One Low Ortho Fee -Wisdom Teeth

One Low Ortho Fee for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Are you experiencing pain in your jaw or the back of your mouth? Chances are your wisdom teeth might be sprouting up and affecting your surrounding teeth and jaw bone. So, what are your wisdom teeth? They are the late bloomers of our mouth and to know more about them below is a video from The American Dental Association (ADA) which explains what wisdom teeth are and how they can affect us. It’s a great short video to get you started on what can be causing you great discomfort.

If you dentist recommends getting your wisdom teeth removed, don’t get discouraged by the cost of the procedure. We know dental treatment is expensive and more so for a process such as wisdom removal. However, at The Center of Dental Professionals, we are offering a one low ortho fee of $897 for wisdom removal!

Yes, a low ortho fee of $897. A low cost than the average price of wisdom removal which can be up to about $1500. With our offer, you will get all four wisdom teeth removed and IV sedation for $897. Don’t miss out on our offer! Click here for more information on how to get this great deal.  

If you’re experiencing pain don’t wait to see a dentist, make an appointment today. To book an appointment in any of our two Salt Lake City locations fill out this form here.

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