Baby Teeth: it is a good idea to pull them?

I am sure you have all seen those videos of people removing their children’s baby teeth in unique ways. There is the throwing a toaster method, using a doorknob, throwing a ball with a string attached; the list goes on and on!

Kids can start losing their teeth as young as four, but some don’t start noticing those wiggling teeth till seven.  Usually, kids lose their front teeth first, and these tend to fall out on their own pretty quickly. As you get farther back in the mouth, the teeth can be hard to lose. With a tooth like this, it can be SO tempting to want to pull it out!

While it might be tempting to use one of those creative ways to pull out teeth, it is always better to let the tooth come out on its own!

We know that as a child, when you can feel that tooth moving, pulling the tooth can be SO tempting. Pulling out a tooth before it is ready can cause pain, can damage the tissue, and even leave to an infection.

Encourage your kids to play with the loose tooth, brush their teeth, and even bite into solid food. These tips can help remove the tooth without any pain!

It can be so fun to have a child with a loose tooth, and we want to make sure that the experience is enjoyable for everyone! If you still have questions or want to talk to a dentist more about your child’s teeth call in for an appointment and one of our professionals would love to sit down and talk all about teeth with you!

Hopefully, the tooth-fairy finds its way to your house soon! Happy brushing!

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