The Annual Easter Egg Hunt and an Exclusive Interview with the Easter Bunny!

On April 19th, The Center of Dental Professionals and A Kids Place Dentistry held our Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt!

The festivities included prizes for those little ones who found golden eggs, refreshments, and an appearance from the Easter Bunny! Needless to say, it was a mighty good time for kids and adults all around.

While I was at the Easter Egg Hunt, enjoying the festivities, I managed to pull the Easter Bunny away from all the photo-ops and candy distribution just long enough for a quick interview. We had a delightful conversation about his passion for making children smile, the challenges of being a mythical holiday mascot, and the importance of keeping his rabbit teeth nice and clean. Here is the transcript for your enjoyment:

Bryant: Mr. Easter Bunny, thanks so much for taking a little time for this.

Easter Bunny: Oh, it’s no problem. I do what I can, ya know. If I never appear in the media, and make myself a ghost-story, well, then people stop believing. (laughs)

Bryant: Can’t have that, right?

Easter Bunny: No, that wouldn’t be good at all. Being in this industry, as you can imagine, we all know somebody who has fallen victim to unbelief. It can be pretty devastating.

Bryant: And a growing problem?

Easter Bunny: Yeah, yeah it is. But this is Easter Weekend so we don’t need to fret about it. We’re just having a good time, right?

Bryant: Yes of course. Gotta stay positive, as always. So tell me, Mr. Easter Bunny, what is it that makes you so good at what you do?

Easter Bunny: Hmm… I’d say, like anything, being the Easter Bunny takes a lot of practice. So I think it’s just dedication, and a lot of passion for what I do.

Bryant: What kind of thing do you have to practice?

Easter Bunny: Lots of things, actually. For example, it’s not every day that little kids see a giant, bipedal rabbit walking around. It’s natural for them to be a little scared, at first, but if I do my job right, I’ll act in such a way that shows the kids that I’m really just as gentle as the bunnies in the local pet shop. You gotta earn their trust by avoiding fast movements, getting down on their level, that kind of thing.

Bryant: What else do you need to practice?

Easter Bunny: Hiding eggs. That is the essential skill of an Easter Bunny. I mean, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? If you don’t know how to hide an egg, you won’t make it in the Easter business. It’s that simple.

Bryant: What goes into hiding an egg?

Easter Bunny: It’s about simplicity. This isn’t the Extreme Easter Egg Hiding Games. I just think that digging ten foot holes and burying our eggs in the ground or painting the eggs camouflage goes against the spirit of the holiday. It’s really no fun unless the kids actually find the eggs. That’s where all the joy comes from.

Bryant: Yeah, I think you’re right. Otherwise it just gets frustrating for the little ones.

Easter Bunny: Yes, it does.

Bryant: So what drives your passion for Easter?

Easter Bunny: Making the kids smile. I love that.

Bryant: That’s great because I think everyone here at The Center for Dental Professionals and A Kids Place Dentistry can relate to that. We love seeing our patients’ smiles.

Easter Bunny: Yeah, I bet. Cuz you guys give them clean smiles, right?

Bryant: Exactly.

Easter Bunny: Yeah, that’s important, especially after all the candy I pass out. (laughs)

Bryant: (laughs) Oh dear… so now we know where all the cavities come from!

Easter Bunny: Well, a little candy is great as long as you brush your teeth afterwards.

Bryant: Yes of course. I’m just kidding around.

Easter Bunny: (laughs) I know, I know.

Bryant: But all joking aside, Mr. Easter Bunny, I noticed that your choppers are sparkling white. Are you passionate about oral health?

Easter Bunny: Absolutely. Not only is it part of my overall appearance, which is important in this business because I don’t want to scare away the children, but it’s also important because I eat a lot of carrots, which requires good, strong teeth.

Bryant: Well, when you need a cleaning or any other dental work done, will you come in to see us?

Easter Bunny: Of course. You guys are great. It’s a great dental practice you have here. I’ll recommend you guys to everyone. Kids, parents, and my mythical friends too.

Bryant: Well thank you. And thank you so much for talking with me.

Easter Bunny: My pleasure. Thank you.

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