Top 10 Christmas Movies to Watch This Season

Christmas movies

As the holidays begin to markdown the end of the year, television networks begin to show Christmas themed movies. Usually they start once Thanksgiving is over, and why wait right, there are so many to watch and select for a fun movie night plus, there is a movie for everyone to watch.

We’ve compiled a list of movies you can watch with your family or by yourself, all ranging in genres. See if we’ve listed your favorite movie.

Kid- Friendly Movies:

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas

Even though this is a Halloween movie, it’s also considered a Christmas movie. Watch Jack take over a beloved holiday to twist it into nightmare he can only undo.

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

THE GRINCH! Even though there is a new animated version, I’m not referring to that one. Visit the live action version of the Grinch where Cindy Lu remembers and reaches out to him. See the live whimsical world of the Whos.

  1. Home Alone Series

We can’t flip through the channels without having to see one of the Home Alone movies. A funny movie that follows Kevin in his devious plan of escaping blurs. We’ve all had imaginative minds like Kevin’s, not to mention it’s slapstick comedy ready to make you laugh.    

  1. The Polar Express

Who doesn’t dream of the North Pole as child? Board the train to discover the world of Santa and the friendship of three young children.

  1. Elf

Who’s a Will Ferrell fan? See Ferrell’s character, Buddy navigate the strange world of New York in search for his father and identity. Being a fish out of water has Buddy in for a ride well worth it and one leaving us laughing-out-loud.

Movies for Older Kids and Adults:

  1. Just Friends

Want a comedy? Although, not a family friendly film, it is a laugh-out-loud movie for adults. Watch Chris Brander face his best friend and old high school crush he still carries a torch for as he tries to win her over.

  1. Love Actually

Although, it hasn’t always been a Christmas favorite, over the years it has become a beloved classic. Follow the lives of various people as they start new lives together, fall in love, and mourn the disappointment of a love affair.  

  1. Gremlins

Maybe you’re into the movies that inspire a sense of scare or thrill? If that’s so than Gremlins is for you. Aside seeing the consequences of not following strict rules, who wouldn’t want a mogwai for Christmas, right? Or at least Gizmo.

  1. The Holiday

A romantic comedy that takes you through the disappointments of love of two women in opposite ends of the world. See these two women trade places and fall in love unexpectedly.

  1. Christmas with the Kranks

What if you could skip Christmas? Do you think you would get criticized like the Kranks? I would hope not, but watch the Kranks hide from their neighbors as they prep for their cruise only to be brought back together with their daughter Blair.

We know there are so many more movies to choose from and even though we have named just 10, we tried to give you a variety to select from. If we didn’t mention your favorite Christmas theme movie, tell us in the comments what it is and why you like it.  


5 Halloween Theme Recipes To Try This Year

5 Halloween Recipes

There’s nothing like eating some good Halloween treats whether it’s a light snack or dessert. Most treats have more sugar than what’s good for us and what we should consume which makes it harder to indulge in them. Not to mention it’s hard finding Halloween treats you can make for a party, shindig, or a potluck that is both delicious and better for your health.  

We’ve found five recipes from The Food Network you can use this time around when you’re looking to snack on something festive. See which one you are willing to try out.

Mac-O-Lantern and Cheese Bowls

A dish for your vegetarian friends. A pumpkin shaped food bowl that you can eat in addition to the cheezy insides. It provides something light and filling while still making room for the dessert.

Spider Web Guacamole  

We can’t forget the starting plate for the tables. Instead of chips and salsa, try some guacamole dip with sour cream web lines. This is great for your Halloween party to get your guests ready for the fun.

Mummy Pies

Want some pumpkin pie? Bake some small hand pies as the cherry on top of your Halloween feast.

Candy Corn Cheese Tower

Appetizers are great for having a bit of everything without getting a plate of one food. Candy corns are bad but why not make it out of cheese to have slices with crackers, not to mention the red wine to enhance the flavor. Fruit punch for the little ones.

Berry Eyeball Punch

The more Halloween themed the food and drinks are, the better especially if they have a gore resemblance to it. Try this berry punch but try to limit the intake of punch since they can stain your teeth.

As a bonus of the gore like feel, maybe instead of the berry punch, you would like to try the  Flayed Man Cheese Ball  from Allrecipes. Be prepared to get a fright with your food.

Festive days are great for getting creative with our food and having fun. We all have a go-to meal or drink we want. Tell us in the comments below what your favorite Halloween treats are to make?


15 Halloween Reads This Month

Halloween Reads

Halloween is almost here! Just two and half weeks away and the night fun begins. In addition to the scares horror films brings us, we can’t forget the most traditional form of getting a good fright, books! With new generations of horror writing and authors, there are plenty of books suited for each age, interest and style.

Maybe you prefer the haunts of words and your imagination as opposed to films. If that’s the case, then we have a list to choose your next book from this Halloween. Which ones have you read?

Spooky Children Books

Let us start with the very mild scares we can experience from children books. They aren’t as terrifying as you think but maybe your child might beg to differ. See if you can remember reading some of theses picks.

Goosebumps Series by R. L Stine

90S Books GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Looking for some monster and paranormal adventure, this series is for you. Get all kinds of monsters you can imagine into one series, dummy, werewolf, scarecrow, you name it.

The Witches by Roald Dahl

There must of been one of Dahl’s book we read, the most common one we’ve seen on screen many times is Charlie and the Chocolate factory. However, unlike going inside a chocolate factory, we are taken into the dark fantasy where witches hunt children.

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman Cat GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

We know there’s a film based on the book, but if you enjoyed watching the movie we have a haunch you’ll enjoy this twisted reading. Find out which version of the story you like best.  

The House with a Clock in Its Walls by John Bellarias

Recent movie release we know, but the story has been around longer than the movie. If you want to read a Halloween theme story with an air of mystery for your kid, don’t miss out on this book.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz

Maybe something short and sweet is more your taste when it comes to reading. If that’s so, get a copy of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark this Halloween.

Modern Horror Stories

Wanting to get into a book that will leave you in their words can be done with the modern horror writers of today. They give new meaning to the scare of today as they make new ways for what we now define as horror genre, which book have you read?

The Shining by Stephen King

The Shining Heres Johnny GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

When it comes to modern horrors, we think Stephen King and there’s a reason for it. We chose The Shining since it is his most popular read but he has plenty of other horror stories you can indulge in this month or all year.

I am Legend and Other Stories by Richard Matheson

If you like to read science fiction, read Matheson’s book to add a horror twist to your science. Enter the world of a zombie-vampire where disease causes the apocalypse. This an oldie from the 1950’s, but still remains modern with its plot and where horror stories seem to gravitate towards a post-apocalypse setting.

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks

If you’re into the the apocalyptic horror genre, here’s a book for you. You have everything from survival to zombies.

Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

Anne Rice, the writer of vampire stories. Do you want a gothic horror genre, Rice is the author to give it to you in this vampire novel where we Louis de Pointe du Lac recalls his life.

Wicked by Gregory Maguire

Wicked Witch GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Although not considered a horror story, we sometimes get curious about the villains in the stories. In this case, we are looking at the Wicked Witch of the West from the Land of Oz. See what her story is.

Classic Horror Stories

We can’t think of stories without thinking of our previous successors who took us into their worlds where its horror wasn’t found in physical aspect of a human but the inner workings. Which classic writer writes to your fancy?

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

We wouldn’t have our classic universal monster without Shelley. Meet Victor the creator who fascinated by science and life came to create one of his own.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving

A gothic story that has been adapted over and over. But who wouldn’t want to learn about the headless horseman.

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Bela Lugosi Dracula GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Some say Stoker was the first version of the vampire, however, his character is what we consider to be the father of vampires. Stoker’s book looks at Dracula’s attempt to spread his curse while in search for new blood. See how Stoker’s Dracula became another classic universal monster.  

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

You can’t go wrong with reading a Poe story, they are both haunting and quite a scare to read about. The most memorable pieces we are familiar are with The Raven and The Fall of the House of Usher.

The Mysteries of Udolpho: A Romance by Ann Radcliffe

Although not a horror story, Radcliffe is a known for her gothic novels where the elements of mystery and castles linger. A novel which contains the characteristics of the romantic period.

Tell us in the comments which books you read during October to get in the mood for Halloween? Check out our Facebook page for more updates and fun posts like the one below. 

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Healthy Treats for St. Patrick’s Day

March is here along with another holiday we celebrate to the fullest. St. Patrick’s day occurs on March 17 in observance of the death of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick and was first celebrated as a religious feast. Now, it has become more than just a feast but has evolved into festivals, parades, music, and everything green to celebrate Irish culture.

It’s the only month and day where we see the most green food and drinks and one of the reasons we need to be precautious about eating such food. This year make healthy delicious food that appeals to both you and your child or guest. If you’re looking to add green to your food, then we have some yummy recipes for you to try in celebration.

Green Eggs

They are not just green eggs but, ham as well. In addition to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with your food make a tribute to Dr. Seuss with this green eggs and ham recipe we’ve found for you. What a better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and a beloved author with your breakfast eggs. Get the protein, nutrients and healthy full breakfast you need to keep you energized throughout the day and that is kind to your teeth.

Green Tortilla Chips

Making your own tortilla chips can be fun because you can make them in the shape of a shamrock, pot-of-gold, or anything St. Patrick’s Day theme! Tortilla chips may seem simple but they’re food accessories for party gatherings or just for your meal. Place them with your salad, on a plate with red or green salsa, or better yet nachos! It’s a festive way of celebrating and making your gathering or party St. Patrick’s Day theme.

Shamrock Smoothie

You’ve probably heard of shamrock smoothies before but we’re talking about a different shamrock smoothie. When you make your own shamrock smoothie rather than buying it you are opting out from the preservatives and sugar you find in the bought shamrock smoothies. Smoothies are easy to make and great if you’re in a rush in the morning or just want a snack.  

Now, you don’t need to have green food to celebrate. When we think of St. Patrick’s Day we think of shamrocks, everything green, and beer but what about the rest of what we associate with the day? The leprechauns, the pot-of-gold, and the rainbow where the gold lies. We can have rainbow colored food with are own yum pot-of-gold.

Veggie Wraps

A rainbow veggie wrap with bright rainbow colors, how fun is that. It looks like you are eating candy but it’s all healthy nutritious food. This is a great dish to serve at gatherings and children or even for a lunch meal. Keeping it simple and rich in nutrients allows you to maintain your teeth safe and healthy from the sugary foods. You can even cut the wrap to make them appear as rolls, smaller wraps for those of us who don’t eat that much.

Fruit Trifle

Need a snack during the day or after your meal opt for getting a rainbow fruit trifle! Have fun picking out your favorite food to create your rainbow tower of natural sweets. Fruits are great sugar alternatives to give to your children plus they provide the nutrients your body needs. They are easy snacks to make and take on the go.

During this holiday celebration, try new recipes which are both good and healthy for your teeth and body. Keeping healthy teeth is important step to maintaining your overall health and what better way to do it by making your own meals or snacks. What are some of your favorite St. Patrick’s Day foods to eat?

Here is What to Expect if Your Child Needs Oral Surgery

What can you expect when your child needs oral surgery? The thought of your child getting oral surgery can be a bit daunting especially when you know very little of what to expect. Anticipating what can happen before, during and after the surgery can alleviate some of your concerns and help you explain to your child the procedure.


So your child needs surgery, there are a few tips to help you prepare your child for their procedure and yourself. Make sure you have confirmed your appointment for child’s oral surgery and that you’re fully aware of which procedure your child will need. Get to know the surgeons and details of the operation, so you feel comfortable leaving your child’s oral health in their hands. Make sure they have not eaten any food since midnight. Your child will be allowed to drink water up until three hours before the surgery just to have their tummy full. If your child has prescribed medication, take it in the morning before coming into surgery.


You’ll be asked to wait in the waiting room while your child is in surgery but not to worry you will be able to ensure your child is getting the proper treatment before the surgery. During surgery, there isn’t much you can do but wait. As for the child, they will be under the special care of the orthodontist as dental assistants. The process of the surgery will vary depending on the procedure they will be undergoing, but typically surgery takes up to an hour or less.    


Expect to care for your child for the next 24 hours. Common symptoms the child might experience are minor bleeding from the mouth, nausea or vomiting, discomfort of the mouth or jaw, mild swelling of lips or cheeks, and temporary effects on sleep and eating. Your child should be resting and doing quiet activities such as watching T.V. or reading nothing that involves rough movements for the next 24 hours. You want to make sure you keep your child’s mouth clean from infection by adjusting their diet to liquids and slowly progressing to solid foods. So, in the meantime, your child will have to eat soft foods such as soups or yogurts. Making sure your child brush their teeth will help reduce infection. After the surgery, you will need to request a follow up with the dentist to ensure everything’s running smoothly.

Your child’s safety is important and ensuring you’re knowledgeable of the details about your child’s surgery will help ease your worry and your child’s anxiety. If your child needs oral surgery, you should get all the details in advance to prepare your child. We hope this information serves you as a guide in what to expect when your child has an appoint for oral surgery.


End of Year Dental Benefits


The holidays are here, and the end of the year is just around the corner! But before we get too excited to end the year with a bang, have you thought about your insurance benefits? Did you know your dental insurance benefits expire at the end of the year? Yes, you heard right, expire! Take advantage of your insurance and use your benefits to care for your oral health before they are taken from you. According to the National Association of Dental Plans, there is 2.8% of PPO dental plan participants who reached or exceeded their plans annual maximum. We want you to be part of that percentage who take advantage of their benefits!

Why should you be active in using your dental benefits before losing them?

Yearly maximums: Insurances give an annual maximum of what can be spent on dental care on an annual basis. If you have dental benefits and aren’t using them, then you run the risk of forfeiting those benefits. Every year insurance resets, and if you didn’t reach the maximum, it doesn’t roll over to the next year. 

Increase in Deductibles: Deductibles are the amount of money you pay out of pocket before your benefits take effect. If you prefer to see a dentist outside of your network, then the deductible will be higher. When your plan rolls over, you’re going to have to pay your deductible again to use your dental benefits.

Premiums: This is what you pay for when you buy a plan, it is the upfront dollars. Why wouldn’t you use your benefits that you have paid for?! Unused benefits get taken away by the insurance and puts your money in their pockets. 

Fee Increases: We all know prices increase over time which is reason enough to use our dental benefits. Fees will be raised to accommodate for cost of living and material costs, which in turn means an increase in co-pay. It is better to pay a high co-pay than the actual cost of the treatment.

Dental Problems: Even though this has nothing to do with insurance, I still think it is worth mentioning. Why? Well over time our health declines and it’s reason enough to start caring for it now! Dental problems don’t get better over time, what starts off as a simple toothache from a cavity can become a root canal or tooth extraction. Care for your teeth now, don’t wait until you have extensive treatment down the line.

Take advantage of your dental insurance and care for your oral health.  Don’t let the money go to waste and don’t let your benefits be taken from you if you haven’t used them or if you haven’t reached the yearly maximum. Get all the information you need from your insurance to know when is the end of the year deadline for you to use your benefits. If you need to see a dentist, schedule an appointment  with us, we are always happy to attend to your dental needs!

Bad Breathe Remedies For Kids

Have you noticed a bad odor coming from your child’s mouth? Like adults, kids can suffer from bad breath and it often stems from poor oral hygiene. Medically known as halitosis, bad breath is a condition even a healthy child can have at times. This can be temporary or it can remain for an extended amount of time which may be a sign of a more severe problem.  

What Causes Bad Breath?

There are many factors that can contribute to the problem. Some of the causes are:

  • Poor Oral Hygiene: not brushing or flossing frequently can result in bad breath and can lead to other dental issues.
  • Bacteria in the Mouth: most odors reside on the tongue, which is why you should check and make sure your child doesn’t have a white or yellow coat. Make sure your child brushes their tongue thoroughly to prevent the accumulation of bacteria.
  • Dry Mouth: saliva helps to cleanse the mouth. Keep your child hydrated! If they suffer from dry mouth, there are a variety of mouth rinses you can buy to keep your mouth moist.
  • Mouth Breathing: if your child has a stuffy nose or is a mouth breather by habit, there is less saliva to wash the bacteria away.
  • Infections in the Mouth: bad breath can be a result of infection from cavities, plaque buildup, mouth sores, oral surgery, or gum disease. It is important to see your dentist every 6 months for a routine check up and cleaning.
  • Foreign Object: Kids, especially small toddlers, are continually touching objects and placing them in their nose. A foreign object stuck in the nose can cause bad breath, you’ll need a doctor to check their nasal passage if you suspect the smell comes from their nose.
  • Swollen Tonsils: check if your child’s tonsils are healthy or if they are infected. When tonsils are red, inflamed and have white spots they are swollen. Its the perfect place to collect bacteria and can cause terrible breath.
  • Foods: foods containing strong odors like onions, garlic, or caffeinated drinks can give your child a temporary, sour smell to their breath.
  • Illness or Medical Condition: suffering from sinus infections, uncontrollable diabetes, malnutrition, or other conditions can cause bad breath.

These are just some of the causes of bad breath and they can be treated from home!  Teach your child to brush their teeth before bedtime to promote a good oral habit and prevent bad breath. 

Remedies for Bad Breath:

If you’re noticing a less refreshing breath from your child, one way to start is by following a healthy dental routine. Healthy teeth are integral to the overall health of a child and helping your child develop good oral care is a step towards avoiding bad breath. Remedies to freshening up your child’s breath are:

  1. Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, try to supervise so that no toothpaste is consumed in the process.
  2. Scrape you tongue each morning to decrease bacteria.
  3. Replace your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months, especially after your child has been sick.
  4. Arrange regular dental check-ups and cleanings.
  5. Remove your dentures and clean them regularly to get rid of bacteria.
  6. Drink plenty of water and swishing cold water to have a fresh morning breath.
  7. Chew on a lemon or orange rind. The citric acid stimulates the salivary glands and fights bad breath.
  8. Chew a fresh sprig of basil, cilantro or mint to neutralize odors.
  9. Try swishing mouthwash that’s alcohol-free for 30 seconds.

Even if you’ve tried some of these remedies and still notice your child has terrible breath lingering, then consult with your dentists for further treatment. Together, you can both track the origin of their bad breath by doing a proper cleaning and oral exam. Your dentist can help rule out oral health problems and advise you on further steps to take.

Regardless of what the cause may be for your child’s bad breath, start implementing good dental and oral habits at an early age. When was the last time you went to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned? If you can’t remember, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with us to get your teeth cleaned!       

Behind every smile is a unique and important individual


Considering Orthodontics?

Getting braces is a big investment in your oral health, and like any investment, it takes time and routine check-ins to achieve a perfect result that lasts forever.

Orthodontic treatment creates a better bite, making teeth fit better and decreases the risk of future and potentially costly dental problems.

How to get started:

Come in for a Complimentary Consultation where we will address your concerns, orthodontic needs and present you with a cost effective treatment plan with easy and affordable financing options.

If you have Medicaid and are interested in getting braces for your child, it’s simple! Once you come in for your consultation with our one of our talented providers, our pre-authorization specialist will send out an authorization to Medicaid and request your child be pre-approved for paid Orthodontic treatment through your Medicaid insurance plan. Our pre-authorization specialists are dedicated to each individual case and works hard to make sure the approval process is worry-free for you.

At The Center of Dental Professionals, we understand how important oral care is. If you are not approved for orthodontic treatment through your Medicaid plan or if you do not have insurance, don’t worry! We will work with each individual to ensure they have the treatment they need.

We have a low, flat rate for your orthodontic treatment, including retainers! This low rate will allow you or your child to get the treatment you need with affordable monthly payments.

We accept all Insurance plans, Medicaid, Chip and patients without insurance.

If you are interested in a Complimentary Consultation contact us today at 801-747-8016.

Halloween Candy Buy Back

akpcdp buy back

Its Halloween time! Which means lots of fun and lots of unhealthy, sugary candy. But good news, A Kid’s Place Dentistry and The Center of Dental Professionals has a Halloween Candy Buy Back program!

Join us November 1st – November 12th!

Bring your Halloween candy into us and we will donate it to Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude sends care packages to our troops so they can have a bit of the holidays wherever they’re serving. In return for your Halloween candy, you’ll receive a goodie bag filled with dental goodies including a toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste, not to mention that great feeling that comes with making a soldier’s day.

Please bring your Halloween candy to 530 East 500 South Salt Lake City, Utah anytime during business hours from November 1st – November 12th.

Visit our event page for more information and to RSVP!

Now go trick-or-treat!

It's National Children's Dental Health Month

National Children's Health Month


February is more than just Valentines, it is also National Children’s Dental Health Month. Little teeth need checkups twice a year to make sure they are growing  healthy. (It’s also fun to see cute little smiles running around the office.)

Remember to make your biannual appointment with A Kids Place Dentistry in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have an amazing group of pediatric dentists, hygienists and dental assistants to make your visit comfortable and safe. All of our little patients will also receive a goody bag after each visit.

Call (801) 747-8000 or schedule your appointment online at