Fun Facts About Mouth

Fun Facts About Our Mouth

When we think of our health, we usually think of our overall health and the main functions that keep us going such as heart, lungs, and so forth. We hardly think of our oral health as being an essential aspect of our overall health; however, it plays a significant role in keeping us healthy. Instead of giving you paragraphs of information about why it’s crucial we maintain a healthy mouth, we have compiled a list of fun facts about our mouth and saliva that contribute to our health.

Learning is more fun when you can take small bits of information and learn the interesting facts of what makes our anatomy function as a whole. Here’s what we can learn from our mouth and why need to work towards maintaining a healthy mouth.


  1. In a lifetime we only have two sets of teeth, our baby teeth, and adult teeth.
  2. Our teeth can reveal a lot about ourselves such as how old we are, what we eat, and where you live. It is a personal record of yourself.
  3. Our teeth are unique! There are no two teeth we have as a baby and adult that is the same; they’re different and unique to us as an individual.
  4. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance of your tooth which is made of dentine.
  5. Many diseases can be linked back to your oral health such as diabetes or osteoporosis.


  1. Our tongue is where we have our taste buds.
  2. All parts of our tongue can sense sweet, salty, bitter, sour and savory tastes, although, the sides of our tongue are more sensitive than in the middle.  
  3. It is the strongest muscle in body but also sensitive.
  4. The tongue helps us speak, spit and swallow food.
  5. Bacteria on tongue causes bad breath.


  1. Saliva contains healing properties which help heal wounds in the mouth faster (it only applies to the mouth).
  2. It’s part of the digestive process as our teeth. Saliva helps break down your food by making it softer.
  3. Our saliva is made up of at least 99% of water which is why we need to stay hydrated and what keeps our mouth lubricated when eating and swallowing.
  4. Saliva protects and cleans our mouth from food particles as it neutralizes the acids in food.
  5. Can’t taste food without saliva! We wouldn’t be able to distinguish the sweet from sour without our saliva.  

There’s always room to learn about our health including our oral health and how we start caring for it. Practicing good oral hygiene is critical to keeping our teeth and mouthy healthy, however, we still need to visit our dentist for an annual checkup. Our dentist can examine our teeth thoroughly and detect if we have minor or severe dental problems that needs to be addressed. If you haven’t visited your dentist this year, don’t wait until your benefits expire or until you start to experience tooth discomfort, make an appointment with today for a consultation by filling out our form.

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