Dr. Yutki Garg

Dr. Yutki Garg, DMD

Dr. Garg, a dentist with a child-like cheerful personality herself, has a very special place for kids in her heart. Originally from India, she has graduated from dental school twice, once from Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Mangalore, India, in 2010 and again from SUNY at Buffalo, New York, USA, in 2015. At UBSDM, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with multiple Dean’s Commendations, Delta Sigma Delta award for excellence in restorative dentistry and was also honored by Omicron-Kappa-Upsilon. She has been featured in America’s top dentists list for two consecutive years now.

She has been married to her husband for 7 years and they have a two-year-old son. She says she relates all her patients to her own child and treats them with the same love and respect she would treat her own child with. She has limited her practice to pediatric dentistry solely due to her love and passion for working with kids. Work becomes so much fun for her due to these adorable and highly enthusiastic patients who are filled with enormous amounts of positive energy. Dr. Garg says, “The pleasure and satisfaction achieved by alleviating kids’ pain is unmatched for!” In her previous multi-doctor practice, a lot of parents requested their kids to be seen specially by her. In the words of Dr. Garg, “Even a lot of adults have very high dental anxiety; so, one can only imagine what these little people (kids) go through, when it comes to their initial dental visits! Kids are very delicate, yet very resilient. Their visit can be transformed into a fun filled successful venture with proper behavior management techniques and a lot of love. Yes, getting the treatment completed is important, but making sure the visit is happy and comfortable is even more important, especially when it comes to kids. A first good experience can make a consistent and great patient forever”. Her motto is to make sure none of her patients ever experience any kind of dental pain. She loves to motivate the kids to practice proper dental hygiene and practices preventive dentistry than being invasive.

She loves to hang out with her family in her spare time. She recently moved to Utah and plans on making this her “forever home”. She would love for you to pay her a visit and discuss more about your kid’s oral health. According to Dr. Garg, “What’s a better way to give back to community than to take care of our future generations and provide them with happy, healthy smiles”.