Tooth Colored Fillings

At A Kid’s Place Dentistry, we use only White Composite fillings comprised of glass, plastic, and resin. These compounds when cured with a curing light create a reliable and aesthetically accurate filling that has been used in dentistry for more than 10 years.

We use this type of filling because we know that individuals, like you, want your teeth to look natural. We work to help you feel confident in your smile! We use tooth colored fillings as opposed to silver fillings that stand out in your mouth as different. This composite material we use, once cured, is extremely strong and in most cases will withstand the test of time and chewing.

The doctor will know where to place the filling after viewing the x-ray taken by your assistant and looking for dark spots on your teeth. These dark spots show where the structure of your tooth is breaking down due to a cavity. After numbing the area, the doctor will remove the cavity with a drill or small pick, after which he will place and cure the white, composite, filling material.

Tooth colored fillings are an excellent way to restore the natural look of teeth. If a tooth has been chipped or decayed, tooth colored fillings will be used to cosmetically change the size or shape of teeth making them more aesthetically pleasing.