Family Fun Places Salt Lake City

5 Family Fun Places To Go In Salt Lake City

The end of the school year is here which means the kids are at home. Summer vacation can be a dull as a kid when you aren’t busy with the schoolwork nourishing your curiosity and learning something or don’t have anything plan for the vacation.

But even if there isn’t anything plan for the summer, Salt Lake City and neighboring cities have many family-friendly environments you can enjoy with your kids and that your kids will enjoy exploring.

Clark Planetarium

Learn about science and space at Clark Planetarium. They provide you with many engaging activities. Through hands-on exhibits, educational outreach, and IMAX and dome theater, they offer you and your kids with a learning experience you can share and discover at the tips of your hands this summer and all year long. Enjoy a laser show or sign kids up for summer camp.

Natural History Museum of Utah  

Explore past natures, events, and life at the Natural History Museum. They offer diverse exhibits from Sky to Land to Gems and Minerals to the Great Salt Lake to Pasts Worlds, my personal favorite. They even have a new exhibit this summer up until this September. The museum also provides summer camps and programs for kids and families such as Family Late Night where you can enjoy the museum after hours.


Maybe you’re looking to have more of a fun thrill, and we know just the place, Lagoon! It’s an amusement park located outside of North Salt Lake City, but it has fun roller coasters for the older kids and low, cruising rides for the younger kids. They even have water rides to cool down for the summer. Having a thrilling family day is perfect!

Cowabunga Bay

Is the hot weather beating down on you? If it is, have a family outing at Cowabunga Bay water park to enjoy a nice cooldown. This park has many tube, twisting slides to feel the rush of getting plunged into the pool. With summer on its way, the heat is soon to follow.

Antelope Island

This island is great for campers and nature seekers. Maybe you’re seeking to be outdoors to enjoy the weather, silence and the animals. Antelope Island offers various campsites which allow you to explore the island and see the animals like buffalos, not to mention hike and bike trails you can enjoy.

Check out these 5 places to enjoy some family fun time while still being active and engaging in some learning experiences or physical movements. Make this summertime fun for both you and your family. What are some other family-friendly places you like to visit, we haven’t mentioned here, tell us in the comments below.  

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