One Day Offer: Get Crown Treatment Without Breaking The Bank

Get ready to be crowned, well your teeth at least! On Monday, March 18, we will be having a ONE-TIME treatment offer for All-Ceramic Crowns at the price of $597* ($653 savings)!  Don’t miss out on completing your necessary dental treatment for your teeth with this phenomenal offer.


A crown, also known as a cap, is a cover encasing the tooth from the gum line above. It salvages the tooth by restoring it to its normal state making it stronger and prevent it from being extracted completely.

When Is It Needed

Dental crowns are protective barriers our tooth needs to prevent further dental complications. You might need a dental-crown if you have the following dental conditions:

  • Cavity too large for a filling
  • Protect worn out or cracked tooth
  • Restore broken tooth
  • Hold a bridge in place
  • Cover dental implant
  • Cosmetic fix for better appearance


Two dental visits are generally needed to complete crown treatment. Procedure process for a crown consists of:

  1. Preparation – the dentist will prepare your tooth by removing the outer portion of the tooth to make room for the crown to fit correctly on top. Decay is removed during this initial step, and if any additional structure is needed then, the dentist will reconstruct your tooth.
  2. Temporary Crown – during this step, your dentist will take an impression of your tooth for an exact model. Then a temporary crown will be placed as you wait for your permanent crown.
  3. Permanent Crown – the last step and final visit to the dentist. Your dentist will remove your temporary crown and replace it with your permanent crown. Necessary adjustments can be made to the crown to fit your satisfaction.

Caring For A Crown

Even though it is not your actual tooth, we still need to care for it in the same way we care for our other teeth. Meaning, we need to brush our teeth twice a day and floss regularly. Another dental tip we want to keep in mind is, trying to avoid eating foods or chewing hard objects to prevent breaking the crown.

Crowns are meant to last 5 to 15 years depending on how we care for our crown after treatment. Regular dental visits are essential to ensure the progression of your dental health and see the condition of your new ceramic crown. The last thing you want is to get further dental treatment for a situation which was already cared for in the beginning.


Mark your calendars for MONDAY, MARCH 18 to get the dental crown you need at this special ONE-TIME offer of only $597!

Dental crowns typically cost from $750 to $1,250 depending on the size, material, and location of the tooth. With our ONE-TIME offer, you will be getting your crown for $597*. All Ceramic Crowns are made of just that, ceramic, which provides a beautiful natural looking tooth, without the metal margin that typical crowns have along your gumline.

crown treatment

How can you get in on our offer?

All you need to do is

  • Call us now at 801-747-8015 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Skousen from 9 AM – 5 PM on Monday, March 18th.
  • Pay for full treatment on the day of your appointment. If you request, we will submit an insurance 

We know dental treatments are expensive, and often find ourselves choosing budget over our health. With this offer, you can get the dental crown you need without paying over budget and without risking your dental health.

Included in our offer is

  • Crown treatment – the preparation** of the tooth and crown placement.
  • All Ceramic Crown with no extra lab fee.

Don’t miss out on this savings, call us today and schedule your appointment at 801-747-8015 or for additional information.

*Terms and conditions apply.
**Preparation does not include core build-up (reconstruction of a tooth), it will be an additional cost of $250 in for reconstruction.


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