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Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming very soon for us, but for most countries is still a long way to go or has already begun. Here in the U.S., we celebrate it as a day to shower our mothers with gifts of cards, flowers, candies, or dinner. Every year we spend more on mother’s day gifts than the year before. According to an annual survey by the National Retail Federation, there is an estimated expectancy of spending 25 billion this year, 2 billion more than last year, on gifting mothers and other women in our lives.

It is becoming more evident that as consumers we are more willing to spend on getting gifts providing uniqueness and memories. Doesn’t necessarily mean we are letting go of the traditional gifts of flowers and cards, but they can be accompanied by new gifts such as jewelry and outings. We want to shower our mothers with gifts to show them they are someone important in our lives.

We get it. They are our mothers. They were the ones who carried us in the womb for nine months and the ones who endure the physical and emotional changes that come from pregnancy and postpartum which can continue. The celebration of mothers and motherhood is not a new concept; it can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as the Greeks and Romans. Mother’s day has evolved over the years from being “Mothering Sunday” where people of faith would attend church for special service to motherhood and friendships to what we have come to know today as gifting our mothers as signs of appreciation.

Mother’s day became a national holiday because of Anna Jarvis who created the day to honor the sacrifices mothers make for their children. It was meant to be an intimate celebration between mothers and families where their children visit mothers. Mother’s Day has evolved in many ways, and this Sunday as we celebrate our mothers and other women in ourselves, let us tell and show them what they mean to us and that we appreciate the things you do us.

Choosing a present for our mothers can be difficult, not to mention the pressure of it puts on selecting the gift that can embody the gratitude we feel towards them. Some of the best gifts we can give them is something that’s for them and not for everyone or the house. Below we’ve listed five gifts that you can provide.

Spa Day

Treat your mother to a day at the spa! With the stresses of work, home, or both, it can affect their body in many ways from knots on the back to tension build-up to sleepless nights. Stress affects us differently and isn’t the same for everyone. But gifting a day they can claim as their own to indulge in a stress-free atmosphere is excellent for recharging and providing some self-care. Fill their day with self-care where you put their needs first and care for them the same way they do you.

Bath Bomb Gift Set

For those who love to take baths to unwind, instead of giving your mother one day of relaxation, you can now let them have multiple days where they can dissolve a bath bomb to enjoy an hour or so to themselves. It’s a perfect gift to creating the relaxing atmosphere you want while still being in the comfort of your home.


Massage is right up there with a spa day treatment since it’s good for your mental and physical health. Our body is continuously taking its toll, and a quick 30-minute massage can ease the tension you might be feeling. It’s a great way to alleviate any pains and be calm. Treat your mother to an hour of comfort and self-care where they can be in a calm zone.

An Outing

Outings are becoming popular as a gift to give. Outings are excellent for short getaways without the stresses of planning for a vacation. An excursion can be anything from a small road trip to the nearest city or a whole day’s worth of adventure. It allows for a break from the routine of life which promotes production, creativity and refreshes our minds. What’s a better way of providing your mother with the time she needs to have fun and enjoy than with an outing.

Material Goods

Getting material goods is another way of getting something that isn’t an outing or self-care. Jewelry or clothing or beauty products are typical to give during this time, but we want to make sure we aren’t giving them something for the house. Give them something they can wear and show off daily or on a night out. Have fun with it.

Gift shopping can be stressful especially when you add the pressure of trying to convey how much someone means to you in a gift. We’ve all heard the saying, “it’s not the gift but the thought,” the same can be said when gifting a present to your mother. It’s a gesture of gratitude and appreciation you are trying to show that matters. Mothers do many things for us whether it was a child or even now, they’ve had to make sacrifices for us. Let us show how important they are to us by giving them the care they need.


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