Being Truly Healthy Starts With Your Gut

Did you know our health is dependent of your gut? I was surprised to discover how much of an impact our health can be affected by the way we treat our gut. The various systems our gut affects is concerning which is why we can’t stress enough the need to care for it! The gastrointestinal tract is a vital system that is commonly known to be the “second brain” of our body. It’s a system independent of the rest and the one where we know so little of until we start to show symptoms when there is a severe problem.

Our gastrointestinal system makes us seventy-five percent of our immune system which has it’s own operating system of its own and contains more bacteria than most parts of our body. It’s a system where many resources are allocated and where many systems can be affected by a dysfunctional gastrointestinal problem such as the brain, gut, thyroid, and kidney and a decrease in energy. The gastrointestinal system is responsible for our digestive system and immune system and affects the body’s mineral and vitamin absorption and elimination of toxins. It doesn’t have pain-sensing systems which is why we have a hard time finding out we have a problem until it is bad where we begin to have symptoms. If we are interested or moving towards the direction of a healthy body, then we need to start with our gut!  

Healing your gut will have significant, positive effects on your entire body and will allow your gut to build a stronger immune system and build good bacteria. Some the ways to stop the problem in your gut is reducing the inflammation and identifying food sensitivities. Most of the inflammation we experience is caused by the food we eat. Foods that cause inflammation are sugar, dairy, gluten, soy, refined grains, grain-fed meats, tropical fruits, and bad fats such as vegetable oils. It’s important to know what we put into our body and how it affects us since everything we eat and drink passes through the gastrointestinal tract where nutrient absorption takes place. So how can we start having a healthy gastrointestinal and digestive system? By following the 4Rs of gastrointestinal and digestive health: Remove, Replace, Repair, and Restore.

You want to start off by removing foods that cause inflammation and cause digestive irritants like dairy, soy, processed food, and processed food. You want to reduce the inflammation caused by our food to keep your body from being continuously inflamed. This can cause irritation over time because your body is in overdrive.

Removing certain foods from our body means we have to replace the nutrients we require for digestion to take place and to produce enough stomach acid to digest properly. We are talking about the replacing the nutrients our body needs to gain its healthy daily functions. Part of replacing is restoring what we have deprived our body.  

Restore the good bacteria! Once you have eliminated the problem and start addressing the inflammation then, it is time to restore the good bacteria. The good bacteria found in our gut affect the rest of our health which is why we need to reestablish a balance of microflora in our gut. Fermented foods are a great way of introducing beneficial bacteria to the digestive system and balance out the bacteria.

Once we restore our gut, we have to repair the damage that has been done. We do this by providing the body with nutrients to heal the wall and lining of our gut and supporting the immune function of our gut. We want to make sure we are replenishing our body and gut with the nutrients it needs to regain its strength and normal functionality again.

What we eat affects our body even if we aren’t aware of the complications now, they will later when the problem has worsened. A healthy lifestyle starts by taking care of the inside of our bodies, and this means our gut! Our gut is an essential system that needs extra attention since it is associated with so many of our body systems. Let’s start our health with our gut to achieve the overall healthy life we want. Remember to watch what you eat and to be conscious of how it affects your body.


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