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What Happens To Your Mouth When You Get Punch?

Ever thought about the impact a punch can have on your mouth? It doesn’t even have to be a punch to the face to get similar results; it can be any traumatic injury. So, why talk about getting punched in the face? It’s not new to see on the news of fights breaking out on school grounds or in general. Often when you see these videos, you see the fists aiming for the face.

Receiving a blow to the face can be dangerous (we’ll explain later), and there is often a misconception of what can happen when you receive an impacting force to the facial area. We’ve all seen the movies where a character gets punched and stands up without major injuries just minor ones. But we have to keep in mind it’s only a movie. Now, I doubt some people are volunteering to get punch; in most cases, they happen through accidents or fights.

So, what can happen? We’ve already mentioned it can be dangerous and there are reasons for it. Depending on the force and the location of the impact, the injury can fracture our jaw or cause damage to our teeth, not to mention the possibility of other injuries in our face. Below you find out one blow in the face can impact your oral health.

Mouth Injuries

The most common injury to the face is mouth injury, jaw fractures to be precise. Yes, this can happen! Our jaw is the lower, long bone that makes up our chin and connects towards the side of our faces near the ears. A fracture to the jaw can occur anywhere along the bone and can occur directly or indirectly.

Direct impacts to the jaw can cause fractures in the condyles; the area in front of the ear, which can cause damage to the bone and muscles that allow us to move our jaw. It can be unilateral case causing painful jaw movements along with swelling and bleeding. A bilateral case might compromise your airway due to the tongue. This type of fracture occurs when there is a direct hit in the chin area usually common among children when they fall.

There are cases where your jaw can break in one spot which can require you to get your jaw wired shut for a couple of weeks. There are other cases where our mouth injury can result in an open jaw fracture where the gums and teeth have separated will require more repair and possible infection.

Aside from getting hit on the jaw, you can hit in the teeth which apart from having the been hit can hurt. When you are punched on the teeth, you run the risk of having a tooth be knocked out or chipped. The damage can be manageable if you take the necessary measures to save your tooth.

It’s better to avoid getting into a fight where you are likely to get hit in the face. Or if you are in a situation where you are exposed to facial injuries, protect your face by putting your arms up. Our mouth already goes through enough with digesting the foods and drinks we take in to have to endure an injury that affects the health of our mouth. We want to avoid getting hit in the face not only for oral health but to the damages it can cause to our eyes, nerves, and brain. Try to put your hands in first to break a fall or block a fist.


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