Discount Dental Program

Have you heard of our Discount Dental Program? We’re excited to present our patients with our discount plan which can alleviate some of the financial burdens of dental procedures and bring satisfaction to them. We’re dedicated to bringing our patients alternatives to receiving the dental care they deserve and seek for a healthier and beautiful smile. The Discount Dental Program allows our patients of The Center of Dental Professionals and A Kid’s Place Dentistry to receive affordable dental care for themselves or their families.

It is designed for you to save money and it’s a perfect plan our patients without insurance to enroll in to get the dental treatments they require. It offers you with an affordable alternative for you and your family to visit your dentist without worrying about high expense.

The Discount Dental Plan?

It’s developed to provide better service to our patients and to have them receive the best dental care they deserve! It’s a membership program where you pay a yearly fee and receive discounted rates on preventative and restorative treatment options at both dental offices at The Center of Dental Professionals and A Kid’s Place Dentistry. Note, this is an in-house discount program only offered in our offices and NOT insurance.

Our Discount Dental Program is more flexible than an insurance because you get to control your money and how and where you want to spend it depending on the treatment best suited to your needs. This an excellent plan for our patients who don’t have dental insurance, plus you get to save on dental procedures without the expensive cost of insurance.

What is Offers?

By enrolling in our Discount Dental Program, you will receive the following services:

  • Prophylaxis Cleaning 2x a year
  • Fluoride Varnish 2x a year  
  • Full Mouth Bite Wing X-ray 2x a year
  • Panoramic X-ray every other year
  • Unlimited amount of limited exams*
  • Reduced pricing on treatment options

*ask our dental assistants about what’s included in our limited exams.

What’s the cost?

The annual and monthly cost for adult and child membership vary. A one-time processing fee will apply for every additional membership at the time of purchase.     

    Adult Annual – $165.00

    Adult Monthly – $14.58

    Child Annual – $95.00

    Child Monthly – $8.75

If you don’t have dental insurance and require dental treatment but feel it’s unaffordable, then consider signing up for our Discount Dental Program! It’s a great plan to get the dental treatments and healthcare we deserve to preserve our oral health. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns, questions, or want to enroll. We are here to help you.

Popping Trends in Dentistry Next Year!

What can we expect to see trending in the field of dentistry? Trends are inevitable when a business and customer relationship concept is involved since it’s becoming more focused on the customer. In this case, the focus is on the patients, their experiences and what they want and expect. So, how does all that affect the field of dentistry? The field of dentistry is influenced by the growth in economic and technology trends since they make up part of the experience patients have as well dental staff.

A recent technology breakthrough in the field of dentistry came when a robot dentist succeeded in an autonomous implant surgery in China. Medical staff was present during the procedure but in no way played a role in the operation. Does this mean we don’t need dentist anymore? No. In the case of China, technology has been designed to accommodate the needs of patients’ dental care and the shortage of dentists who are qualified. This successful procedure by technology broadens the field of what technology can do for dentists besides assisting them in reaching small areas of the mouth and 3D printing of an implant. It could even address the shortage of dental care in such countries like China where the demand for qualified dentists doesn’t meet the needs of people’s dental health care. In addition to the robotic type of technologies, the dentistry field needs to keep up the digitization that sweeping over medical fields including their own.

Technology is a trend we can’t avoid even more so when it comes to the dental trend of digitization of health records. This form of trend keeps your practice competitive as there will be a continuation of digital workflow impacting the industry. Some of the conventional technologies that can be found in some dental practices are CAD/CAM dentistry, 3D Cone Beam Imaging, and electronic statements and insurance claims. Another trend impacting the field is the economic side of it.

You heard right, the field of dentistry is changing and affect dental practices from the economic aspect. What does that even mean? It means that dental offices need to be aware of the financial direction of the trend for their field markets and where it operates in to make effective plans for their practices to succeed. This covers how dental offices emerge and appeal to patients. A significant change that has occurred in recent years and will continue to grow is the opening of group practices over solo practices. The growing costs and influence of PPO insurance and third parties are some of the reasons for this trend picking up. Then there are the new ways dental practices are emerging as a niche.

The need for niche dentistry is becoming more of a dental marketing platform as more dental offices open. It’s a way of competing against other dental practices and keeping yourself apart. Having a dental office that offers a specialty is the best way to make a distinction from the rest since it allows you to show potential patients you’re the best option. Some of the specialties can include pediatric dentistry or senior dentistry both of which cater to two different demographics. The trends of appealing to patients is another that is changing especially now with more value being placed on the customer experience or the price.

Competing against price and in the field of dentistry is challenging which is why dental offices are now offering what is known as custom service, a major deciding factor for patients and prospective patients. In the dental field customization and value are key points over the price or in addition to the cost of the treatment option since patients are more likely to invest in value. Part of the value is having payment alternatives for underinsured or uninsured patients. Having easy and affordable payment options keep patients happy and coming back to dental practices for their dental care. Offering rewards to patients for their loyalty gives dental offices a boost in providing custom services so, making sure that patients are aware of their option helps create trust between them.

There is constant change and innovating ideas that can have an impact in the dental industry and how dental practices are coping and adapting to trends within their field. Becoming aware of trends in the area of dentistry help dental offices plan efficiently and accordingly for success, or to further improve their practices. What trends are you seeing in your dentist’s practice?    

Does Charcoal Toothpaste Really Work?

Lately charcoal has become a trend among beauty and skin products that have now been popular in dental products specifically toothpaste.Charcoal toothpaste has picked up its pace as more word is getting out about the wonders it does for our teeth. But does it work?

Before answering that here is a little background information on what charcoal toothpaste has that is working for others. Well for starters, it has activated charcoal! Activated charcoal has been used for medical treatments such as acute poisoning and overdose since it rids the body of the toxin through adsorption. Adsorption is a reaction where substances are absorbed on the outer surface of the activated charcoal. So, how is it working when we place it on our teeth? It functions in the same way by binding the surface stains we have on our teeth to the charcoal. Once we have given the charcoal enough time to stick to our teeth and surface stains, it can be removed. In one swoop, we can start getting rid of our teeth’s surface stains.

Just our surface stains, not the deep stains we might have or the natural yellowing of our teeth. So regarding if charcoal toothpaste works, it only works at a surface level. If you’ve been using it and have seen little difference in the whitening of your teeth it is most likely you need deep whitening.

Now, charcoal toothpaste like most products come with some risks to consider. The more informed we are about a product, the better. However, it can be difficult when there isn’t much research on a product. With that said, did you know the American Dental Association (ADA) has not given charcoal toothpaste its seal of approval? This means charcoal toothpaste has no evidence of it being safe or effective for our teeth. The ADA worries about the potential damage it might have to the teeth and gums. Most of these concerns come from our enamel, the outer layer of the tooth, which once damage it can’t heal. Once we lose our enamel, it is gone, and the use of abrasive materials can cause us to wear it out.

Besides the ADA concerns has if we choose to use charcoal toothpaste as a method of whitening our teeth do so sparingly. It shouldn’t be a replacement for cleaning your teeth or dental check-ups and if your teeth start to become sensitive then stop using the charcoal toothpaste. Remember it doesn’t hurt to be precautious when it comes to using products.     

Maybe We Need To Be Careful With Charcoal Toothpaste?

In response to FOX News article, “Dentist warns against charcoal teeth whitening trend,” there are growing concerns from the American Dental Association (ADA) and dental professionals of what charcoal toothpaste can do to our teeth. It is interesting to read how a YouTuber known as Mama Natural, who posted a video her brushing her teeth with charcoal for whiter teeth, became a sensation.

It brings to question whether some DIY remedies are beneficial or not. And, even though charcoal is used for the removal of poison and drug overdose doesn’t necessarily mean there is a connection to how charcoal works and interacts with our teeth. The American Dental Association approve dental products by displaying the ADA stamp. Any product that has the ADA logo means there have been studies evaluating the effects it has on our teeth.  

The ADA and dental professionals concern stem from the unknown fact of the charcoal abrasiveness. Without sufficient evidence on effects, it can have on our teeth, is enough to cause concern over whether it is indeed beneficial or dangerous especially if it means wearing out our teeth altogether. It also raises some concern about the long-term effects videos might have like the one Mama Natural did. Even though charcoal is used to rid the body of toxins using it for our teeth might be a risky move. Of course, this is all dependent on how we feel about weighing out the risks and our options.  

Want to learn about what the ADA has to say about Natural Teeth Whitening read about here.

If you’re interested in knowing your options for whitening your teeth, you should schedule an appointment today. It’s important to know that certain types of stains respond differently to whitening material. Talk with your dentist today and see which method is best suited for you.     

Insurance Denied Your Claim? We Are Here To Help!

Has your insurance denied your dental claim? Not to worry, we are here to help! Most dental insurances usually refuse dental claims that are common, easy corrections. We suggest being well-informed on your insurance policies before starting a dental procedure to prevent additional cost from your pocket. Identification is necessary when it comes to insurance, so, let us begin there.
We recommend reviewing your information and benefits thoroughly for your records and our own. The most common dental claims come from incomplete, inaccurate or unreadable claim information which can delay or deny the claim. Always make sure your coverage and group number haven’t changed, even if you still have the same employer. Legibility is a must when it comes to filling out your information since electronic scans input claims.

Unreadable documentation such as X-rays or charts can cause delay or denial of claims because they are difficult to interpret. X-rays might be necessary to show the necessity of the treatment you need. If x-rays are needed, make sure there is a form narration reasoning why you need the treatment.

Of course, not all dental contracts cover all dental services. Familiarizing yourself with the benefits and the services your insurance pays in handy when it comes to getting a procedure. Some insurances might exclude services or have them at a lower cost. It’s better to know how much of the cost of treatment could potentially cost you out of pocket.

Beware of the limitations of your dental contracts! The control of dental cost comes from the limitations you are allowed in a year. Restrictions can vary based on age and frequency. An age limitation can restrict you from getting certain procedures. Frequency is another limitation that places restrictions on the number of services covered within a given year. This could be for example, how many cleanings and x-rays you are allowed to get. Know the specifics of your plan to see what it includes and excludes. However, if you find you have an outstanding dental claim, our team is here to help you.

Depending on the denial reason and insurance, we assist in sending an appeal on patient’s behalf or provide our patient with all the information the insurance needs to handle the appeal. Our account managers are here to answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding denied claims, so just ask us!

If you have a denied dental claim, learn why it’s been rejected. You can call inquiring for more information on the reason of the denied claim and what additional information the insurance might need to pay the claim.

To help prevent getting a denied dental claim, we strongly recommend requesting a list of the services your insurance covers, plan limitations, in/out network providers, maximum benefits and patient/family eligibility. You might also want to know about your primary and secondary insurance is for setting it up correctly. The more informed you are about your insurance, the smoother the procedures will be in getting the dental work you need.

So please, give us a call, and our Account Managers would be more than happy to assist you!

Everything You Need to Know About Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures; Are they Better than the Conventional Dentures?

According to the American College of Prosthodontics, more than 35 million US citizens have lost some, or all, of their natural teeth. Until recently, the most common option for replacing missing teeth were removable dentures, which derived their support and retention from the underlying soft tissues and the jaw bone. However, removable dentures are unable to restore chewing and speech efficiency, and facial aesthetics completely. Wearing dentures also results in an accelerated resorption of the underlying jaw bone which supports them and provides retention.

Alternative Options for Missing Tooth Replacement
Thanks to modern dentistry, multiple options are available to dentists for replacing missing natural teeth. Gone are the days when missing teeth could only be replaced with removable dentures. There are a variety of options to replace missing teeth. Some of them being:
1. Dental Bridges
Unlike removable dentures, bridges are fixed appliances that get their support from the adjacent natural teeth. In comparison to removable dentures, bridges provide superior aesthetics and tooth function. However, placement of dental bridges requires extensive removal of the sound enamel from the adjacent teeth, which may result in tooth sensitivity.
2. Implant Supported Prostheses
An implant is a metal fixture that is surgically placed inside the jaw bones, and functions as an artificial root. Just like the natural teeth, implants provide support for the artificial teeth that are attached to them with the help of abutments. Due to their ability to anchor themselves by fusing with the jaw bone, they have become the most preferred option for tooth replacement throughout the world. In addition to their use in replacing a single missing tooth with the help of a crown, dental implants can also be used to replace multiple teeth.
What are Implant Supported Dentures?
An implant supported denture is attached to one or more dental implants. Since dental implants are embedded into the jaw bone, they provide excellent retention and support to teeth which are attached to them.

What are the Different Types of Implant Supported Dentures?
There are three types of implant supported dentures:
• Fixed Dentures – in this type of prostheses, one or more implants are used to support a dental bridge. These dentures remain permanently attached to the implants, and they cannot be removed by the patient.
• Removable Partial Dentures – These are known as hybrid prostheses. These dentures are used for replacing multiple missing teeth. Implant supported removable dentures get attached to the implants with the help of “precision attachments” which allow for their easy insertion and removal. These precision attachments ensure that the implant-supported dentures do not move or slip while eating or speaking.
• Complete Dentures – dental implants can also be used to replace all missing teeth in a jaw. The best thing about these dentures is that only 4 implants can be used in each jaw for supporting a complete denture. Such type of prosthesis is known as an “all-on-four implant supported denture”. In cases where increased support is required from the implants, up to 6 or 8 implants may also be placed in a jaw for supporting the denture.
• Minis – In addition to conventional dental implants, which are relatively longer, mini dental implants are also available for replacing missing teeth. Mini implants are used in cases where there is very less space available for the placement of the longer conventional implants. They can also be used when patients cannot afford treatment with conventional implants, which are relatively expensive.

How are Implant Supported Prostheses Placed?
Placement of implant supported prosthesis is carried out in two phases. The first phase involves the surgical placement of the implant. While the healing of the implant placement site is underway, a suitable removable or fixed prosthesis is designed for replacing the missing teeth. Once the implant site has healed, the dentures can be attached.

What are the Pros of Implant Supported Dentures over Conventional Dentures?
You must be thinking, “why have implant supported dentures have become so much popular?!” Here are a few reasons:
• Excellent Esthetics – No matter how much effort your dentist has put in preparing your dentures, they will never be able to restore your natural smile! On the other hand, dental implant supported removable or fixed dentures appear and feel just like your natural teeth. Therefore, they not only give you a beautiful smile, but they also boost your self-confidence and personality.
• Durability – When placed carefully by an experienced and qualified dentist, implants can last a lifetime! On the other hand, both removable dentures and teeth bridges have a limited lifespan, and they require frequent repair or replacement. So, once you get your missing teeth replaced with implant supported dentures, you are basically set for life!
• Improved Chewing and Speech Capability – conventional denture wearers find it extremely hard to eat or speak properly. This is because they need to continuously use their tongue to keep the dentures from slipping out. Since implant-supported dentures are fixed in the mouth, they significantly improve your chewing efficiency, so that you can enjoy all those foods which you were unable to after losing your natural teeth.
• No Bone Loss – whenever you wear the conventional dentures, they directly exert forces onto the underlying jaw bone. This causes a rapid bone resorption in that region, thereby resulting in a change in shape and thickness of the bone. The bone becomes so thin that it can no longer support removable dentures. The reduced density of the jaw bone also increases the chances of fracturing on the upper or lower jaw. Implant supported dentures promote bone formation in their surroundings, thereby improving the success and longevity of the prosthesis.

What are the Cons of Implant Supported Dentures over Conventional Dentures?
Despite the virtually unlimited benefits of implant supported dentures, they also have their drawbacks:
• Complex Procedure – placement of implants is a complex procedure which requires extensive treatment planning. Placement of implant supported prosthesis is carried out in multiple steps. Therefore, the procedure may take up to 6 months, even a year for completion.
• Expensive – dental implants are more expensive than the conventional dentures or teeth bridges, and they are not covered by many insurance plans. As a result, many individuals cannot afford them.
Despite their few drawbacks, implant supported prostheses are still the treatment of choice for replacing missing teeth. If you are looking for lifelong replacement option for your missing teeth, then implant supported dentures could be the right choice for you!


What is Bottle Rot?

As a parent, you probably know that your babies baby teeth are important. You may think that they are not as important as their soon-to-be grown up teeth and this is not the case. If you don’t take care of your child’s baby teeth, they could develop poor eating habits, have speech problems, and crooked teeth which could lead to damaged adult teeth. This is why baby teeth are just as important to take care of. Which brings us to our topic of the day, bottle rot.

Have you ever heard of bottle rot? I didn’t until I started working for a dental office so if you haven’t, don’t feel bad.

The definition of bottle rot comes from

“Bottle rot is tooth decay of your baby’s first teeth. It happens when sugary drinks like juice, milk, or formula cling to your baby’s teeth for a long time. A bottle may help him or her to fall asleep, but inside the mouth, bacteria are feeding on the juice, producing the acids that cause tooth decay.”

If you have ever left your baby with a bottle full of sugary substances with them during naps or bedtime, then your child could be at risk of developing tooth decay and actually losing some teeth. Bottle rot is not a topic that a lot of parents don’t know about which is why it’s so important to talk about it and create awareness.

If you haven’t seen how severe bottle rot can be, here are some pictures from




Other bad things can happen if your child has tooth decay at a young age. Their gums can become infected which could mean that they will develop gum disease at an early age which is incredibly painful and affects them for the rest of their lives.

Now that you know what it is, you are probably wondering how to avoid it. Here are 7 tips from

  1. Give babies only water in a bottle during a nap and bedtime.
  2. Limit the amount of juice and other sugary drinks during the day.
  3. Wipe your baby’s gums with a clean, damp baby washcloth after mealtimes.
  4. Never dip a pacifier in sugar, honey, or other sweeteners.
  5. If your water is not fluoridated, ask your child’s dentist or doctor if  you should use a fluoride supplement.
  6. Avoid cleaning a baby’s pacifier with your mouth, sharing chewed food or using the same spoon.
  7. Schedule your baby’s first dental check-up by the time the first tooth comes in.

I hope that some of the following tips help you so that you can practice safe habits and save your child’s baby teeth. It is important to develop healthy oral habits early in your kid’s lives and set the standard for oral health. If you don’t, they could develop problems that may affect them for the rest of their lives.

Make sure to continue proper oral health care throughout the development process even when they are almost the age to start losing teeth and getting their adult teeth. Some parents may think that it’s okay to slack off a little bit when adult teeth start pushing baby teeth out, but the truth is that it’s even more crucial to floss and brush because exposed gums are at a higher risk for gum disease.

If you have a child who has a hard time with oral care or hates going to the dentist, hopefully, this post can give you some help.

Did you learn something new today? Let us know in the comments.

5 Different Ideas for Labor Day

I can’t believe that Labor Day is next week. Labor Day is the best because you get great BBQ, fireworks, a day with your family, and some well earned rest. But what if this year, you try something you wouldn’t normally do on labor day? I have compiled 5 things that you could do this Labor Day to make it a little more memorable this year.


Host a Potluck BBQ in Your Neighborhood

You normally have a BBQ for your family and friends. Why not do one for the whole neighborhood? You can make it affordable by doing a random potluck. Don’t worry about making lists or having an idea of all the foods you want at the BBQ. Just invite your neighbors and ask them to try making something new with a letter or flyer with information about a potluck BBQ for the whole neighborhood at your house and ask them to bring something unique. You never know what will show up! You could get a bunch of different kinds of BBQ foods from various cultures, or you could get 20 bags of chips. Either way, this is a good way to connect with your neighbors and help build relationships with those around you.



Try Cooking a New Challenging Food

This idea is easier than the first one because it only involves you and the family. Try selecting a new recipe that you have always wanted to try and cook it with the whole family. I would choose something difficult that takes ingredients that you are not used to using. You get to learn new skills to add to your pallet of cooking abilities and increase the options you can have for dinner in the future.

On there are a variety of fancy and challenging foods you can try. From Souvlaki to Chicken Tikka Masala, there is a lot of variety to choose from. It would be fun to get the whole family involved so you can all learn something new and spend some time together.


Explore a Cave or Lake You’ve Never Seen

If you don’t get to be outside very much because of school and work, then Labor Day may be the perfect time for an adventure. Caving is really fun and can entertain kids for hours. Just get on Google and search for nearby caves or lakes that you have never visited. The more remote, the better chance you have of avoiding traffic and people. Make sure if you go caving that you check the difficulty of the cave and read reviews. You don’t want to go to a cave that requires ropes and harnesses unless you are skilled in rock climbing and repelling. If Google can’t find any nearby caves, then ask some friends and family for ideas on where to go and create your own little adventure.


Do a Home Improvement Project

You probably want some changes to your house and Labor Day could be the day to start a home improvement project. It is always easier to pay someone to do it for you but take this opportunity to watch Youtube videos and read about the changes you want to make. It’s a good time to learn something new! Try to pick something that your whole family can work on. If you don’t like the hand rail going downstairs maybe it’s time to replace it. Let the kids help take it apart and repaint it or drill the holes for the new one. If you have a lot of members in the family, you can take on something more challenging like repainting the patio or painting the fence in the yard. I’m sure that you don’t want to take up the entire day you have off to work on the house so make it a project that you can all work on together and finish within a few hours. You get to check another item from your large to-do list, and your kids got to learn something new. Sounds like a win-win!


Volunteer at an Animal Shelter (if one is open)

If you have a few local animal shelters in your town, it is always an excellent idea to try and volunteer if they are open. A lot may not be open but if you can find one that is, take the family to the shelter and spend some time with the animals. Volunteer to take the dogs for a walk or play fetch in the unfenced dog area by the shelter. I rescued a German Shepherd last year, and I learned so much about the benefits the dogs receive by getting out of the kennels for a day. You can play with the cats and make new friends. Some shelters will allow you to take the dog on day hikes so if you are hiking up to a lake you can volunteer to take a dog with you! Who knows, you may even love one of the animals so much that you leave with a new member of the family.

I hope that these unique ideas helped you plan something exciting for your soon-to-be three day weekend. I figured I would try to help make Labor Day a little less predictable this year with these ideas. Trying something new is always exciting and helps break us out of our comfort zone which is healthy.

Do you have any other unique ideas for this upcoming Labor Day?

Let us know in the comments

Tip’s For the Single Fella’s

A lot of guys in their twenties are happy with the single life. Free to choose and live the life you want with no strings attached. Discovering who you are and what you want to become. Some are too busy to date, and others like to play the field because they are not ready for commitment. Regardless of where you are on your personal journey to happiness, some guys want to find someone to spend the rest of their life with. Being in love and a happy relationship is what brings them the most happiness. I think that’s how it goes for a lot of people.

Sometimes you get lucky and just stumble upon someone who wants the same things you do, you are attracted to each other, you like the same things, and everything works magically. Other times it’s your best friend that you told everything to and could rely on for anything, and you happen to fall in love with each other after a few years. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t get that lucky. That’s why dating sites have become so popular in 2017. Sites and apps like,, eHarmony, Tinder, and Bumble have become engaging ways to get connected with people who want the same things you do.

If you are a single guy looking for a relationship you have come to the right place! I have dug through the data and found resources to help you on your foot in the door with a girl! did a survey that I found on dailymail that surveyed 5481 single people ages 21 and older to discover what are “must-haves” for attractiveness women want when being asked on a date and the top things a woman needs in a relationship. All the following information comes from the women in the survey so without further ado, let’s get started.


What Do You Need to Attract a Women For a Date?


According to the survey, the most important “must-haves” for a date with women is your teeth! If you have a healthy-looking smile with straight white teeth, you are more likely to get a “yes” instead of a “No!” We are not just saying this because we are a dental office. It’s the truth! Multiple sources that have done interviews or surveys about human attractiveness say that healthy looking teeth are a key indicator of a guy’s overall hygiene habits. Think about the last time you met someone new. The first thing you probably noticed or fixated on was how their teeth looked. If your teeth look yellow and unhealthy, you won’t get as many dates as you could with a mouth with straight white teeth.


The second date “must-have” at is proper grammar. 69% of the women in the survey believe good grammar is required for a date. Find that surprising? So when you are texting a girl or message a girl for the first time, you should probably put a little more effort into your text messages. Proofread them and ensure that you are spelling words correctly. I believe the reason that grammar is so important to women is that they use grammar as a baseline judgment for intelligence. So the more mistakes you make, the less intelligent you seem, which is not good if you are trying to attract someone.


The third date “must-have” is clothing. 58% of the women in the survey said that how you are dressed plays a significant role in dating. Take some time to learn about a style that you like and try your best to fit into that style if you want a date. But remember to still be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not because then what’s the point of getting a date?


The fourth “must-have” was stylish hair! Having a stylish hairdo is important to attract women so try some different styles and find one that matches your facial structure.


The fifth “must-have” for a date is clean hands and nails. What’s your first impression when you see someone with dirty nails? For some women, it’s probably that they don’t take care of yourself and that you are dirty. So even if you work a dirty job, make sure you take time to clean your nails.


The sixth “must-have” for a date is have/not having a tattoo. Of course, this is 100% depending on what the person finds attractive. If they like tattoos and you have a few, then you’re in good shape. If the opposite is true, then you might not score a date. If not, there are plenty of fish in the sea!


The seventh “must-have” is your shoes. If you are wearing shoes with holes in them or really old looking shoes you could be missing out on some potential dates.


Coming in at number 8 for dating “must-haves” is the car you drive. It’s not the most important thing when it comes to dating but having a nicer car can certainly help.

The ninth “must-have” is an accent. Now don’t try and make a fake accent to impress a girl on a date. That’s not what is being said here. If you are from another country and happen to have an accent you may have a better chance of getting a date than a guy without an accent.

The tenth and final important “must-have” women have for a date are the electronics you are carrying. I don’t believe this holds much ground because only 10% of women said this was a “must-have” for a date. So if you don’t have the best or most up-to-date technology, you can still land a date!

Now that we know what attractiveness traits are important to women let’s talk about the thing’s that are not very important.

– Is Eager to Marry
– Eat Similar Foods
– Wants to Have Children, Shares My Political Beliefs
– Has Similar Education Level
– Has the Same Ethnic Background as Mine

Remember these things when you are writing your bio on a dating website or if you are on a date don’t mention the things above because you could come off as less attractive.

Let’s talk about what women need in a relationship according to women.

According to the survey:
– 84% Treats me with Respect
– 77% Someone I can trust and confide in
– 58% Has a sense of Humor/Makes me Laugh
– 47% Shares the Save Values as I Do
– 46% Comfortable Communicating Needs/Wants

If you read this list and you feel like these are things that you can’t provide to your women, then it may be best not to date yet. But if you can provide these things for her, you are in for a happy relationship!

As a personal disclaimer as the writer of this post, I want to say that these are just statistics from a survey. Some girls agree with the results of the study and some may not. It all depends on who you are and what you are attracted to. For a lot of girls, the list for “must-haves” for a date are in different orders. However, for the top two “must-haves” (teeth and grammar) it seems that the percentage of girls who find these valuable means you can capitalize on the opportunity. The same goes for what women need in a relationship. They want to be treated with respect and to fall in love with someone they can trust. I bet you probably feel the same way.

A final note as this article concludes is to make sure you are dating for the right reasons. If you are dating someone to fill an empty void in your life, you may be dating for the wrong reasons. If you want to date someone because you want to have a partner you can take care of and love without limits, then you are on the right path. My past relationships hadn’t worked when I was dating for me. When I wanted things my way or only dated to fill some sort empty void, my relationships crumbled. When I went into a relationship with selflessness, I found more meaningful love and happiness that lasted longer than any other relationship I had.

What are your “must haves” in a relationship?

Let us know in the comments!


Learning Tip’s for Kid’s with ADHD

A lot of parents have children with ADD or ADHD that struggle to learn in school because they can’t stay focused. It can be difficult! Sitting in a chair all day is not easy when you are not interested in the topics you are learning about. I have ADHD, and I struggled to learn in school because I felt like I was always distracted by the littlest things. I remember being distracted by the sound of the second-hand on a clock ticking. I remember I would start counting the ticks and I would get to 300 or 400 before I realized a missed a huge part of the lesson.

I didn’t care about being inside when I saw how sunny it was outside. I was thinking of all the games I could be playing and things I could be doing that sounded way better than being in a chair. To make matters worse, I had friends who would goof around in class and staying focused became almost impossible. I thought about recess because recess was my saving grace to get out of a chair and run around to burn some energy. Playing football with the teachers outside seemed to go by way faster than class ever did.

At the time, ADHD medications were all in the trial phase of testing, so I tried a ton of different medications and they all seemed to fail. I don’t remember the name of the worst medication, but my new doctor told me that its caffeine content was the equivalent of 10 cups of coffee. I guess the intent was to try and cancel out the wildness and energy of ADHD with even more caffeine and max the kid out until they calmed down. All it did for me was cause me not to sleep until I eventually got sick. But today we have a variety of medications that are more helpful to those with ADHD. If you do not want to resort to medication just yet, I have found some tips and tricks that could help your child focus more in school.


Tip 1: Do One Thing at a Time

As much as we think we are great multitaskers, we really aren’t that great at it. We can try to focus on two things, and we believe we are doing a good job, but it turns out that our performance on the tasks was not as great as it could have been if we had focused on one task at a time.

Don’t believe me? Check out this CEO trying to multitask on NatGeo.

With ADHD multitasking is basically impossible. You can’t focus on even one thing so trying to do multiple things at once is a train wreck. So when you are trying to help your child learn a new topic do it one topic at a time. If you are talking about history then just focus on one part of the history lesson. If you are doing math, then just do the addition and take a break, then do the subtraction. It sounds simple because it is. It’s easy to bounce around a bunch of different topics when learning a new subject, but for us with ADHD, please keep it to one thing at a time.


Tip 2: It’s Easier to Take on a Big Task if it is Broken Down into Small Steps

Try to have a plan when you are doing a big task. If you are doing a big homework project, then create a step by step process with breaks to allow them to burn some energy and refocus. Being organized and creating a plan is the easiest way to help a person with ADHD learn efficiently and will cause you less headache in the long run.


Tip 3: Try To Limit Distractions in the Classroom

As much as I hate to admit it, the best thing for me was sitting in front of the class. It really forced me to pay attention because I was staring at the white board or projector and not watching what the people in front of me were doing. When you sit in the middle or back row, it’s easy to get distracted by trying to listen to what other students are saying and watching what they are doing. Then you hear sounds outside and look out the windows which are promptly followed by the noise of a ticking clock and the tapping of pencils. Sitting in front of the class can be stressful for some students so try to help your child feel more calm about it by talking about it before school. If the teacher can’t get your child in the front row, then try to get them as close to the front as possible.


Tip 4: Focus on the Positive, Not the Negative

Learning can be hard enough, and with a learning disability, it becomes even more challenging. But it is possible. I made it through high school and college without any extra help or medication. But for some students, they need the extra time and medication to assist them in focusing. If they struggle in school, (they will) be sure to not be hard on them. Being positive about their situation is going to make them feel better about themselves, and they are more likely to try again or work harder to accomplish their goals. If you are negative about a failure, they will take it extra hard because learning is a sensitive and challenging subject for people with ADHD.


Tip 5: Exercise Before Learning

I credit my personal successes in school to exercise. I was on sports teams, and I had regular gym classes. In high school, I was in weights classes in every semester, and in the spring I would do an early morning sports conditioning class. It was the conditioning practices of multiple different sports. So for basketball, we would run ladders, and track we would do 200-meter sprints with 100-meter walking rest. I also had my regular weights classes later on in the day and a track practice at night after school. I was in the best shape of my life by far and being able to burn off all that energy helped me focus in classes.

A study has been done that shows regular physical activity has decreased the effects of ADHD and its symptoms while also improving cognitive function in children.

Dr. Betsy Hoza says that:

“As little as a half hour, a day of moderate to vigorous exercise had a positive, measurable impact on their focus and mood.”

I would also add that limiting sugary foods and drinks helps a lot because a sugar rush makes learning very difficult. We get hyper and harder to control when we get to much sugar and learning becomes almost impossible. If you think a normal kid is difficult on a sugar rush, a child with ADHD is ten times worse. I would also try to limit the caffeine intake as well. This is just my personal opinion as someone who struggles with ADHD.

If you are a parent of a child with ADHD, I hope that you found some value in this article. There is hope and I am an example of a person with severe AHDH who was able to graduate college with no help or medication. These are the steps that helped me, and I hope that they help you too.

If you have any other tips that have helped your child learn, please comment so other parents can try it.

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