Chamomile Essential Oil

Ease Your Tension With Chamomile Oil

Are you stressed out or just looking to relax and calm down? Try out chamomile oil! You probably heard of chamomile tea, one of my personal favorites, is good to calm nerves, relax you, and help you sleep. Well, chamomile oil has the same properties and more to help ease the tension except you don’t have to drink it but use it through aromatherapy.  

Fill the room with chamomile as you look for a relaxing place to rest and feel refreshed. So, what are the benefits to chamomile oil?

  • Relieves stress/anxiety – it’s one of the most common properties it is known for. This oil has compounds which allow you to ease the tension and anxiety you might be feeling. If you smell the essential oil for a few minutes, it will help you feel more relaxed and at ease without feeling tense.
  • Lets you sleep – well the simple fact that it helps you relax is enough to support sound sleep. Often we can’t go to sleep because we are worried or are alert. Once your body seems relaxed, it becomes easier to sleep.
  • Digestion support – any digestion problem you may have whether it’s indigestion, diarrhea or nausea, chamomile can help relieve it. It allows for a smooth process of digestion while relieving the discomforts you might be experiencing such as tummy troubles.
  • Promotes Skin Health – chamomile oil has anti-inflammatory properties which are excellent for treating inflammatory skin caused by acne to soothe it.

Try doTerra’s chamomile essential oil to ease the tension built up you have. Relax and enjoy the day or sleep you want to have. What are some of your favorite essential oils to use this summer?

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