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Summer Dental Tips: Ensuring We Have A Healthy Smile

The heat is starting to set in this summer and with it the cravings of the refreshing beverages and summer foods. We understand; it’s the perfect time for the summer parties, BBQs, and pool parties so having the right drinks and foods is essential to providing a great party. However, you still want to keep an eye out for your oral health.

As the summer brings in the warm weather, don’t let it throw off your oral care routine from cleaning our mouth to our diet. Summer is the cheating season for some, where we throw caution to the wind and go all out to have fun. Now, we aren’t party poopers. We should have fun, it is summer, but we still need to be caring for our smile. Here are helpful tips to think about during this summer.

1) Stay Hydrated

During the warmer days, you might find yourself sweating more or spending your time and energy outside. It’s hard not to want to go outside and enjoy the weather. However, as we go out, we want to make sure we are replenishing our body with the water we are losing. Not to mention water can help rinse our mouth of plaque and prevent dry mouth. Even though we might want to drink the nice, cold lemonade or soda, we want to avoid drinking too many sugary drinks which feeds the bacteria in our mouth leading to cavities.     

2) Healthy Snacking

Summer is the perfect timing for snacking. I usually find myself snacking more often than average. If you are a snacker, you want to stock up on healthy snacks to munch on this summer. Instead of starchy and sugary foods like potatoes or cookies, opt out for having fresh fruits and vegetables cleaned and cut ready to eat. You can also limit the amount of snacking by eating smaller meals throughout the day.

3) Avoid Toothpicks

Getting food stuck in our mouth is no fun, especially when it is stuck in between our teeth for everyone to see. The typical reaction to remove uncomfortable and visible food particles is with a toothpick. But you might want to reconsider using toothpicks. They are sharp, and if we are not careful, we can irritate our gums or piercing them allowing bacteria to enter the wound. Instead of a toothpick consider using interdental brush or flossing.

4) Prevent Dental Injuries

Kids love going outside to play whether it’s a recreational activity or sport. Summer offers the perfect weather to be outside. However, even when we are out having fun, we want to protect our mouth and smile. Wearing a mouthguard can help cushion the blow we receive from a ball or any injury we might be prone to having as we partake in recreational activities and sports.

5) Early Jump on Dental Visit

Annual dental visits are essential to ensuring our teeth are healthy. An early dental visit will help prevent scrambling to fit in an appointment as the ear begins to close. Your dentist will be able to examine your teeth more thoroughly and address dental problems if any.

Don’t let summer be the season you throw caution to the wind. Continue to care for your teeth to have a healthy smile. After all, we want to keep our natural teeth as long as possible. If you have not visited or taken your child for their annual dental visit, call us today at 801-747-8000 or submit an appointment form to schedule an appointment.




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