Dr. Skousen

Dr. James Skousen, DDS

Dr. James Skousen, a native from Utah and Idaho, attended one of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry where he earned his DDS in 2011. He has worked as an associate and lead dentist for over 7 years in dental offices in both California and Utah expanding his knowledge and experience.

Dr. Skousen believes dentistry is an art like sculpting and painting, two enjoyments of his. Going beyond the cosmetics of looking beautiful, he believes dentistry should aim to be high quality and built to last while looking and feeling beautiful creating art in a clinical setting. With his attention to detail, he aims to provide the best quality of dentistry available to patients while creating an environment that’s both warm and friend but offers an opportunity to learn about their teeth. When his patient’s voice their concerns, he is ready to hear and cater to his patient’s needs and provide them with the highest level of dental care they deserve.

Dr. Skousen loves gaining knowledge and spends his time learning about biotechnology when he’s out of the office. In addition to learning, he can enjoys going on outdoor adventures from camping, hiking, rock hounding, to discovering remote locations in his jeep. But above his adventures, he is a family man who enjoys spending most of his time as a father to his four children.