Join Us in Celebrating the End of Summer!

end of summer party

The summer is ending, but before it does we need to have our last hoorah! 

summer selfie scavenger hunt

Since May, we have been encouraging our patients, family, and community to join us in the fun of running around Salt Lake City to explore and be active. We live in a city full of history, culture, arts and entertainment, and surrounded by landmarks unique to Utah. The scavenger hunt for discovering and learning from our city. 

As an end to our Summer Selfie Scavenger Hunt, we want to invite you to come to celebrate with us. For our last hoorah of summer fun, we are having an end of summer party where we will be gathering to play games and socialize. Get the chance to know us outside the office and have a fun time with us. Our summer party will be taking place on Saturday, August 24, at the Fairmont Park at the Grove Pavilion. 

Event time: 1 PM to 3 PM 

1040 E Sugarmont Dr. 

Salt Lake City, UT 84106 

We will have a bounce house for kids to have their joy of jumping around, a face painter to disguise yourself or add a touch of art, and carnival games for some friendly competition. We will also be announcing the winner of our grand prize!

That’s right. For those who have participated with us on our Summer Selfie Scavenger Hunt, you will be put into a drawing where you have the chance to win our grand prize of a cooler with various tailgate items, picnic supplies, and camping chairs. Perfect for the camping season or football games. Even if you didn’t get to participate in our scavenger hunt, you can still enter our grand prize drawing for the chance to win when you take a summer selfie in our designated photo locations. 

Who will be the winner of our grand prize? 

summer self scavenger hunt

Join us Saturday, August 24 for the End of the Summer Party to celebrate and announce the winner. We look forward to seeing you there for some summer fun and getting to know you. 




Dental Check-ups for Adults: Why Is It Important?

dental check ups

Going to the dentist for regular check-ups as a child is more common than as an adult. However, the regular dental visits should not be something you do as a child but continue to your adult life. As a child, our body is growing and developing, and as an adult, our body begins to undergo many changes. Some of the changes our body undergoes can affect the health of our teeth, which is why we want to continue visiting the dentist yearly.

There may be many reasons why we put off seeing the dentist. And we get it. Adulthood comes with new challenges and time constraints, it seems, but we still need to find the time. The good thing is, there are now dental offices which are open late in the evening allowing for enough time to schedule a dental visit.

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What’s Plaque and How Does It Affect Our Oral Health?


As June comes to an end, our oral health awareness should not go dismissed. We still want to take measures to care for our teeth. Our oral health is a critical part of our daily life. We use our mouth and teeth to speak and digest our food. Without our teeth, those two actions become challenging to do and can begin to alter the shape of our mouth. But before you start to think tooth loss happens immediately, it takes time to develop and is often the result of poor hygiene.

When we fail to brush twice a day and floss daily, we begin to develop plaque on our teeth. We want to practice good oral hygiene to avoid plaque build-up, which can affect our teeth. So, what is plaque?

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DIY Dentistry: Is It Safe?

DIY dentistry

DIY products are becoming more common as more recipes and trends become known through social media platforms. Although some DIY products can be beneficial in saving you money, recycle materials around the house, or repurpose objects. We want to think twice before using DIY products for your health.

One of the most popular DIY products we hear about is related to dentistry. However, is do-it-yourself dentistry good or bad for your oral health? Just because something says, it is good for your teeth does not necessarily mean it is safe. We have to consider the overall health of our teeth and mouth when addressing a dental problem.

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June Is Oral Health Month!

oral health month


It means we are entering the halfway mark of the year, but June also marks Oral Health Month. Our dental health is a critical part of our everyday life. We need our teeth to speak, and, most importantly, we need it to break down our food.

As a parent, we play the first active role in caring for our child’s dental health. We want to take necessary measures to ensure our child’s teeth are kept healthy as they develop. Here are some tips you can start with when your child is a baby and toddler. You can start by

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Dental Health Advice for Men

dental health men

Women should not be the only ones ensuring they maintain their oral health. Men need to take proper measures to preserve their smile since they are more likely to skip on brushing twice a day. Caring for our teeth isn’t exclusive to our younger years, it is a continually care we must practice, especially when we get older when our begin to decline in functionality.

Preventative care is the best form of ensuring our oral health is in tip-top shape, which first begins at home. We want to encourage men this month to become more aware of their oral health to prevent any future dental complications that can arise. We’ve compiled some tips to consider.

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Closed For Memorial Day

holiday dental office hours

Memorial Day is coming this Monday. Please be advised that our dental offices will be CLOSED for the day. We will not be in the office until Tuesday, May 28, 2019.

If you want to schedule an appointment at offices, you can submit an online appointment form. Please be advised when you submit an appointment form, it will take us a day or two to confirm your visits. Even though we will not be in the office on Monday, you can still submit an appointment form.

If you prefer to talk with one of our schedulers, we will be open Tuesday, May 28, 2019 during regular business hours.

In case of an emergency, contact us via Facebook Messenger or call us at 801-747-8018.

What Is Dental Bonding?

dental bonding

One of the common cosmetic treatment people undergoes to get the smile they want is tooth bonding. What is tooth bonding and how different is it from the rest of the cosmetic treatment available to us? Doing some research on tooth bonding help you understand the procedure and when it is needed. Our dentist is a better fit to determine whether tooth bonding is the best choice for our oral health and if we are eligible.

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Summer Sweepstakes: Let’s Begin the Summer Selfie Scavenger Hunt

We’re kicking off Summer this year with our Summer Selfie Scavenger Hunt!!!

Join us this month of May until the end of August to enter our Salt Lake City scavenger hunt where you can be eligible to win a prize every other week. We want to encourage all of our patients and family, and community friends to join the fun in search of entertaining summer locations and activities in and around the Salt Lake City area.   

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Women’s Hormones and Their Dental Health

women's hormone and dental health

Women are more likely to develop oral health problems than men. Why? As a woman, our body is continually going through hormonal changes from when we are young teenagers to adulthood, including well into our elder years. These hormonal changes can alter our body in ways which leave us vulnerable to developing dental and gum problems.

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