What Is Dental Bonding?

dental bonding

One of the common cosmetic treatment people undergoes to get the smile they want is tooth bonding. What is tooth bonding and how different is it from the rest of the cosmetic treatment available to us? Doing some research on tooth bonding help you understand the procedure and when it is needed. Our dentist is a better fit to determine whether tooth bonding is the best choice for our oral health and if we are eligible.

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5 Common Cosmetic Treatments in Patients

Common cosmetic treatment

There are many ways we can now improve our smile to obtain the one we want. With cosmetic dentistry on the rise, enhancing our smile has become more accessible and common. We all want a smile that lifts our mood and boosts our confidence.

Even though some cosmetic procedures can alter the physical appearance of our teeth, they can have restoration benefits. Below we’ve listed 5 of the most common cosmetic procedures patients seek.

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What Are Dental Bridges?

dental bridges

Are you missing a tooth? It’s hard to feel confident when you have a gap in your smile that makes you shy away from speaking with others or even take a photo. We get it; we are always told that one of the key features people first notice about a person is their smile which can make you conscious of about it, even more so when you have a gap.

Now, you can fill in the gap with a dental bridge for a full smile you can start showing off. The most common form of filling a gap is an implant. However, dental bridges can bridge the gap between your teeth. Let us find out what is a dental bridge.  

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Dental Procedures Treating Cavities

cavity treatment

Dental cavities are the most common dental problem dentist see in their patients. Cavities can happen to anyone, although, it can be commonly found among children. It’s a constant problem we see and face which can be treated with various dental procedures depending on the patient’s case. Not all treatment plans are suitable for everyone or every dental case.  

To know more about dental procedures treating cavities, we’ve compiled a brief overview of what cavities are, how you get them, and symptoms.

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What To Know About Dental Fillings

dental filling options

Dental fillings are the most common form of treatment for cavities. However, dental fillings can help treat other dental problems such as a cracked tooth, broken tooth, or worn out teeth. Most people will need a cavity filling at some point in their life. Although some may have more than others, dental cavities should not be left untreated.

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One-Time Offer: Root Canal Treatment For A Low Cost

root canal treatment

Monday, March 25, 2019, we will be offering another ONE-TIME OFFER you can’t find anywhere else!

Our ONE-TIME OFFER is for root canal treatment for the low cost of $597*. For those who aren’t familiar with root canal treatment or want to learn more information, we’ve provided you with brief details on what it is.  

For most, root canals sound like a terrifying procedure, but the more familiar we are with the treatment, the less likely we are to be anxious about having a root canal. Why might one need a root canal?

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One Day Offer: Get Crown Treatment Without Breaking The Bank

Get ready to be crowned, well your teeth at least! On Monday, March 18, we will be having a ONE-TIME treatment offer for All-Ceramic Crowns at the price of $597* ($653 savings)!  Don’t miss out on completing your necessary dental treatment for your teeth with this phenomenal offer.


A crown, also known as a cap, is a cover encasing the tooth from the gum line above. It salvages the tooth by restoring it to its normal state making it stronger and prevent it from being extracted completely.

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What Does Loose Teeth Mean?

loose teeth

Loose teeth, as a child, is the beginning of the tooth fairy. It’s an exciting rite of passage as a child, as we begin to shed our baby teeth for adult teeth, not to mention the anticipation of tooth fairy arriving to drop money in exchange for your tooth. It’s good times and fun as a child; however, the tables turn when we have loose teeth as an adult.

We don’t get any new teeth after all our baby teeth have fallen out. So, when we being to notice a loose tooth, there is concern that comes from it because it can often indicate a dental problem or health issue. But before you start to panic that you are going to lose your tooth, let us have a look at why it can occur.

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Why Dental Abscess Is A Concern


Our mouth is home to colonies of bacteria, some which can cause infection due to tooth decay, periodontitis, or an injury. When we have an infection in our mouth, it can present itself as an abscess. Three types of an abscess can form in our mouth, and depending on which one we have determines the kind of treatment we get.

So what is an abscess and why should we be concerned about it? Let us find out first, what the three different types of abscess are and where they form.

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What to Expect in a Tooth Extraction

tooth extraction

Are you nervous for your due visit for a tooth extraction? There is something worrisome to think about having your tooth removed from its socket especially if it is your first time. Often it is not about the tooth being extracted, but the unknown procedure that makes it a bit scary. We know the tooth is coming out, but the unknown anticipation is what drives us a bit haywire.

Learning more about a tooth extraction and what to expect can help ease the nerves we might be feeling before going to our dentist. So what do we need to know?

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