Summer foods for kids

Summer Foods Kids Will Enjoy

Summer foods are the best, you have the hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, nachos, barbecue, and we can’t forget the yummy desserts. Even though these foods are delicious, they aren’t the best foods to have frequently. Mix it up a bit and have healthy snacks around to enjoy with your kids.

Now, we know what you are thinking, how am I going to get my kid to eat a healthy snack? Make snacks fun for kids to enjoy, and that has a flavor to them when you take the first bite. Kids like to play with their food and interact with it whether it’s playing with it or eating with their hands, it makes it fun. If you’re still not sure what I mean, I’ve placed them in categories you can choose these fun recipes we found.


  • Raspberry Quinoa Smoothie – smoothies for the summer are an excellent way to stay fresh and have nutrients and something sweet. If you’re lactose intolerant, then switch the milk for soy milk. Get the natural sugars and calcium you need for the body without adding artificial sweeteners.
  • Coconut water – this is a simple one, I know. But it’s beneficial to keep you hydrated and remove toxins from your body. Now, you can get the coconut from the contains or you can buy the coconut to make a hole to drink the liquid. It’s perfect for a lou out party.
  • Honeydew Smoothie – try something green, there is nothing more fun than having drinks that are colored because the imagination can go wild, it could be a potion to the kids but something healthy. It says to add apple juice which, if you do, try to pick one which contains no sugar or high fructose.  


  • Fruit & Cheese Kabobs  – food on a stick! Carry it everywhere you go and have the sweet and savory flavors you can get from what you choose to place on your stick. Make it a fun activity for your kids to make there own kabobs.
  • Strawberry Salsa – great appetizer to have while the food is served. Yummy cinnamon tortilla chips with the sweet taste of strawberries mixed with raspberries and kiwi, it’s easy to make, and it’s all fruit.
  • Fruit Bruschetta – it’s simple and something light like a salad. This is perfect for kids how don’t care that much appetite in them.


  • Blueberry Pops – have something cooling and delicious with this dessert. Not only are they made with real berries but with avocado! Don’t worry your kid won’t taste it. Make many popsicles for family parties or gatherings, plus they are an excellent source of fiber.
  • Peanut Butter and Banana Pops – for those who love peanut butter, well there’s a way to turn it into a popsicle! Get these tasty, frozen desserts in the hands of your kids. They are packed with fiber and nutrients. Although, you want to be careful with your peanut allergies.  
  • Veggie Muffins – if you’re a sweet tooth for bread, this the recipe for you. For anyone who doesn’t like veggies, making them into muffins is an excellent way to get the nutrients your body needs without having to feel the texture of the vegetables.

Try out these fun recipes to see how your kids like it. Maybe they’ll enjoy it more than the sugary substances that make them crash. What are some of your favorite recipes to give to your kids?

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