Back to School!

It’s that time of year again! Summer is coming to an end, and the excitement of the upcoming school year has kicked in. We can’t avoid it even if we tried, and it is everywhere. This time of year you can go into almost any store and see notebooks, pencils, folders, backpacks, and many other necessities for school lining the aisles.

It is an exciting time for us as well. August is one of our most enjoyable months as we begin our Early Childhood Prevention Program. Each year we go into Elementary schools, daycare facilities, and other centers which care for education and well being of our children. Through this program, we can educate youngsters on their oral health and how to have healthy teeth and gums.

One way we support setting up young children for success is by making life a bit easier for parents! Every August, for one month, only we offer a back to school promotion, $49 Dental Cleanings and Check-Up! In addition to our back to school promotion. We also provide a variety of scheduling options, which include morning, day, evening, and Saturday appointments.

Education is vital in every child’s life, and we love doing our part in ensuring that this upcoming school year is the best one yet!

You might be asking yourself, why does it matter? Have you ever thought about the correlation between oral health and school performance?

“Scientists from the Ostrow School of Dentistry at the University of Southern California came to this conclusion after examining nearly 1,500 socioeconomically disadvantaged elementary and high school children in the Los Angeles Unified School District and matching their oral health status to academic achievement and attendance records.” (Colgate; Poor oral health can mean missed school, low grades;2019) 

It is as simple as when kids need to go to the dentist frequently; they are missing school. If your child is regularly experiencing oral pain, focusing, and paying attention to the teacher can take a back seat to the pain that they are feeling.

For some families, dental care can fall second to other necessities. The Center of Dental Professionals aims to make dental care available for all children and families. The current promotion that we have going on is open to children from kindergarten to senior year. We want every child to be successful and make this school year the best one yet!

Call in at (801)747-8018 or stop by either of our offices and get your appointment booked!

Baby Teeth: it is a good idea to pull them?

I am sure you have all seen those videos of people removing their children’s baby teeth in unique ways. There is the throwing a toaster method, using a doorknob, throwing a ball with a string attached; the list goes on and on!

Kids can start losing their teeth as young as four, but some don’t start noticing those wiggling teeth till seven.  Usually, kids lose their front teeth first, and these tend to fall out on their own pretty quickly. As you get farther back in the mouth, the teeth can be hard to lose. With a tooth like this, it can be SO tempting to want to pull it out!

While it might be tempting to use one of those creative ways to pull out teeth, it is always better to let the tooth come out on its own!

We know that as a child, when you can feel that tooth moving, pulling the tooth can be SO tempting. Pulling out a tooth before it is ready can cause pain, can damage the tissue, and even leave to an infection.

Encourage your kids to play with the loose tooth, brush their teeth, and even bite into solid food. These tips can help remove the tooth without any pain!

It can be so fun to have a child with a loose tooth, and we want to make sure that the experience is enjoyable for everyone! If you still have questions or want to talk to a dentist more about your child’s teeth call in for an appointment and one of our professionals would love to sit down and talk all about teeth with you!

Hopefully, the tooth-fairy finds its way to your house soon! Happy brushing!

Summer Fun: Family-Friendly Movies to Watch

summer family fun movies 2019

What is one thing you look forward to during the summer? Even though the summer starts in late June, for some, the summer begins in early June when the school has ended. And for a good reason, it’s the time where the weather is changing, and there is more free time to do what we would like. But one thing we look forward to is the summer movies! 

Summer announces many things, and movie releases are one of them. Since June started, there have been movie releases we’ve been anticipating, or at least I know I have. Times have changed, and more movies are coming out that we decided to limit our choices to family-friendly films. 

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Summer Dental Tips: Ensuring We Have A Healthy Smile

summer dental tips

The heat is starting to set in this summer and with it the cravings of the refreshing beverages and summer foods. We understand; it’s the perfect time for the summer parties, BBQs, and pool parties so having the right drinks and foods is essential to providing a great party. However, you still want to keep an eye out for your oral health.

As the summer brings in the warm weather, don’t let it throw off your oral care routine from cleaning our mouth to our diet. Summer is the cheating season for some, where we throw caution to the wind and go all out to have fun. Now, we aren’t party poopers. We should have fun, it is summer, but we still need to be caring for our smile. Here are helpful tips to think about during this summer.

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Summer Fun Is Here!

summer fun salt lake

Spring is coming to an end, and summer is coming. Who is ready? We are! Salt Lake City and the surrounding cities have lots to offer you and your family. There is something for everyone, and it’s a great opportunity to explore Utah.  

Whether it’s going out with friends or for some family fun, the summertime activities, events, and festivals are here to make it adventurous. Here’s a list of things to check out this summer.  

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Teeth Whitening in Teens, Is It Safe?

whitening teeth safe

As a teenager, the pressures of appearance is higher than when we get older. Appearance is a significant pressure we feel, and it doesn’t help us when we are continually being bombarded with images of an ideal expectation of what we should look like. Often, the most common feature we see is the white smile. We all want to have white teeth that stay white over the years, but it’s not the case.

We get it. The pressure to look good in the standard of others is higher at a younger age, but before we let our kids try and use homemade whitening remedies or whitening products from the store, there are risks when they are used at a young age we need to consider.

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What to Know About a Cleft Lip and Palate

cleft lip and palate

How do a cleft lip and cleft palate affect your child’s dental health? Not only can it affect your child’s dental health, but it can affect their speech, feeding, and ear health. To understand how it can affect other areas of our child’s health, we need first to understand what it is. Below we explain more about the conditions and how they can pose a problem to our child.  

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The Concern With Dental Opioids

dental opioid

After undergoing oral surgery or dental treatment, post care is critical to ensure there is no further complication. But sometimes the discomfort or pain we feel after the anesthetics wear off, we understand. By that time you are more concern with getting the pain to go away than to caring for your teeth properly.

The most common medication prescribed is opioids, although, there are better alternatives than prescribing a narcotic drug. It can be, but other options work better than opioids and put you and your child at less risk of developing a dependency. So, what are opioids?

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Tooth Extractions in Children

tooth extraction in children

Are you worried about your child getting a tooth extraction? Some dental procedures are not only restricted to adults. As a parent, we can be overcome with concern to hear our child needs a tooth extraction. We understand; we don’t like seeing our child go through medical or dental procedures which can cause them discomfort or pain during recovery.

If your child needs a tooth extraction, knowing more information about why a dentist might recommend this procedure can help ease your worry. So, why might our child need tooth removal?

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Spring Into Family Fun

spring fun utah

In about a month and a half, we will soon be saying good-bye to the spring and welcoming the summer. But why wait for the summer to have fun? Let us get the fun started while the spring is still here. Spring usually marks the start of festivals and events which last all summer long, the perfect time to get out and enjoy spending time outside, exploring the arts and culture, and nature.

Salt Lake City has a lot to offer its residents and neighboring cities. They have a bit of everything for everyone from night out with the family to a night alone in the city. There is something to do and explore. Open yourself and your family to an experience out and see what you get out of it. Below we have listed some of the things you can be checking out when this spring.

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