One Low Fee-Widsom Teeth

One Low Ortho Fee -Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can be a hassle to deal with! They can cause a lot of discomfort and can cost a lot depending on where you go for your treatment.

Removing them is the best way to avoid infection and relieve discomfort. We want to offer you a deal that makes the decision to remove your wisdom teeth an easy one!


Our goal is to help you achieve excellent oral hygiene and do everything we can to make dental care available to EVERYONE! We want to see you love your smile!


Right now we are running a “one-low-fee” deal on wisdom teeth removal:

$897* for wisdom teeth extraction+IV sedation 

*conditions may apply

While that might still sound like a lot, our competitors are charging up to $1450 for the exact same service!

Don’t miss out on this deal! Call us at (801)747-8018 to schedule your appointment!


*Consultation and exam(x-rays) are not included in the offer. * Depending on the patient’s unique case, there might be additional costs that apply

*offer subject to change

Why We Need Retainers After Our Braces

Retainers, braces

You’ve reached the finishing line! No more braces. No more restrictions on foods or extra care. It’s a celebration until your orthodontist tells you, you need to wear retainers. Just when we think we are done with our treatment, we are told we need retainers the celebration is over. We get it! But the celebration should still happen.

For one, your brace treatment is done, and your teeth have been aligned, and two, wearing a retainer is part of your brace treatment to keep your teeth healthy and aligned. We know it can come as a surprise, but it’s necessary. So…

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The Perks of Our Dental Clinics

Get to know more about us here at The Center of Dental Professionals! We might have more to offer to our patients than you might think.

We believe all patients should be informed and knowledgeable about their dental health care from treatment plans, services, and to their insurance coverage. We look forward to assisting and making the most out of your dental experience and dental health care, after all, we all want to have a beautiful, healthy smile.

We Have Treatment Coordinators!

At our dental clinics, we have a team of dental and administration staff who are here to assist you. We have treatment coordinators who

  • Walk you through your treatment options your dentist has recommended
  • Explain your options and what they would entail
  • Layout potential payment plans
  • Explain the next steps for treatment

They are here to educate you about why you need treatment and the choices you have available to you. We want to ensure you understand your dental health care and see that your treatment plan agreement is completed. Our treatment coordinators are here to answer and assist you in questions you may have concerning treatment or your agreement with our dental clinic.

We are dedicated to providing you with personalized dental care you deserve. As dental cost rise, we know the challenges that come from providing dental health care for you and your family. Often our patients don’t have dental insurance to help with the cost which is why we have designed an affordable program.

Discount Dental Program

Our exclusive discount dental program is perfect for someone without dental insurance or looking for affordable dental treatment. Our discount dental program is convenient, affordable, and saves you money. Created to serve our patients, you can receive unlimited limited exams and reduced pricing on various treatment options.

Note our program is NOT insurance, it’s a membership program where you will need to pay an annual fee. Unlike insurance, our programs allow you to control your money and where to spend it. Learn more about our Discount Dental Program by viewing our page.

Earn Rewards When You Come To Our Clinic!

Aside from our affordable dental program, we have a patient rewards program! What does that mean? It means you can start earning points for being a great patient among other great things. Earn points when you’re on time for your appointments, having NO cavities, scheduling your 6-month appointment, and even during our social media contest. Be one of the lucky few to join our Patient Rewards Program.

So what can you do with your points? You can use your points to play games or order gift cards. That’s right, gift cards, who doesn’t like gift cards to their favorite place to shop or restaurant. The next time you come into our dental clinic, ask a member of our staff how you can be part of our patient rewards program.  

Hot Orthodontic Offers You Can Not Miss

When we say we are dedicated to providing you with the best dental care you deserve, we mean it. Dental treatment is costly; we know especially when you need orthodontic treatment.

Braces aren’t a luxury; it’s a necessity to prevent future dental problems or complication to our dental health. Brace treatment is for those who have an overbite, underbite, or crowded teeth. They help align our teeth and bite to prevent the complications of tooth decay, speech problems, or even jaw problems.

Brace treatment is for everyone not just teenagers, although, it is recommended you get annual check-ups to prevent and treat dental issues at a younger age. 

Apart from our brace treatment, we have another ONE-LOW FEE for wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth are our last molars to come out if they do. For some, it might pose no problem, but for others, they could experience some discomfort or pain. Wisdom teeth removal is expensive, and often you get charged for each tooth. However, at The Center of Dental Professionals, you can get all your wisdom teeth removed for the low price of $897 with IV sedation.

Don’t miss out on theses orthodontics offers! If you need braces or need your wisdom teeth removed, to get in on our offers ask one of our members about our promotions.

At The Center of Dental Professionals, we are dedicated to our patient’s dental health care and providing you with the best dental care you need. If you haven’t visited your dentist, don’t wait to see them. Fill out our appointment form to schedule your consultation and take part in our programs and offers.