End of the Year Dental Benefits

What to Know About Your End of the Year Dental Benefits

We’re in the middle of the year! It’s fascinating to see how quickly time comes by when we’re in other seasons and how it elongate itself towards the summer. But as you know, once summer is over the end of the year comes quickly along with the festive holidays, giving us little time to think about minor details.

This year we decided to let you know ahead of time to think about your dental insurance, which is dental benefits. Every year your benefits expire and reset so take advantage of them now before the end of the year. Did you know there is an average of 2.5% of people who reach and exceed their annual maximum for their plans? Be part of the percentage who uses what is paid for whether by you or your employer.

I like to think of dental insurances as a cycle of benefits; they repeat themselves yearly. Below find a cycle graph of the five reasons why you should be using your dental benefits now.  

Get a jump start in continuing to use your benefits before the year ends. If you need to see a dentist, contact The Center of Dental Professionals by filling out this form here.   

End of Year Dental Benefits

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