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Dental Health Advice for Men

Women should not be the only ones ensuring they maintain their oral health. Men need to take proper measures to preserve their smile since they are more likely to skip on brushing twice a day. Caring for our teeth isn’t exclusive to our younger years, it is a continually care we must practice, especially when we get older when our begin to decline in functionality.

Preventative care is the best form of ensuring our oral health is in tip-top shape, which first begins at home. We want to encourage men this month to become more aware of their oral health to prevent any future dental complications that can arise. We’ve compiled some tips to consider.

Dental Tips


  • Watch Your Intake – there are so many foods available to us that we need to consider what we are placing in our mouth. Not all foods are beneficial to our oral or overall health. We want to take into account the ingredients used to make our foods and which can cause harm to our teeth. Eating a healthy, balanced diet will allow you to have all the nutrients your body needs.
  • Dental Routineas mentioned, preventative care starts at home. A daily oral routine will help you maintain a healthy smile. Flossing daily and brushing twice a day will keep your mouth clean of unwanted food particles and plaque build-up. Brushing at night is crucial since your saliva production slowdowns leaving our teeth vulnerable to bacteria.
  • Regular Dental Visitsvisiting a dentist is a must to maintain your oral health. A dentist can conduct a full examination of your teeth to determine if any dental problems need to be addressed or for an annual cleaning. Through yearly check-ups, your dentist will be able to monitor your dental health.
  • Become More Aware – knowing what can cause tooth decay, or other dental issues are essential to maintaining your dental health. Recognizing early symptoms can help have dental problems addressed and prevent extensive dental care. Our mouth is full so much bacteria that we want to be able to protect our smile. We also have to consider medical conditions and medications that can affect our dental health and what we can do to ensure we are caring for teeth properly. Becoming knowledgeable about what affects our oral health will allow us to understand how to care for our health.

You have probably heard of these tips before, and we can’t help but emphasize them enough. We hear these suggestions when we are young and well into our adult life. Our mouth is part of our digestive system and is an insider into our overall health. If you play sports, you should also be mindful of your face and head since in some games you are likely to get hit in the facial area. You want to avoid impacts in the mouth, and one way you can do that is through a mouthguard.

If you have not been to the dentist for an annual check-up, don’t wait to see your dentist. Your dentist will determine if there are dental issues that need treatment and if you are due for a cleaning. To make an appointment with your dentist, call us at 801-747-8000 or fill out our appointment request form.   


To understand how important men’s dental health is, Healthy Mouth has a metaphorical article which is entertaining but it in a perspective men can understand why they need to care for their dental health.

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