Dental Travel Tip: When Fillings and Veneers Fall Off

What do you do when your filling or veneer falls off? Panic seems to be the first reaction, but there’s no need to panic. If you take the necessary measures to care and protect your tooth, then you’ll be fine.

It’s difficult to see your dentist when you’re away on vacation, and we are here with some traveling tips on how to deal with your dental mishap. Follow these steps to keep your tooth protected and safe.

  1. Remove the remaining filling or veneer. In some cases, the filling or veneer has broken and left some of the remains. Check that you don’t have any spare parts on your tooth or in your mouth. If you do, carefully remove it without further damaging your veneer or swallowing your filling.
  2. Practice good oral hygiene. An interior of a tooth that’s exposed needs special care and measures to ensure there’s no bacteria growth. Gently brush around and inside the tooth to remove any food debris. As a precaution, you can rinse your mouth with warm salt water after eating.     
  3. Protect your tooth with toothpaste, temporary  dental cement, or dental wax. If your veneer or filling has fallen off intact, clean it out and place it back in your tooth with temporary dental cement you can find at the store or toothpaste made for sensitivity. Or you can use dental wax to fill a void. This will protect your tooth from bacteria entering, growing, and accelerating decay. Don’t use home-glue as it can increase your condition to becoming a dental emergency.
  4. Use clove oil to alleviate pain and sensitivity. If you have thermal sensitivity or pain on the surface, you can place dental wax to lessen the pain. But a more efficient method is to apply clove oil to ease discomfort and numb the pain. And you’re in luck, cause we sell it in our office.
  5. Call your dentist. Even though you’re away on vacation, making a dental appointment at your earliest convenience upon your return is important. It will allow you get your tooth examined and taken care of right away.

A fallen filling or veneer doesn’t mean your vacation is at a halt. It just says you have to take precautions to protect your tooth from bacteria growth. Ensuring you clean the area gently or placing dental wax or cement can help decrease your chances of bacteria entering and accelerating tooth decay. Remember to keep your tooth protected until you can see your dentist.


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  1. Ah, man. I’d be terrified if my tooth veneer fell off while I was traveling. I definitely like your idea of calling your dentist even while you’re on vacation. With that understood, I should probably start looking for a cosmetic dentist now, rather than later.

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