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June Is Oral Health Month!


It means we are entering the halfway mark of the year, but June also marks Oral Health Month. Our dental health is a critical part of our everyday life. We need our teeth to speak, and, most importantly, we need it to break down our food.

As a parent, we play the first active role in caring for our child’s dental health. We want to take necessary measures to ensure our child’s teeth are kept healthy as they develop. Here are some tips you can start with when your child is a baby and toddler. You can start by

  • Taking them to their first dental visit after their first year.
  • Brush their baby teeth.
  • Wipe their gums and cheeks with a damp cloth.
  • Not letting them sleep with juice or milk in their bottle.
  • Balanced diet (less sugar and more nutrients).
  • Flossing their teeth

At first, we will be doing the cleaning for them until they are old enough to learn how to clean their teeth. But the sooner you start to clean their teeth, the sooner they will be familiarized with the process of brushing.

As we get older, our body goes through changes. Learning about the changes our body undergoes and how it affects our dental health can help us understand what our body needs to stay healthy. For girls, puberty is a turning point in which our body begins to produce hormones affecting our bones and in turn our dental health.

Our body goes through change over the years, which affect our overall and oral health. Caring for our teeth is not exclusive to our younger years, but a continuation to our adulthood. We want to continue to care for our teeth by practicing good oral hygiene and visiting the dentist annual or as a dentist recommends to ensure we have a healthy smile.

This June we encourage all our patients and community to take measures to keep their smile healthy and beautiful. Visit your dentist if you haven’t already, you can call us at 801-747-8000 or fill out an appointment form to schedule your visit.


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