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4 Things To Do This 4th of July

Happy 4th of July, everyone! The first holiday of the summer is here, and so is the time to kick back and relax. How many of you get the day off? This year it falls in the middle of the week which for most means you are getting 2 brief weekends.

Although 4th of July is the known for its firework shows, there is more to the traditional activities we tend to partake in. Listed below are four activities you can participate in and enjoy with family and friends.


Gather the family and friends around at your house or the park and have a cookout. Having everyone around to socialize, play games and feast on the food is an excellent way of spending your holiday evening. Its relaxing and big hang out.  


For those who live near a beach area, it is common to see the beach sands crowded with families as they await the firework show. Not to mention visiting the beach is very popular during the summer to go surfing, biking, and to enjoy the nearby shops. Every year, some beaches throw a fireworks show, so there is always something to look for towards the late evening.


Parks are an excellent source of fun as well. Some parks are home to community events such as movie showings, picnics, small carnivals, fireworks show or recreational activities. They are great for family fun at little to no cost.  

Theme/Amusement Parks

If you’re not looking for a thrilling time, then you should probably go to an amusement park. Some are open during the holidays and even host their firework show. Although I would keep in mind that it can get crowded depending on where you go, but it is still worth the experience and fun to be at an amusement park, you can have fun all day long.

What are some of your traditional 4th of July holidays you partake in? Share with us in the comments below.

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