How to Care for Your Infant’s Teeth

Baby teeth usually start to grow in at around six months old, so standard dental procedures like brushing and flossing are not required for infants. However, they do still have oral care needs.
How to Prevent Baby Bottle Decay
Baby bottle decay is caused by frequent exposure to liquids containing sugar, including milk, formula, and fruit juices. The sugar from the liquids stays around the teeth for prolonged periods of time leading to cavities and tooth decay. This is why you shouldn’t let your baby fall asleep with a bottle in their mouth. Instead, give them a pacifier or bottle of water to comfort them. If breastfeeding, try not to let them nurse continuously. After each feeding, wipe their teeth and gums with a clean, damp washcloth.
How Can I Know My Child Is Getting Enough Fluoride?
Fluoride is incredibly beneficial for teeth, even before they start to grow in. The fluoride strengthens tooth enamel as they are forming. Often, the right amount of fluoride is added to your local water supply to aid in tooth development. To find out, call your local water district and ask how much fluoride is in your water. If you only use bottled water, please let your dentist know. There are other options to get them enough fluoride. We can offer you drops to be given to your baby daily, or fluoride supplements are an option as well.

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