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Learn About Maximizing Your Dental Benefits

September is here! Only three more months until the end of the year and for your dental benefits to reset. Don’t let your dental benefits go to waste, use them while you still have them for this year. Dental insurance is not like medical insurance, they pay for partial coverage, and if you’re not using your annual maximum, you run the risk of losing it for next year. If you have dental insurance, use the benefits you’re paying for to get the dental treatment you need now to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. Learn about seven ways to maximize your dental benefits.

Review Your Policy

Ask your insurance carrier or employer for more information on your dental plan. With more information at hand, you’ll be to understand and determine what your plan covers and what it doesn’t. It helps you to be informed of the procedures your insurance will pay and which you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket. The more information you have on your plan and the better you understand how it works then, you can be financially prepared for the specific dental treatments you need to be covered.

Consider Visiting a Preferred Dentist

As you well know, not all dentist are participating providers with insurances, so we recommend finding a dentist you can trust with your dental care and that’ll take your insurance. One of the ways you can find a dentist is by choosing a preferred provider. What does that mean? It means a dentist who’s contracted and accepts your insurance company fees within your insurance. A preferred dentist can help you save money and time since you won’t find yourself paying more out-of-pocket.   

Ensure Information is Updated and Recorded

Insurance company systems aren’t updated immediately which can lead to coverage gaps due to the untimely processing and system updates. You want to ensure you keep all records of treatment and payments for you and your family to avoid the unnecessary prolonged dental treatment. Being active on your part can help ensure there are fewer delays and problems in proceeding with your treatment.

Use Your Benefits Early

Consider using your benefits early in the year since some insurance companies have limitations on when you’re allowed to visit the dentist such as dental cleanings and exams. Plan to use your dental insurance to make the most of your dental insurance and to save money. Don’t lose out on your benefits, visit your dentist for treatment early on before the end of the year holidays. Towards the end of the year, the dental office gets busy that you run the chance of missing out on completing treatment which results into paying more money next year.

Annual Dental Check-ups

Most dental insurance has coverage for annual dental visits, visits you and your family should be taking advantage of every year. Part of maintaining a healthy smile is visiting the dentist yearly to get a check-up. Sure, you may practice good oral hygiene, but a dentist knows your mouth and teeth better than you. They can spot if you have any dental conditions which need some attending or if there’s a severe problem going on. If your insurance covers dental check-ups, then don’t miss out on dental coverage for you and your family.

Split Treatment

If you’re in need of significant treatment and it’s the end of the year, break your treatment between this year and the new year. Splitting your treatment time will help reduce the amount of money you spend and enable you to maximize your benefits this year and next year. Discuss your treatment options with your dentist and treatment coordinator to find the best financial alternatives you have, use the services your dental office offers.

Don’t Wait Until Last Minute

As we mentioned before, dental benefits expire and reset. Use them throughout the year to get the most out of them and to ensure your annual maximum isn’t cut back. Each insurance policy has their restrictions on how many times you can visit the dentist and what treatments are covered; therefore, we cannot stress enough why you use your benefits as early as possible.

Familiarize yourself with your dental insurance to make the most of your dental experience and treatment. When you’re informed about the coverage and the expenses you will need to pay, it can help them move along the process for treatment and finding other financial alternatives to continue treatment you need. If you want to schedule an appointment at our offices, please fill out this form.

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