Annual Dental Visits

What To Expect From Your Annual Dental Visit And Why

Have you visited the dentist for your annual check-up? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? As the end of the year approaches, dental offices become busy and are open for a few days with the holidays. The longer we wait to see our dentist, the more likely we are miss out on our annual check-up and the health benefits it provides our teeth with.

We don’t want to miss out on getting our annual dental check-up covered by our dental insurance. If you have dental insurance, your benefits usually cover yearly check-ups. It saves you both money and keeps your smile beautiful and healthy. So what can you expect from a dental visit?

Expectancy from Your Dental Visit

We should visit a dentist for the same reason we visit our doctor, to makes sure our health is in top shape, in this case, our oral health. Visiting a dentist will help us ensure our teeth and gums are healthy through examinations. We recommend seeing your dentist every six months or as your dentist sees fit.  

There are two parts to your dental visit: examination and cleaning.


  • Dental professionals take x-rays to ensure there are no cavities in between teeth, root problems, or abnormalities below your gum line.
  • They’ll check you don’t have plaque or tartar.
  • Your gums will be checked such as the depth of the spaces between your teeth and gums.
  • Dental professionals will look for swelling, redness or other signs of a severe problem, and this includes checking your jaw, bite, and neck area.


  • Your teeth will be cleaned thoroughly by first scraping plaque and tartar.
  • They floss your teeth to remove food particles or build-ups.
  • Dental professionals will polish your teeth giving it a smooth and shiny finish which will help eliminate any residue or stains.  

Taking care of your smile and teeth begins at home; however, we still need to have a dental professional look over our dental health to ensure there aren’t any severe dental issues arising. Not to mention if we are not practicing good oral hygiene, we might start to develop built-up we cannot remove at home.

Don’t miss out this year to visit your dentist for your annual check-up! Use your dental benefits to cover the cost of keeping your smile and healthy in tip-top shape. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with our dentist, click on the form here.

If you don’t have dental insurance but would like to see a dentist, check out our Discount Dental Program where you can receive discounted rates on treatment. For more information click here.


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