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What Questions Should We Ask Our Dentist?

Do you ever find yourself at the dental office without questions to ask or with questions in mind but reserving them? I have been here many times, and it’s is usually out of it’s going to be answered which isn’t most of the time. Sometimes we might be reluctant to ask for various reasons whether it’s already been explained, we’re shy, or out fear, it’s a “stupid” question. Regardless of the reason may be, we want to ask questions when we have them.  

Why We Should Ask Questions

Why? Asking questions is not a bad thing, on the contrary, it is good we ask questions not just for you but for the relationship you build with your dentists. Questions can help you and your dentist to

  • Eliminate confusion
  • Guide a conversation where you want
  • Build on and strengthen a relationship (btw patient/dentist)
  • Create empathy through understanding each other views or concerns
  • Gain knowledge   
  • Figure out a solution to a problem
  • Get better answers

If we want to have great dental experience, we have to do more than just let the dental office do the work. We play a role in our experience since we have our expectations of what we expect, want, and the needs we need to be met. Asking questions opens opportunities to allow us to experience the expectations we hope to have when at a dental office but gives the dentist the tools and knowledge they need to create the experience you want and, most importantly, to better assist you during your visit and treatment. Next time you’re at the dental office, don’t hesitate to ask. We want to encourage you to have an open line of communication with your dentist and dental office to enhance your experience better.

Now, there are times when we draw a blank after being asked if we have questions. Doesn’t mean that when they asked, and you don’t have anything you lost the chance to ask, not the case. Most offices can have various lines of communication you can reach out to such as via Facebook messenger, chatbots, or through a phone call. You want to take advantage of the accessibility they have. However, you also want to remember they could be a day to respond when it’s via online communication.

So, what happens if you draw a blank or don’t know what to ask? It can be challenging to generate inquiries especially when you don’t know what to ask or how to formulate it. We’ve compiled a list of questions for specific topics you might want to consider asking next time you’re in for a dental visit.

Questions I Should Ask My Dentist

What kind of questions should we be asking? I don’t know about you, but I get stuck in how to form them. It may be your case, and it’s okay it happens, so how are we going to help? We’ve compiled a list of questions you should be asking on specific topics we may not always be open about or don’t think of at the moment. We highly encourage our patients, including yourself, to ask about our policies, procedures, treatments, or anything related to our practice and how we can provide you with the best experience.

Our Practice

A basic overview of what needs to be addressed about a practice such as policies, regulations, etc. which provide us with a clear understanding of how things work in the practice you go to or plan on going to for your dental healthcare needs.

  • Is there a fee for cancellation or missed appointments?
  • Are there penalties for being late or missing appointments with notifications?
  • Are you open in the late evenings and Saturday?
  • Can I book more than one appointment for my family around the same time?
  • What kind of emergency after hours do you offer?
  • What does your clinic have a specialty?
  • Do your dentist see children as well as adults?
  • Do you have more than one location?
  • Does your office have any promotions going on?
  • How much does a consultation cost?
  • Does your office offer payment plans?
  • Does your office offer services in filing claims or will I have to do that?
  • How does payment work? Will I have to pay the full amount upfront?
  • Does your office accept my insurance?

* Keep in mind some of these questions can be answered through their website and if you can’t locate the answer to your question, reach out to ask.


  • What are your approaches to treating patients with special conditions such as medical conditions and disabilities?
  • How are my child’s teeth and jaw developing?
  • Are there signs I should be aware of that indicate oral health problems?
  • How can I ensure I clean my baby’s teeth and gums?
  • Do you have any recommendations of nutrients my child needs concerning their oral health?
  • Does my child need to have x-rays taken for their annual visit? Are there other options?
  • Are there hand signals my child or I should be aware of communicating how we are doing?


  • Are there other alternative treatments, if so, what are they?
  • What are material options are there for fillings?
  • What kind of sedation do you offer and will I receive for this treatment?
  • Can we spread out the treatment, cover what’s essential first?
  • Will there be follow-up procedures or check-ups, if so, how many appointments can I expect?   

Next time you’re at the dental office don’t be hesitant to ask questions. Asking your dentist about your concerns, their practice, or policies, allows you to eliminate doubts, and confusions you may be having. To get the most out of your dental experience, you need to be able to ask and tell us what concerns you and what you expect, after all, we aren’t mind readers. You want to have open communication with your dentist to develop your relationship with them and express any worries. Feel free to contact our offices via Facebook messenger or by calling out offices at 801-505-7125.


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