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Summer Fun Is Here!

Spring is coming to an end, and summer is coming. Who is ready? We are! Salt Lake City and the surrounding cities have lots to offer you and your family. There is something for everyone, and it’s a great opportunity to explore Utah.  

Whether it’s going out with friends or for some family fun, the summertime activities, events, and festivals are here to make it adventurous. Here’s a list of things to check out this summer.  


Our earth is home to more than humans. We have lands and animals living in their ecosystems, which is affected by us in one way or another. If you love learning about earth, nature, or science, there are plenty of things you can do in Utah to foster your curiosity and knowledge. You can visit

  • Place Heritage Park – experience the life of the 19th-century pioneers where you can get a glimpse of Utah’s heritage.
  • Hogle Zoo – curious about animals, you can visit the zoo where you can learn about them and enjoy the fun events the zoo has. Great place for families.
  • Living Planet Aquarium – marine life is fascinating and not something you can experience on the daily. Learn about the underwater creatures our oceans are homes.   
  • Red Butte Garden – take leisurely walks through Salt Lake’s botanical garden where you can see and enjoy the beautiful sights of the gardens.
  • Tracy Aviary –  is a great place for bird watchers. Learn and interact with the different bird species they have and how you can care for birds and nature.
  • Liberty Park – is one of the largest parks offering beautiful sights and activities to do in Salt Lake.
  • National Parks –  Utah is home to five national parks, one of the few states who have national parks to see. If you love to explore nature and see the different natural environments Utah has to offer, then we suggest you visit one of their national parks, that is great for learning more about our earth.   
  • Canyon – living in Utah gives you access to nature and some of Utah’s beautiful canyons to see the sunrise. Explore another part of what Utah has to offer.
  • Thanksgiving Point – houses a farm, garden, and museum complex all in one location. There is an array of activities to do and explore from the past and present.  

Art and Entertainment

Maybe nature is something you like to look from afar. It’s okay; we get it. You can try catching some of the entertainment across Salt Lake’s venues or visit some of the art scenes it has to offer.

  • Museums –  museums are an excellent place to learn about the past, present, and future. It offers a source of knowledge you can see and interact with.
  • The Gateway – a center for kids’ curiosity to flourish and for parents to enjoy shopping around. Great place if you aren’t looking to leave the city.
  • Lagoon – want some thrilling fun, amusement parks are a great place to get your adrenaline going.
  • The Depot – love music, see some live music at The Depot.
  • Festivals and Events – summer is the time where festivals and special events take place. Enjoy the  hot air balloon festival, the Shakespeare festival, and the Park City Kimball Arts Festival.
  • Salt Lake City County Fair – although it won’t be coming until August, mark your calendars to celebrate agricultural and horticultural skills.

Summer Cool Off

We, of course, can’t forget it’s summer! It’s hot and to cool off what better way to cool off then with water. Salt Lake has many pool areas, water parks, and splash pads you can enjoy during the summer season. Here are some the areas you can visit to cool off and have fun splashing around.


  • City Creek Engage Fountain
  • Gateway Fountains
  • Seven Canyons Fountain at Liberty Park
  • Lighthouse Point Splash Zone
  • Cherry Hill
  • Cowabunga Bay


These are some of the few places you can go to enjoy during your summer. This summer, go out and explore your city and be active. It helps stimulate the brain and keep your body in shape. What are some of your favorite summer events or activities to do? Tell us in the comments below.

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