Beverages Boost Our Energy

Beverages We Drink To Boost Our Energy But Are Unhealthy

When you find yourself tired, sleepy, or busy, we usually have the tendency of drinking beverages that will help alleviate some of the symptoms we are experiencing in the day. They are a quick way of “boosting our energy” to help us feel awake and to make us productive in some way or another. Even though the beverages we drink give us the wake-up call we need, they aren’t the healthiest to have and to treat our bodies to.

Some of the beverages we choose to fuel our bodies aren’t the best to serve our body for various reason since they can affect our overall health in some way or aspect. Below we’ve listed beverages we turn to give us the boost we need in the day.

Flavored Coffee

An obvious choice in the morning, however, I’m not referring to regular coffee but flavored coffee. Regular coffee on its own can be less damaging than flavored coffee because you aren’t adding all the sugary substances which add to the flavor of your coffee. The intake of too much sugar can start to affect our bodies such as our mood, sugar levels, and heart. When we have flavored coffee, we are adding more sugar than we should be taking in for the day. The sugar drives are energy up and quickly brings it down also known as a sugar crash which can be followed with jitteriness. If you are looking to boost your energy, it should come without the side effects of feeling shaky and a bit anxious. It can also cause stress on your heart as your blood pressure can be elevated with an excessive amount of sugar in your bloodstream. If you get headaches after drinking flavored coffee consider the possibility it might be time for a change of “coffee”.  

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are popular among younger people. There are many brands we mostly hear about such as Rockstar, Monster, and Redbull to name a few. They are quick to kick up your energy that lasts at least half the day but at what cost? As you know, energy drinks have an excessive amount of sugar along with caffeine which causes your energy to level rise and then fall gradually to where you crash. However, energy drinks can disrupt your sleep, make you gain weight, and raise your blood pressure.

Soft Drinks

Soda, we can’t forget about soft drinks. If coffee and energy drinks don’t fancy your taste maybe soda is what gives you the flavor and boost you need. Soda is good to have with a meal and to keep you awake when you feel the drowse creeping up on you. You’ve probably heard soda is bad for you which is true but for the way it can affect your health. Soda has a lot of sugar and just because it’s diet does not mean that it is better for you. So, what can soda cause? It dehydrates you, can decline kidney function, increases diabetes risk, diminishes your minerals, and can increase heart disease risk. The amount of sugar in a soda exceeds the amount you need in a day not to mention the level of acidity that can cause discomfort to the stomach and erode the enamel of the tooth.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are another drink we look for to get the energy. Even though they do provide us with energy, they don’t give us the power we need to do daily tasks. Sports drinks can be beneficial to you if you are doing exercise that’s intense or exercising and doing a sports activity for more than 2 hours, however, if you need it to boost energy to get you through the day, then it is harmful to our body. By drinking a sports drink, you are intaking carbohydrates where the energy is coming from. The potassium and sodium you gain from the sports drink are quickly released in your sweat, and the sugar from the drink is left in your body to break down and can often become unnecessary body weight.   

We know there are some days we wake up to only to feel exhausted and drained from energy, we get it. Sometimes we need to get a little boost of energy from our go-to drinks but, it’s not the best choice for our health. Apart from giving us the rush we need for the day or brief moment, the effects it has on our bodies can be more prolonged and damaging. The drinks we mention all affect our body in some way or another, but they do have a common factor, they can lead to tooth decay. Sugar is food for the bacteria found in our mouth particularly our teeth.

Next time you are feeling drained of energy or tired, try different alternatives to gain some energy such as eggs, fruits, trail mix, coconut water or a power nap. These are some the ways you can earn some of your energy to carry on with the day that involves no to less sugar. Give it a try and let us know which one works for you.

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