring Hawaii to you! Our mind connects with scents and what better way to connect the Hawaiian, warm beach than in the comfort of your home. It’s perfect when you have a staycation. All you need is two ingredients.

2 drops of lime essential oil

3 drops of sacred sandalwood essential oil   

  1. During the fall and winter holidays, we like to smell the holiday season whether it’s in our food, drink or house. Well, the same can be done for the spring! Say hello to the smell of spring every time you come in through the doors by blending:

2 drops of lemon essential oil

2 drops of geranium essential oil

2 drops of grapefruit essential oil

  1. Have you done your spring cleaning, or at least in the process of your annual overhaul cleaning? There is nothing more satisfying than cleaning up a mess in efforts to reorganize our belongings. Sometimes having the house or room smell of cleaning products lets others know you cleaned but, instead of cleaning products have the house smell fresh and clean of lemons. Get rid of the chemical smells and replace it with this blend. Just mix:

2 drops of lavender essential oil

2 drops of rosemary essential oil

3 drops of lemon essential oil   

Try out these DIY spring diffuser blends to get the relaxation you need or recreate an uplifting atmosphere you can always enjoy. Essential oils are excellent for many things and diffusing them into the air is perfect to make connects with your mind to change your mindset and mood. If you want to try using essential oils, go to DoTerra Oils and purchase your oils to start blending.

What are some of your favorite oil diffuser blends to use for Spring? Share with us in the comments below.   

Family, Fun Activities to Do This Spring Season

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Summer is almost here but let us enjoy the spring weather and season as it marks the pre-vacation for the summer vacation to come. Spring is a great season to enjoy the outdoors without the scorching heat and to enjoy family time. Compiled below are 5 activities you can do to enjoy this season and prepare for summer vacations with your family.

Visit a Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens contain the most beautiful collection of plant species that are either lost in nature or have been safeguarded. Yes, there are flowers and trees everywhere we go, however, these plant species are conserved and maintained not just for research but for us to enjoy the various plants that are beginning to diminish. They provide a nice leisurely walk and way for us to connect with your family and nature.

Visit a National Park

If you are looking to escape technology and provide your children with a learning experience while getting them to be more present and active with the world, visiting a national park is the thing to do! National parks are affordable, convenient and have something for everyone to enjoy. It’s a place for adrenaline junkies and adventurers, where you can go climbing, zip line, snorkel, or dive to discover the depths underwater. There is room for adventure and to learn more about nature, the background story of the park, and even the state alone, not to mention it is excellent for our health. What a better way to spend spring than with nature.

Plan a Spring Party/Gathering

Connect with people beyond your family such as friends and neighbors. Open the doors to human connection, where you can bond or reconnect through food, drinks, and party activities. Make a day out of it and enjoy the company and the delicious foods!

Go to an Amusement Park

Channel your inner child by going to an amusement park to go for a ride with your kids. There is no better way of getting whisked away into a new world of imagination. The normalities of life and stress are lifted off to enjoy your time. You have an outlet to release tension on the rides that rush your adrenaline not to mention you can create memorable childhood moments with your kids.

Volunteer at a Shelter or Charity Organization

For those who are Samaritans, giving your time and service to shelters, whether it be an animal shelter or homeless shelter, or a charity, it can be rewarding for you and the people or animals you are helping. Many shelter and charities often look for people to volunteer and help out in their organization. You’ll get the first-hand experience of what it is like helping others, the work and dedication it takes.       

Trying new adventures and activities encourages growth, curiosity, and connections with others. This spring, try something new and explore nature or reconnect with others and yourself. What spring activities do you like to do with your family or yourself? Let us know.