5 Halloween Recipes

5 Halloween Theme Recipes To Try This Year

There’s nothing like eating some good Halloween treats whether it’s a light snack or dessert. Most treats have more sugar than what’s good for us and what we should consume which makes it harder to indulge in them. Not to mention it’s hard finding Halloween treats you can make for a party, shindig, or a potluck that is both delicious and better for your health.  

We’ve found five recipes from The Food Network you can use this time around when you’re looking to snack on something festive. See which one you are willing to try out.

Mac-O-Lantern and Cheese Bowls

A dish for your vegetarian friends. A pumpkin shaped food bowl that you can eat in addition to the cheezy insides. It provides something light and filling while still making room for the dessert.

Spider Web Guacamole  

We can’t forget the starting plate for the tables. Instead of chips and salsa, try some guacamole dip with sour cream web lines. This is great for your Halloween party to get your guests ready for the fun.

Mummy Pies

Want some pumpkin pie? Bake some small hand pies as the cherry on top of your Halloween feast.

Candy Corn Cheese Tower

Appetizers are great for having a bit of everything without getting a plate of one food. Candy corns are bad but why not make it out of cheese to have slices with crackers, not to mention the red wine to enhance the flavor. Fruit punch for the little ones.

Berry Eyeball Punch

The more Halloween themed the food and drinks are, the better especially if they have a gore resemblance to it. Try this berry punch but try to limit the intake of punch since they can stain your teeth.

As a bonus of the gore like feel, maybe instead of the berry punch, you would like to try the  Flayed Man Cheese Ball  from Allrecipes. Be prepared to get a fright with your food.

Festive days are great for getting creative with our food and having fun. We all have a go-to meal or drink we want. Tell us in the comments below what your favorite Halloween treats are to make?


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