Why Do We Make Resolutions?

The first week of 2019 has passed, so how many have begun to throw their resolutions out the window? The first month of the year is when we are excited about our resolutions, for some we lose interest within the first week and for others, it’s after the month. In the beginning, we are set on writing our list of resolutions which can be one too many things to track or keep in mind. But, why do we keep writing promises year after year and failing to complete them? First, we need to understand why we are listing off resolutions.

Why Create Resolutions

Every year on the eve of New Years, we have either written or thought about our resolutions to work on the coming year. Our resolutions are the promises we make for the year signifying new change or improvement. There are many reasons we make these promises, some which improve our lifestyle and habits, change our bad habits, or because we think we should be making ourselves promises for the year. They are ultimately aimed at improving the life we live.

We all have an area in our life we know we need to work on, whether it’s our health, trait, or behavior. There are areas in life that we need help on and is usually the product of a long list of promises we make. Often which we abandon and leave unfinished.

Why Do We Fail To Fulfill Our Resolutions?

As mentioned before, we create a long list of promises we tend to keep but abandon. Although it would be nice to be able to fulfill all our resolutions for the year, we need to acknowledge to make a change and progression it takes time, effort, and dedication. It is not something that happens within a short time or in fast results.failing resolutions

So, what keeps us from seeing through our resolutions? Here are a couple of reasons, we might find ourselves struggling to accomplish our tasks.

  • Oblige – we may write out resolutions we don’t want to keep but feel obliged to because of others. When we let others create our goals, we lack the commitment, excitement, and connection to fulfill them since they weren’t ours. It makes it easier for us to ditch resolutions that we didn’t want to make.
  • Unrealistic and Lack of Honesty – these two terms come hand in hand, as we build our resolutions. Sometimes we need to ask ourselves whether we are genuinely committed to our promises. It requires us to be honest with ourselves and take a good look in the mirror. When we lack honesty, we create promises we can’t keep because we don’t want to commit to it or develop unrealistic goals. We need to set obtainable resolutions we can achieve in the time frame we set for ourselves. We want to stick to the promises we are willing to dedicate time and effort.
  • No Plan – resolutions with no plan usually head nowhere with no action towards fulfilling it. Resolutions are the goals or results we want to strive, however, if we don’t have a plan we don’t know where to begin or go about it in the wrong way.

The list of promises we make ourselves is not about what we want needs to happen or change. It’s about a reflecting on the things we hope or wish to work on. It doesn’t necessarily need to occur at the beginning of the year, although, it is common tradition starting the year.

Creating Realistic Resolutions

As mentioned before, we need to create resolutions that are our honest, attainable, and our own. They need to reflect what we are willing to work on and dedicate time and effort. Before we start on any of our resolutions, let us ask ourselves what we are eager to commit to and how we plan to take action.

realistic resolutionsIt would be great if we could commit to ALL our resolutions, but we can’t. Striving to change or improve something takes longer to adjust to and keep than breaking a habit which is why we want to try and commit to two or three resolutions max. After having selected our promises, how do you plan on achieving it? Detail out what your plan of action of the steps you will take in the day, week, or month to help you fulfill your promise. You don’t need to share it with others, after all, they are our promises to ourselves, and we have the right to modify them or revealing them to others. We want to stay away from making our promises a chore which we check off as we complete because then they stop being a promise we desire to achieve for ourselves.

Developing resolutions are tricky, and they require us to reflect on our past and future self. It is time we get to sit with ourselves and learn about what we want and wish to accomplish with our time. It can help us grow as a person if we decide to stick with it and learn to commit to ourselves. I mean we can only make that change. How do you stick to your resolutions?


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