Dental benefits reset

Take Advantage of Your Dental Insurance Before It Resets

The last month of the year is here! Only giving us a few weeks to use our dental benefits before they reset for the new year. Dental insurance is not like medical insurance; if you aren’t taking advantage of your benefits, you run the risk of losing your annual maximum for next year. Therefore if you have dental insurance, take advantage of the coverage you pay for to maintain a healthy smile and mouth.

Maximize Benefits

You still have a couple of weeks to maximize your insurance, but you first want to verify with your insurance policy when your benefits reset since some dental insurances may earlier dates. If you’re going to maximize your benefits, here are some of the useful tips you can try.

  • Review policy
  • Update information
  • Visiting a preferred dentist
  • Get annual check-up
  • Split treatment

Prepping for Next Year

If you don’t use your benefits, they expire and reset for the coming year. What does that mean? It means you’re starting from square one. Some dental insurances can adjust your annual maximum based on the amount of coverage you used last year which is why you want to use your benefits. For the coming year, here’s what you need to know about your dental benefits to get the most out of them next year.

  • Reset Annual Maximum – depending on the coverage used this year, it can affect the amount you get next year. You want to ensure you use the most of your annual maximum to keep it.
  • Pay Deductible – a deductible is a sum of money you pay out-of-pocket before your insurance pays for any services. They reset too; and depending on your policy, if you do not meet your deductible, you will continue to pay out-of-pocket. The earlier you start to use your benefits, the quicker you meet your deductible, and the less you pay for treatment.   
  • Fees Increase – fees increase to accommodate for the material and living cost meaning your co-pay will rise, but it’s better than having to pay for the full cost of treatment.
  • Doesn’t Cover Pre Existing Conditions – dental insurances can be particular about what it covers, and if you already have a pre-existing condition, you are more likely going to have to pay out-of-pocket.
  • “100-80-50” Coverage – 100-80-50 is the percentage coverage describing our dental insurance. 100% coverage usually goes to preventative and diagnostic care (excellent for annual check-ups), 80% – 70% on basic procedures, and 50% or less significant treatments. The percentage of coverage is dependent on the plan you or employer purchase.

As you prep for the coming year, you can start getting ready to use your benefits. The first of January leaves you open to begin being proactive in your oral health and start taking practicing good oral habits.

Other Options

What if you don’t have dental insurance? Most people opt out of visiting a dentist because they don’t have coverage or can’t afford to pay for treatment. We get it; it can be off-putting to have to need dental treatment but not be able to afford it.

At The Center of Dental Professionals, we have a Dental Discount Program designed to save you money and get the dental care you deserve. Our program is exclusive to our offices only and is a cheaper alternative to insurance. If you want to know about dental insurance, check out Our In-House Dental Discount Program post.    

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