Summer Sweepstakes: Let’s Begin the Summer Selfie Scavenger Hunt

We’re kicking off Summer this year with our Summer Selfie Scavenger Hunt!!!

Join us this month of May until the end of August to enter our Salt Lake City scavenger hunt where you can be eligible to win a prize every other week. We want to encourage all of our patients and family, and community friends to join the fun in search of entertaining summer locations and activities in and around the Salt Lake City area.   

How Do You Participate?

Our Summer Selfie Scavenger Hunt is open to EVERYONE within Salt Lake City. You do not need to be a patient to be eligible for our sweepstakes. To enter into our bi-monthly sweepstakes, you will need to

  • Choose one of our predetermined locations and actions to take a selfie list below
  • Use our hashtag #SLCSummerSelfie #dentalprosutah
  • Post once a week on Facebook for entry into the contest (post must be PUBLIC for it to count)

Here are our predetermined options you can select from for each week.

What’s The Prize!?!

We will be giving a prize worth $25 in our bimonthly drawing to patients, family, and friends that have entered our sweepstakes over the summer. The more selfies you post, the more chances you have of winning!

It doesn’t end there!  

At the end of the summer, we will be hosting an End of the Summer BBQ, where we will be giving a grand prize. Over the summer, stay tuned on our Facebook page for more details on our bi-monthly prize and information on the BBQ to come.

Rules and Restrictions

To participate in our sweepstakes, please read the following rules and restrictions to ensure you are eligible to enter.

Official Rules

  • You can only post one selfie per week from our predetermined options for entry.
  • You will need to post your selfie on Facebook with our hashtag #SLCSummerSelfie.
  • Post MUST be public for us to see it.
  • Each selfie must be of a different location or action listed on our predetermined list.
  • You cannot use the same photo for multiple entries.  


  • All of our Summer Selfie Scavenger Hunt Sweepstakes is open to EVERYONE who is a resident of Utah.  
  • You MUST have the permission of an adult guardian to participate if you are under the age of 18.
  • All post MUST be public for it to count.
  • All posts MUST feature you for the chance to win.
  • Any selfie depicting anything illegal, dangerous, or inappropriate actions will be automatically disqualified.

Limitations and Restrictions

  • There is a limit of one entry per person per week.   
  • All entries must be submitted within the sweepstakes period.
  • Previous selfies from past sweepstakes will not count for entry of new sweepstakes to follow after the bi-monthly drawing.


Twice a month, the winner will receive a prize worth $25. Each bi-monthly prize will be announced at the beginning of the sweepstakes time frame on The Center of Dental Professionals Facebook page. The Center of Dental Professionals will determine the specifics of the prize during each sweepstakes. No cash or other prize substitutions will be permitted and is non-transferable. The Center of Dental Professionals will determine details of the delivery of the prize.

Determining Winner

Every participant who has posted a selfie with our hashtag and is compliant to our eligibility and regulations will be put into our bimonthly drawing. A winner will be selected through a random draw under the supervision of The Center of Dental Professional marketing specialist. The winner will be notified via The Center of Dental Professionals Facebook on Friday 9 AM following the drawing. We are not responsible for winner’s failure to receive notices due to spam, other security settings, or non-functioning contact information. If the winner can not be contacted within the next 24 hours from the time of the draw, they will forfeit their right to claim the prize, and another participant’s name will be drawn randomly as an alternative winner. Violation of the sweepstakes rules by the winner will result in disqualification as winner of the sweepstakes and privileges will be terminated.  

Acknowledgment of Agreement

By participating in our sweepstakes, you agree with the terms and conditions, meet eligibility requirements, and are bound by rules and restrictions. By posting your selfie with the #SLCSummerSelfie, you agree to the publication of your name to announce you as a winner of the sweepstakes.

We look forward to seeing you post your best smile next to the entertainment wonders Salt Lake City has to offer. Remember to include our hashtag for the chance to win.

We wish you the best of luck while you explore Salt Lake!  

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