The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

Many people are unsure why it’s necessary to see a dentist every six months. For some, going to see the dentist makes them anxious and uncomfortable, but seeing the dentist twice a year is necessary to maintain proper oral health including teeth and gums. In fact, by having regular dental checkups not only do you achieve optimum oral health, but you could also help prevent a variety of health concerns such as heart disease or stroke!The American Dental Association (ADA) advises adults and children to visit the dentist every six months for an oral exam and cleaning. Your dentist will check for signs of oral cancer or issues of misalignment, gum disease, or tooth decay.

The health of our teeth can go from bad to worse quickly which leads to a variety of oral health problems unless we maintain routine dental check-ups.

Our teeth become stained from tobacco, food we eat, and the beverages we consume.

  • Tooth decay can result from the build-up of tartar or plaque if we do not floss and brush properly. Once tooth decay forms, your teeth begin to rot and the only option is dental implants.
  • Soft plaque, if not cleaned off properly, sticks to the teeth and leaves the gum tissue irritated, which leads to gum disease.
  • Research shows that poor oral health is an underlying cause of several other health issues and you can prevent these occurrences by maintaining good oral health.

When is the right time to begin routine dentist visits?
It is recommended that you start regular visits to the dentist for dental check-ups as early as age one. You should teach your children the importance of proper dental care so that severe dental problems do not emerge from bad oral care.

What to Expect During Regular Visits
A thorough examination at the dentists’ involves a lot of procedures and checking for tooth decay is just one of them. Your dentist or hygienist will assess gum health, look for signs or oral cancer, and check for vitamin deficiencies including diabetes. Lower jaw joint movement, face, saliva, and your bite may also be examined. Your teeth will be cleaned, and the doctor will cover tips for maintaining proper oral care. The simplest way to maintain healthy teeth and gums is by visiting your dentist regularly. Remember, preventive dentistry remains your best bet in dealing with potential oral health issues before they lead to other complications.

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  1. My niece was complaining a lot about tooth pains the other day. It was interesting to learn that regular dental check ups can help to prevent tooth decay from occurring. I hope this article can help my brother to know how to better take care of my niece’s oral health.

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