Opportunities for Outreach!

This week we, at The Center of Dental Professionals, went to Neighborhood House for a dental screening!

We were able to see around 75 preschool-aged children.

Dr. Hulse volunteered his time to come along and perform all of the screenings. Him, along with our fantastic assistant Raque, tackled the screening for all of the children!

Each class trailed into the gym, where the table was set up and sat wide-eyed facing Dr. Hulse patiently anticipating what was going to happen next!

Dr. Hulse talked with the kids and explained what he was doing.

“Open your mouth wide, like a lion!” he said to each group of young ones. They all opened their mouths as wide as they could go to prove to Dr. Hulse that THEY were the best patient!

He pulled kids up in groups of three and gave each child his care and attention.

Sometimes there were little ones that were not willing or wanting to open their mouths, but the sticker and free water bottle waiting for them was enticing enough to get their mouths open!

The kids flowed in from 8-10, and Dr. Hulse and Raque would identify if they had cavities or not.

We were able to send each child home with a letter for the parent as well as a card telling them what Dr. Hulse noted about each child.

We love opportunities like this because we know that dental health is so important! There is so much correlation between dental health and other aspects like physical health and social and self-image!

Good habits are essential to start from a young age, so we love doing our part in helping the younger generation, starting them young is the best way to start!

Thank you, Neighborhood House, for the opportunity, and we cannot wait to keep working with you and doing everything we can to make sure that good dental care is available and given to every child. Together we can bring a healthy smile to every child’s face!



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