What is a cavity?

Have you ever wondered what exactly a cavity is?

For starters, Cavities are formed when acids and other bacteria start to soften and break down the enamel of the tooth. When a tooth goes untreated(cleaning, flossing, brushing, etc.) the cavity can form.

If the cavity goes too long without treatment, it will grow and cause more damage to the tooth.

According to crest.com tooth decay can happen when foods(specifically containing carbohydrates) get stuck between your teeth and are not removed. Other causes are sugary drinks and sticky foods.

“The more sugar consumes, the more acid.” As mentioned above acid is a contributor to tooth decay and cavity formation.

Ensuring you have good oral habits is the best way to fight cavities! Making sure that you are being cautious about what you are eating will help defend against cavities. Be sure that you are brushing after you eat acidic, sticky, and sugary foods.

Here are some other things that you can do to prevent tooth decay:

•consider dental sealants
•Cut back on snacking and sipping
•Adapt your diet
• Use a mouth rinse/mouthwash
• Visit the dentist regularly

Certain foods and drinks trigger sensitive teeth, so be aware of what is bothering you when you are drinking hot/cold drinks or sweets. If you notice this, it can be a sign of advanced tooth decay.

If you notice an increase in pain, or pressure when you bite down, it might be time to come in and get your teeth checked.

Tooth decay and cavities can be reversed if caught early. The cavity needs treatment after it breaks through the enamel of the tooth. Until then, it can be avoided.

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