Fun Easter activities

5 Fun Easter Activities

Easter is this weekend, who’s ready for the family, fun games? As a child, the egg hunt is the most anticipated game you can have on Easter; after all, it’s your source of goods (sweets) you get. We know the excitement there is in searching for as many eggs as you can. We’ve been there, now we hide the eggs from our kids or create games the entire family can participate in.

Aside from the egg hunt, there are many games we can set up this Easter to create some friendly competition among the family or create stronger bonds with each other. Mix it up a bit this Easter weekend by introducing a new game your family can participate in, or the kids can enjoy. We’ve listed five games you can try.

The Egg and Spoon Race

Have you heard of it? It’s a popular outdoor game which has often been played in various form but fun. All you need is eggs, spoons, and players. Create a race route (short, long, individually, or relay) to hold your audience or team members in suspense to see whether the egg with fall off or not.

There are various ways you can play this game, by holding the spoon in your mouth and race without dropping it, being blindfold while you hold the spoon with the egg in their hand, or you can relay the race. To add more pressure, you can have it timed.

Potato Sack Race

Hop your way to the finish line as the Easter bunny would. Have potato sacks or old pillowcases decorated into rabbits to make it festive. It’s an excellent game for both children and adults, plus it’s fun to see some tip over as they navigate across the lawn.

Bean Bag Toss Game

It’s an excellent game for socializing or win fun prizes. Decorate your bean bag toss game with Easter theme decorations. See how many bags make it into the target. Try an easy distant and further the distance to see who can land a goal.

Bunny-Ears Ring Toss

Another carnival fun game you can try with your kids. Count how many rings go on the ear, the one with all the rings gets a prize. Although it can be a frustration at times, there is nothing like friendly competition to get to know each other.

Pin The Tail

Yes, it’s not the donkey anymore. They have an Easter themed pin the tail. The traditional game is now made for the Easter weekend. Who remembers their first pin the tail game and the laughter that came when you realized you were nowhere near the donkey? Well, now you can watch your kids go through the same process you went through trying to guess where the tail is to be placed.

Make this Easter weekend games more family friendly where everyone can participate and win a little prize. There is more to the Easter egg hunt and have a basket full of sweets, spending time enjoying and laughing is fun too. There is always some tradition a family celebrates, what is your family Easter tradition? Tell us in the comments below.


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