Here is What Live Science had to Say About Flossing, This is What We Think!

Live Science published an article, “Should You Still Floss? Here’s What the Experts Say,” by Kacey Deamer, presenting the response from dental professionals on a recent report that suggested flossing has no health benefit. The report finds the recommendation of flossing lacks substantial evidence that flossing helps our dental health.

Despite the little evidence that is found from this report, some dental professionals suggest that the absence of strong evidence does not mean flossing is not helping our dental care. It is a low-risk and low-cost procedure removing food, plaque or bacteria found in between the teeth. These dental professionals still recommend flossing as a cleaning process of our teeth. So, what do we have to say?

We agree!

Flossing is an important process of keeping our teeth clean and healthy. Even though studies are opposing the use of flossing, it doesn’t equate to ineffectiveness. Practicing good oral hygiene includes keeping our teeth clean from the food and bacteria buildup. Our toothbrush only cleans the front, back, and bottom of our teeth and haven’t been efficient in cleaning between where our teeth are the most vulnerable.

How many times have you gotten food stuck in between? Do you take the time to remove it or leave it? Leaving the food to build up creates health hazards to our teeth and gums. We want to avoid getting tooth decay, cavities, having swollen gums, or gum disease. Flossing helps us remove leftover food and the bacteria that is building up even if we do it once a day. The idea is to interrupt and remove the build up.  

Flossing is a simple cleaning procedure requiring little effort. When you go to the dentist, flossing is one of the many methods we use to cleanse your teeth and is recommended you do to practice good oral health care at home. Remember our teeth don’t grow back.

When was the last time you had your teeth cleaned? If it’s been awhile since your last cleaning, schedule an appointment with us to have our dentist cleanse your teeth for a better smile and good oral health.      


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