Summer Dental Tips: Ensuring We Have A Healthy Smile

summer dental tips

The heat is starting to set in this summer and with it the cravings of the refreshing beverages and summer foods. We understand; it’s the perfect time for the summer parties, BBQs, and pool parties so having the right drinks and foods is essential to providing a great party. However, you still want to keep an eye out for your oral health.

As the summer brings in the warm weather, don’t let it throw off your oral care routine from cleaning our mouth to our diet. Summer is the cheating season for some, where we throw caution to the wind and go all out to have fun. Now, we aren’t party poopers. We should have fun, it is summer, but we still need to be caring for our smile. Here are helpful tips to think about during this summer.

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Drink Plenty of Water, Avoid Dehydration

staying hydrated

Spring heat is on its way, giving us a preview of the summer to come. Are you starting to miss the fall weather? I know I am. As the heat approaches, we want to stay hydrated to avoid dehydrating or heat-related illness.

During the spring and summer time, there are plenty of drinks available than they are in the fall or winter. From lemonade to iced coffee and ice tea, there are plenty of drinks to choose from, but how much of them are right for you and are they providing you with enough water?  

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Concerns of Bottled Water: Which Water Bottle Is Preferable?

concerns bottled water

As the summer approaches, we will soon find ourselves consuming more water than before. Staying hydrated during the warmer seasons is vital to our health, which is why we want to have water handy when we go out. Although it can be easier to purchase water from a convenience store or vending machine, we want to think twice before buying water from a plastic bottle or even using a plastic water bottle.

We want to consider the health issues that can arise from buying bottled water and the use of a plastic water bottle. When we go to the store to purchase a water bottle, it can be difficult to choose one since there is often an aisle dedicated to them. They come in many shapes, styles, and materials; it can be overwhelming to choose. Often what we choose can be based on our budget, convenience, or preference, but we want to learn more about the products we buy and how they can affect our health.

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Teeth Whitening in Teens, Is It Safe?

whitening teeth safe

As a teenager, the pressures of appearance is higher than when we get older. Appearance is a significant pressure we feel, and it doesn’t help us when we are continually being bombarded with images of an ideal expectation of what we should look like. Often, the most common feature we see is the white smile. We all want to have white teeth that stay white over the years, but it’s not the case.

We get it. The pressure to look good in the standard of others is higher at a younger age, but before we let our kids try and use homemade whitening remedies or whitening products from the store, there are risks when they are used at a young age we need to consider.

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The Concern With Dental Opioids

dental opioid

After undergoing oral surgery or dental treatment, post care is critical to ensure there is no further complication. But sometimes the discomfort or pain we feel after the anesthetics wear off, we understand. By that time you are more concern with getting the pain to go away than to caring for your teeth properly.

The most common medication prescribed is opioids, although, there are better alternatives than prescribing a narcotic drug. It can be, but other options work better than opioids and put you and your child at less risk of developing a dependency. So, what are opioids?

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Ingredients In Our Food Damaging Our Health

harmful food ingredients

When it comes to food choices, we often think about the kind of food we get in terms of the food categories, but hardly over the ingredients some of the foods have. I am guilty of this. I have gone to the grocery store chosen foods I think are natural (since that’s what’s on the front on the box) only to realize after reading the food label it is not all natural.

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Healthy Food Tips When Selecting Foods For Our Children

healthy eating tips

Selecting healthy foods for your children can pose a challenge if you aren’t sure where to begin or what to look for when shopping or packing a lunch. Even as an adult, we often find ourselves selecting foods or snack which is convenient for our schedules. But when it comes to the growth and development of our child, we want to be more mindful of what we choose.

When we think of healthy foods, we think of vegetables and fruits, and you aren’t wrong. Not only are they beneficial to our body but, they provide our teeth with the nutrients it needs to strengthen and develop the bone in our mouth at a young age. Keeping a balanced diet is key to the development and growth of our child. So, when we are shopping, selecting, or packing their lunch, we want to ensure we are giving them a variety of foods plentiful in nutrients. How can we do that?

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Tips to Encourage Good Oral Hygiene In Your Kids

tips good oral hygiene

Encouraging our children to practice good oral hygiene can be a challenge especially when we don’t know where to begin or how. As adults, we know the basics of caring for our teeth but, when it comes to our children, it’s time to consider how we can foster their dental care and their engagement as they get older.

We want to keep our children healthy, and their dental health is part of maintaining their overall health. So, how can we as a parent help encourage our children to practice good oral hygiene? Now, there are many more fun and creative ways to educate and inspire them to keep their oral health. Think about the time when you were learning to maintain your oral habits. Thinking back on how I was taught, it wasn’t the most effective method. We want to teach our child the importance of their oral health and the impact it will have on their everyday life, so they understand the reasoning behind the need to build good oral habits.

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What To Know: Pregnant Moms and Their Dental Health

dental health pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, taking care of yourself is critical not only to your child but yourself. You need to be in good health to provide your growing infant with the nutrients it needs for development. Becoming pregnant not only changes your physical appearance, it alters the hormones and chemistry of your body which is why you want to keep in eye out for changes in your body and mouth we want to keep an eye on particularly in our oral health.

Prenatal check-ups are normal when you are thinking of getting pregnant or pregnant; however, prenatal doctor visits should extend to your dentist as well. During your pregnancy, you will experience changes in your oral health and visiting your dentist can help you understand how those changes can affect your oral health and the health of your baby.

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