One-low Orthodontic Fee: Braces

Learn More About The Alternatives to Traditional Braces

Braces are the least appealing of all dental treatment because it isn’t a temporary dental procedure. It usually means having them for a year or three years to get our teeth aligned. If you have an overbite, underbite, or crowding, braces are the best form of treatment to correct your teeth and avoid any future complications.

When we think of braces, our mind goes to traditional braces with the colorful rubber bands and their reputation for being painful and visible. We know as a growing child that’s not the most appealing aspect of getting braces, but you don’t have to worry about that anymore. With new technologies in the dental industry, straightening your teeth has become less painful and discomforting as providers provide you with more orthodontic options.  

Our dental offices are dedicated to equipping our dental facility with innovating technologies for the best and effective dental treatment our patients deserve. At The Center of Dental Professionals, we offer more optional and affordable orthodontic treatment requiring less time, adjustments, dental visits, and less discomfort. Who doesn’t want to experience less soreness and pain while in treatment? I know I would. So, what kind of alternatives can you have from traditional braces?

In our dental offices, we offer three different alternatives from traditional braces. They are:

Damon System

Damon System is a self-aligning brace allowing you experience ortho treatment without the soreness of tightening your braces since elastic bands are eliminated. They have a slide mechanism to hold the wire which enables your teeth to move freely, quickly and comfortably. They were designed to be discrete and easy to clean, reducing bacteria and plaque buildup. Treatment with the Damon System is shorter than the conventional braces and comfortable.


Fastbraces is a non-extraction system that uses innovating triangular bracket and square shape wire to correct the position of the root from the beginning of treatment. It is done through realigning the root and crown of the tooth simultaneously for a one-step approach to correcting teeth and jaw. There is no need for a two-step treatment and no need to have a lengthy treatment process. With Fastbraces, you’ll experience less dental visits, comfortability and reduced pain caused by friction. Duration for treatment can range from three months to a year depending on your individual needs.


Are a series of removable aligners you have to switch out every two weeks that gradually shift your teeth. The aligners are made of flexible plastic that is thin, clear and fits securely over your teeth to align your teeth without the wires and brackets. Invisalign are meant to be removable making it easier to eat, drink and keep teeth clean and healthy. They’re great if you’re looking to hide brace treatment and getting treatment which doesn’t affect your lifestyle. Treatment time for most adults is completed in a year. Plus it’s great for young teens!

We always strive to give our patients the best dental treatment they deserve while making it affordable.

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