Patient FAQs

Can my child eat or drink before surgery?
No, your child cannot eat or drink before surgery. This is essential for patient safety.

Can I stay with my child during surgery?
You can accompany your child to the surgical room however, once the procedure begins you will be asked to wait in the waiting area. You will be kept updated on your child’s surgery and will be there for them when it is over.

When can we go home after the surgery is complete?
Most children are safe to be discharged 30 minutes after their surgery.

Can my child go back to school after the surgery?
We recommend your child wait a day after their surgery to return to school so they can rest and recover. They are safe to attend school the next morning.

Can I get a prescription for my child if they are in pain?
Our doctors can usually send a prescription for Tylenol to your pharmacy. If you have Medicaid, it is usually covered under your plan.