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We bring art and science together to improve the lives of our patients. Using the latest in dental technology, our team of Dental Professionals creates brilliant smiles that brighten and enhance your life.

Recent Blog Posts

The Other Half of You – Why the Human Microbiome is so important to our health, and why it could be going extinct.
By: | Published: June 24, 2014

Cooties, germs, bacteria, or whatever you call them have been public enemy number one for decades, maybe even centuries. Ever since we discovered the little one celled creatures and realized that they were the cause of some of our worst diseases, our species has been trying to eradicate them by any means necessary. That war […]

Ants on a Log… and other fruits and veggies made fun!
By: | Published: June 4, 2014

  Hi, my name is Bryant. I’m 26 years old and… I hate celery. It’s too stringy, gets stuck in my teeth, and the taste is pretty forgettable. Why does this matter? Well, my dear wife recently made me a plate of food which included something called “Ants on a log.” Yep, it was celery, […]