One Low Fee-Widsom Teeth

One Low Ortho Fee -Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can be a hassle to deal with! They can cause a lot of discomfort and can cost a lot depending on where you go for your treatment.

Removing them is the best way to avoid infection and relieve discomfort. We want to offer you a deal that makes the decision to remove your wisdom teeth an easy one!


Our goal is to help you achieve excellent oral hygiene and do everything we can to make dental care available to EVERYONE! We want to see you love your smile!


Right now we are running a “one-low-fee” deal on wisdom teeth removal:

$897* for wisdom teeth extraction+IV sedation 

*conditions may apply

While that might still sound like a lot, our competitors are charging up to $1450 for the exact same service!

Don’t miss out on this deal! Call us at (801)747-8018 to schedule your appointment!


*Consultation and exam(x-rays) are not included in the offer. * Depending on the patient’s unique case, there might be additional costs that apply

*offer subject to change