Brace Yourselves!

We all have been there, you’re at school, and your braces start causing you problems! We wanted to share some tips and items that we feel are braces essentials that can easily fit in your locker or backpack!

  • Extra Elastics/rubber bands
    • During the school day, you might take your elastics off to eat and accidentally throw them away, sometimes they break; there are a million reasons you might need to change your elastics unexpectedly during the day. Having an extra pack with you helps you stay on track with your ortho plan!
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
    • It’s always a great idea to carry one of these with you when you have braces! They help give you that fresh breath and clear any evidence left behind from lunch!
  • Ibuprofen
    • We all know that sometimes braces are just uncomfortable! It’s always a good idea to have some medicine around to help take care of any discomfort.¬†As always, discuss any concerns with your parents.
  • Extra Wax
    • Every once in a while, your braces start irritating your mouth during the day. Next time you visit your orthodontist ask them about getting an extra pack. Having extra wax in your locker/bag is a great way to avoid that!
  • Soft snacks
    • Sometimes lunches at school are just impossible to eat with your braces so it’s still smart to have a few snack items in your locker/bag that you can eat just in case the lunch tray is filled with non-brace friendly food.
  • Sports mouthguard
    • In PE and sports, a mouthguard can be a great thing to have to keep everything feeling secure and in-line!


High school can already be hard enough some times, and braces should never get in the way of you having fun and getting involved! With these braces tips, you’ll be able to tackle anything that comes your way this school year!

As always, feel free to call us anytime with any questions or concerns at 801-747-8015.

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